There, I fixed that for ya

From the Herald this morning a headline that echoes many ratepayer sentiments exactly:


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  • Hakim of phut

    Banks supported in the inner city rail loop when running for mayor and again when running for Epsom MP. 
    Its either that  or  2 lanes of bus ways….. doesnt leave much room for cars

    • jonno1

      Interesting – I’d missed that little gem (albeit back in 2009). It appears that he was then also in favour of an airport rail link. I might just have to rethink my support of Banksie!

      OTOH, I can’t find any evidence that he still held that view in 2011 leading up to the general election, but maybe you can provide a link.

      Let’s hope that at least one mayoral candidate in 2013 will come out strongly against both these bizarre ideas, as well as yet more bus lanes…

    • So what, it is a dumb idea no matter who supported it.

  • Orange

    “We want your feedback as to the best way to take money off you.”

    • Notrotsky

      My feedback will be as below.

      “Fuck off Len”

    • Steve (North Shore)

      Fuck off and don’t come back Len

  • Anonymous

    pro-public transport thread about this here