The survivor

Tv3 and assorted morons are all salivating at the prospect of Murray McCully’s emails being drip fed for months.

I’ll predict that last night was as good as it will get…the man hasn’t lasted as the backer of multiple coups and leadership battles or spent most of his adult life involved in every political shit fight possible by writing things down. He sure as hell won’t have emailed anything even mildly interesting.

It all sits in that murky, dark, pit that he possesses.


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  • Sarrs

    I think McCully is the kind of player that Mallard wishes he could be. 

    • Hakim of phut

      O RLY

      • Sarrs

        You sound like a surprised teenager

  • Hakim of phut

    McCully is not saying  ,but un-surprisingly everyone else is singing in unison. Sqawk Sqawk

    • Sarrs

      Mallard could if he wanted to; but he’s far too interested in what the other guys are doing to be able to see the situation with clarity. The problem with Mallard is everyone tells him one things and then he does it…or does he? McCully could retreat back behind the lines but then what would Mallard do? Sense I make none. All those voices singing in unison might not be wrong after all…but then again they could be right. You may be right. I may be crazy. But it just might be a lunatic you’re looking for. I wonder what Billy Joel’s take on this whole situation would be. He’s an insightful man. I’ll ask him in the middle of the night, when I go walking in my sleep. You know who else goes out walking after midnight? Patsy Cline. I think she’s searching for you Hakim. 

    • Sarrs

      Here is another survivor

  • Gradstream

    As soon as I saw that idiot Gower leading (creating ?) the story on TV3, I switched off – How can anyone take Gower seriously ?

  • Meh – TV3 being a snore again – so much so my TV Tuner on the computer rejects it each time. Good way of keeping out spam and trash.

    McCully wont be losing any sleep – dang he should write a tell all book when he retires – now that would be worth a read.

  • jay cee

    news flash!! leading the news tonight

    murray mccully received an email asking him to pick up bread and milk from the supermarket on the way home.

    • Hakim of phut

      The emails talk about China: South pacific: CEO of MFAT etc. You must be reading someone elses emails  about domestic chores.

      • jay cee

        have you had a sense of humour removal?

  • Peter Wilson

    I’m picking McCully is doing a Teapot. Let the media play up the emails, all the while the public becomes outraged at the breach of privacy, and McCully knows there is nothing bad on them. If he’s smart he’s just make no comment on the authenticity or content of the emails.