There I fixed that for you

Labour are carping about jobs. They do this because they magically thing that jobs can be created by the wave of the big socialist wand.

Labour is questioning whether there are enough jobs to support the Government’s overhaul of the welfare system.

Welfare reforms, announced today, will help 30,000 beneficiaries to rejoin the workforce, the Government says.

Major new changes include financial incentives for young people to go into training or courses and sending widows and women over 50 who live alone back to work, depending on the age of their children.

They always say “Where are the jobs?”

Well I’ve fixed that for them…in go I have found 10,500 jobs, and in a few weeks there will be 350 more at the Ports of Auckland.


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  • In Vino Veritas

    No one should be surprised by this from Labour. After all, they also used “the rich need to pay their fair share” without stipulating who they considered to be rich and how much the unstipulated rich would have to pay to pay their unquantified fair share.

    These catchy marketing clips appeal to people who read and contribute to the Standard, but show how hollow and bereft of ideas the current Labour Party is (and has been for some time).

  • peterwn

    No matter how many vacancies there are Labour will trot out ‘stories’ about how someone finds it impossible to get jobs. See for example:

    and look at the sub-heading:

    Wonder how Dom-Post got that ‘story’ – no doubt fed in by some Labour shill. No broader comment on related issues like how people in similar situations are faring. If she is ‘bored out of her mind’ it is probably little wonder no one wants her. If she can say she has been doing voluntary work etc and can cite referees, prospective employers would start taking an interest.

    The ‘left’ just love ‘stories’ instead of statistic.

    • jay cee

      the right are pretty adept at anecdotal evidence as well

  • Dr Wang

    Well spotted Mr WO – and Labour can’t claim ignorance of these 10,500 jobs available, Trev Mallard knows his way around Trademe so he should have seen these jobs on offer.

  • Jman

    A lot of those jobs aren’t actually jobs. They are just ads placed by recruitment companies trying to attract a CV that they can then shop around to their clients.

    • peterwn

      You mean vacancies such as for ‘Father Christmas’ each Christmas and ‘Australian Prime Minister’ during an attempted leadership coup.

    • Gazzaw

      If we take that at face value there are still 1000s of jobs on Trade Me. Even if some are recruitment agency ads it’s still an opportunity to have your CV out in the market. It all depends on how much you want a job. 

  • Auto_immune

    I don’t get it; they’re complaining that there are no jobs, which means that so long as they try (show a rejection letter to a case manager), then they’ll stay on the benefit anyway.  No big loss for them.  But if they do get a job, then they have a job, which is a good thing.

    So the problem with this policy is…?

  • AnonWgtn

    BOP Kiwifruit packhouses are desperate for staff. Above Min wages, good facilities and canteens.
    Transport available. Asian students best workers supplementing their student fees.
    Where are the Maori/Pakeha youngsters ? Too much like hard work – yea.
    No jobs – bullshit

    • Gazzaw

      Where are the gwailo students? Taking out cost of living loans or applying for an allowance.

    • thor42

      Yep – that confirms exactly what I suspected, anonwgtn.
      So many lazy bloody Kiwis on the dole that orchardists have to bring in people from Fiji. 

  • AnonWgtn

    Continuing briefly
    I have seen young “men” start and have 3 days max then deliberately stuff up and get fired, so they can return to WINZ and reclaim dole.
    Or they are stoned after lunch – not unusual either – they get their fixes from lunchtime visitors (usually family/whanau).

    • thor42

      The welfare changes are bloody GENEROUS.
      Childcare payments so bennies can attend polytech or uni. Your essential payments (rent, power) paid automatically.

      There is now NO BLOODY EXCUSE for the fat bitches in Otara, Wainui, Porirua to sit on their arses and do nothing.

      I want to see figures for the number of loser bennies who lose their benefits because they can’t be arsed going for interviews etc.

      • Hoha

        They should make it harder to get on the DBP as some of them not all mind you but some get pregnant just to get it.
        This in turn may stop the senseless deaths of our small tamariki, as it always seems that young parents are doing it, well that’s all they show in the media.

  • Kane Bunce

    There is even more at Seek. Nearly 15,000 to be precise. I looked after seeing Ardern carp on about there being no jobs.

    • jay cee

      how many of those jobs have very specific requirements regarding skill and expertise?

      • Greg M

         If the applicants don’t have the required qualifications for the job, who’s fault is that? Surely not the education system that you are always telling us is so good.

  • SalaciousTCrumb

    So lets clear this up. Are we talking about unemployed or unemployable? 

  • Mikey

    I used to run a company in NZ, but now I’ve left. I regularly advertised for skilled workers on Seek, but often found it difficult to find suitable staff (suitable = skilled with right attitude). I got tired of reading stories in the media about job shortages when I had the opposite problem. I get tired of the NZ sense of entitlement. I get tired that NZers think that life should be laid on for them, and that NZers think they are entitled. There is a lot I don’t care for about National, but far more I dislike about Labour et al. I don’t like where NZ is at.  I HATE that Winston is back. (And Banks also, for that matter). I give up on NZ. I was a job CREATOR and a tax PAYER. But fuck it, I’ve gone to live in China. See ya.

    • jay cee

      while you are over there pop into a mens suit manufacturer and say hello to the worker who is now doing the job i once did here in n.z. free trade agreement = we give them our jobs and they give us mostly cheap and nasty goods

      • Greg M

         FTA signed by Hullun and Phil. Go and whinge to them.

  • Mikey

    jay cee, you should check your facts. Your clothes-making job was already gone to China long before the FTA.  The FTA gave almost nothing away to China that had not already been given as part of our general free trade policy. The FTA is far, far, far more to our advantage in that it gives NZ unprecedented access to China’s markets. Our trade figures TO China have gone UP by $3.6 BILLION per year in the past 3 years. Meanwhile, our trade from China has stayed about the same.  So, the FTA was a pretty good thing for us, from an economic viewpoint. Sorry if you lost your job sewing clothes. That’s a bummer.  But the whole world’s manufacturing has shifted to China and Asia. If you don’t like cheap and nasty goods, that’s ok, no-one forces you to buy them.  Just like your job… its call the FREE market. Frankly, NZ doesn’t realise that if we hadn’t had 1.4 billion people close by eating our food, the financial crisis would have been much, much tougher for NZ than it was.