There goes Bob’s Knighthood

As regular readers know Bob Parker offered to take the fall for anything going wrong on the earthquake recovery for Big Gerry in exchange for a Knighthood and a job.

This doesn’t seem likely now though, with Gerry calling Bob a clown.

Earthquake Recovery Minister Gerry Brownlee has entered the political fray consuming the city council, calling Mayor Bob Parker a ”clown”.

In an unprecedented attack on Parker, Brownlee said he was not surprised ratepayers were fed up with the way Christchurch was being run.

Brownlee fired the shot at the mayor while responding to comments Parker made about the city’s rates.

Parker said last week there had been overtures from within the Treasury that there was scope for the city’s rates to be increased or for assets to be sold to pay for the quake recovery.

He said it could do this under the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority (Cera) Act.

Brownlee said he was furious at the comment, calling Parker a “clown” for making it.

”That is an outrageous abdication of his responsibilities. The Cera Act specifically forbids that,” he said.

If someone really wants to piss off big Gerry they should pass on the details of the mayoress’ dealings with council employees who have been bribed to stay silent.

There is a whistleblower law these days protecting those who call foul on people in authority.


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  • Guest

    Now that would be constructive action on the part of the council employees – Lady Mayoress is not even employed, she has no right or reason to be even “communicating”
     with council employees   Speak up whoever you are!!!!

  • David

    Big Gerry is spot on with his comments and as a Christchurch ratepayer we should be flogging off our airport, port, lines company and anything else we have to pay for the repairs rather than expecting taxpayers to do it for us.
    it’s like asking your neighbor to flick you some cash to fix the car when you have a couple of grand in the share market, he should rightly tell you to piss off.

  • bb

    big call. perhaps someone does need to release such damming information on the mayoress. maybe that would be even more reason to kick parker to the curb. sort it out once and for all.