The sour grapes strategy

It is all very funny watching Grant Robertson try to link John Key to Radio Live’s alleged electoral breach.

Especially since the email trail shows Labour’s chief spin doctor was pleading, nay…begging to get Phil Goff on.

“We are very keen to arrange for Labour Leader Phil Goff to come on to the show as a host.”

So Robertson’s essentially running the sour grapes strategy, because they got the bum’s rush from RadioLive and also from the electorate.

Here is the begging letter contained in the OIA:


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  • Super_Guest

    “Unfair”. Always something about “fair” and “unfair”. What’s wrong with these people? “Fair” is subjective, and above all, life is not fair.

    • Dion

      It’s not like Fran Mold was very balanced and “fair” in her reporting on political issues.

      Especially with regards to Don Brash immediately post election.

  • Gazzaw

    Fenton’s makeover was only temporary then?

  • Scanner

    Is it just me or does the “woman” sitting behind Robertson look like she is stoned off her face ?

    • Guestosterone

      looks like her face has been stoned recently at least

    • Bobm (ex RNZN and Angry Croc)

      That’s not a woman, it’s Fenton the face that sunk 1000 ships.

  • what i thought was really funny from today was foss-the-hapless..following up onhis star-turn from yesterday..

    ..but the day was really notable for shearer stepping up..

    ..and being more than a match for key..

    (these are the first couple of lines of my summary..) came early on…but it was shearers’ day..

    ..he was more than
    efficient at calling key to account..

    ..and would have removed doubts included..have had about him..

    .he had key squirming..

    .and conversely it was not keys’ the main he was on the back foot..squirming/evasive/uncomfortable..

    (but foss-the-hapless is the ‘find’ of the far…

    ..more fun than a barrel of monkeys..that one..)

    [email protected]

    •  I don’t think you were watching the same Question Time that I was Phil; or perhaps your perception of reality was slightly altered…

      Shearer was better this week than last, but that’s really just a back-handed compliment.

  • Dion

    I’m kind of in two minds about Shearer.  He’s streets ahead of Phil Goff (i.e. he comes across in the media as a normal guy rather than a politician speaking in sound bites).  

    That said, he’s unlikely to gain a larger share of the party vote than a Key-led National Party – and I guess that’s all that matters at the end of the day.

    •  dream on dion..

      ..we are one week into the new year/term..the govt has been defeated on crafar..

      .the govt will be defeated on the mondayising holidays..

      ..the key/nact slide down has begun…

      ..and why do you think there is that national backbench revolt over key guaranteeing defeat in ’14…by an asset-sales program that makes neither politivcal noer economic sense..

      ..and will bring about a bloodbath amongst backbenchers..

      ..(not that key cares about

      [email protected]

      •  That’s what you said before the election Phil; “one-term John” wasn’t it. And we’re still waiting for the double-dip recission you tipped for midway through last year.

        Face facts Phil; too much weed has addled your brain…

      • Super_Guest

        How will they be defeated? It’s pretty easy to say “no” to David Shearer, considering he has the charisma of a dead cat and the public speaking skills of a five year old. And again, why do you care about Mondayisation? You don’t have a job, you leech of the (National) government.

      • Dion

        Rubbish, Phil.  “Defeated” how?

      • You have been talking about a key/nast slide for 7 years Phil, eventually I guess you will be right.

      • AnonWgtn

        You should wish !!!!

    • AnonWgtn

      Goff knew what he was talking about after many years of good experience, whereas Shearer is politically naive having been a school teacher (like Trevor) and a UN handout boy (great tax free earnings though – eh Helen and Heather)

  • you just keep holding onto that dion..?

    ..maybe if you close yr eyes really really tight.. and

    ..and until today i too doubted the ability of shearer to stare down key..

    …(and i have written about in..) changed all that..

    ..i suggest you watch..

    ..the action is all at question one…

    [email protected]

    • Scanner

       Phill, If your  posts were in a format that was understandable people may actually read them, as it is rather than bothering to decipher them I, and I am sure others just walk straight past them.
      In other words stop trying to prove you’re the cleverest fucker in the school yard, and cut to the chase.

      • Stevo

        Yes Scanner, while reading his posts I can only think of Dr.Lector.
        A nice chianti enyone?

      •  what chase is that..scanner..?

        ..what do you want/need to know..?

        [email protected]

    • Dion

      You’ve been rebutted sufficiently further up the page so I won’t feed this any further.

      Except to say that I’m far from a Key / English / Joyce fanboy – but perhaps for different reasons than you.

    • Muffin

      Phil get a job then I am sure we would take more notice of the drivel you seem to spout

  • a vegan dr lector…


    [email protected]

    • Tom

      More buffalo bill tbh.

       It rubs the lotion on it’s skin!

  • whalewatcher

    If Robertson is Labour’s Great White Hope, well… good luck to them. He comes across as a dork with his ‘mock shock’ expressions, and stilted reading-from-cards delivery. Lame duck indeed

    As for Francesca Mold, who signs herself ‘Chief Press Secretary’, she should be ashamed of her shabby coloquial writing style – it is amateur, certainly not chief press secretary or  former political reporter quality. About a par with Goff and Robertson, to be fair.

    Go Labour. What a bunch of third raters they are at the moment.

    • AnonWgtn

      You forget Grunty Robertson, coming into parliament from Helen’s number three, has the backing from the public service establishment, particularly the homosexuals in Wellington, of which may are in the public service.
      He will continue to undermine Shearer in the role of smiling support.

  • Steve (North Shore)

    I like this.
    Whaleoil keeps a certain idiot on here to show us what a fuckwit thinks and writes. It provokes comments and leads to more traffic to the best NZ Blog.
    When the useless prick gets a job, I will read the comment; until then the scroll works.
    I troll, but ffs this shithead trolls 24/7

    • c’mon steve…!

      ..we all know you read them..

      ..if only for the frisson of

      [email protected]

      • politically unstable

         I read them….it makes me feel so much better about my own state of mind

      •  Still on the DPB through choice Phil? Hell; that son of yours must have almost left school by now.

        Get a job, and stop wasting my taxes on dope!

      • Darwin

        Inventory – Phil can’t possibly work until his son is through university, has a degree as pointless as his father’s and has joined the family bludging firm.

  • jay cee

    i too read phill ure,i’m always intrigued by people who talk in riddles.


    Our hard earnt tax paying dollars hard at work again

  • Chris

    Goff’s dyed his hair again.  Someone better get on to that pronto.