They won’t be beating Boonies record then

This bloke Singe, the Sea Eagles “Head Conditioner”, might get nailed for being un-Australian.

Many will wonder whether players are permitted to drink alcohol en-route to the UK, but Singe reveals that everyone is thoroughly professional.

“Alcohol prevents your body from taking its natural process of repair and relaxation.

“Our terms are very clear – if you’re going to drink alcohol, we control it.

“Our level is zero. We’re going over there to do a job.”

With a wowser like that watching them they will never beat Boonies record of 52 cans:

Simpson thought somebody had won a card game until the plane’s captain announced Boon had consumed 52 beers. “Simpson went purple with anger and I mentioned to (selector Laurie) Sawle that maybe Boonie should be sent home and I would bat in his spot,” Jones recalls.

It’s a record Boon has never claimed, but Lawson confirms the score and says with great regret that he wishes he had rescued the sick bags from the plane. “They would have been worth a fortune,” he laments. “You can imagine Tony Greig selling replicas of them summer after summer after summer.”


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  • Hakim of phut

    Their jersey sponsor is Kaspersky   would I be the only one with raised eyebrows about using Russian internet security

  • Groans

    My understanding is that it was Victoria Bitter which is quite potent plus comes in a 375ml (slightly bigger that the average) can.  Don’t think a bloke like Boon would know what quiche, lentils etc are, would have been a fish and chip man; plus he was a pretty handy batsman despite his odd shape (maybe brought on by beer drinking).  Real people like this don’t seem to be valued anymore.

    • Hakim of phut

      the 375ml  stubbie is for the girls, there is  500ml tinnies  called the ‘lunch greens’ for the tradies

  • Gazzaw

    I believe that ‘Tubs’ shares the record of 52 cans with Merv Hughes. Previous holders were Walters (44) and Marsh (45). Dougie Walters was a good ‘pack a day’ man too.