Those whacky Greens

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A reader of the blog writes:

About an hour ago I just finished watching a documentary on Sky called “The Mordarvian Truth”. It’s a New Zealand doco about people called LARPers (Live Action Role Play) who dress up as fantasy characters and create elaborate battles in the bush around Auckland.

Here’s the trailer…

and here’s the link to the actual doco…(just over an hour of totally fascinating weirdness)

It’s worth watching as it’s full of unintentional comedy.

Anyway, after I watched this documentary I was so astounded that people were actually into this that I started having a look online to see if I knew anyone that was involved so I could take the piss out of them next time I saw them.

And this is what I found….

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  • Petal

    I can see your grin from here :)

  • Brian Smaller

    I quite like LARPing.  Especially the type that involves safe words. :)

  • Notrotsky

    I would welcome the use of broadswords and maces during question time.

  • dutyfreesbro

    the guy on the right was on the list for the Green party at the last election too , maybe team building exercise 

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  • starboard

    Weirdos. Whats the bet it turns into a massive homosexual key party .

  • Quintin Hogg

    And I thought playing dungeons and dragons was weird.

  • Agent BallSack

    Re: Larper becomes co-leader of NZ’s 3rd largest political party
    by Mike Curtis » Mon, 01 Jun, 2009 10:38 am
    It has just occurred to me that everyone in the photo is a Green, and five of us are down here at the conference.
    Ryan Paddy wrote:It’s very cool. New Zealand’s first roleplaying prime minister, here we come. Yep, that’s the idea 
    NZLARPS Regional Director – AucklandMultiverse: Next Daygame in planning phase… Teonn: Sir Xenith, Knight & Spitroaster-in-Chief

    Thanks a fuckload New Zealand

  • Agent BallSack

    Its apt considering they are only role playing at being politicians.

    •  Gee – so are you saying that’s unusual?

  • Elliottmjames

    jesus christ – this should be run as an advert against MMP. The sort of idiot activity that compulsory student union fees go to support. They are an insult to muppetdom.

  • Anonymous

    Is this some sort of big secret? I thought it was widely known that she LARPed. 

  • murray from the happy-feet-travel-blog also does this… they ever have left vs. right battles…?’s kinda like that dungeons and dragons…

    ..i never ‘got’ that either…

    ..i mean..i they really want to cross-dress/wear swishing-robes..

    ..why don’t they just get on with it..?

    [email protected]

    • starboard dont get much phool. Got a job yet? Why not ?

  • RossCo

    Whale –  You are my Hero. You’ve made my week – I have “harvested” and “plagerised” this to death and it’s only just gone 10am!
    I almost wet myself at the comment under the pic ”
    “It has just occurred to me that everyone in the photo is a Green, and five of us are down here at the conference.”

  • Quintin Hogg

    It occured to me that the “Larp” world is the sort of society the Green Party wish to impose on us through their economic policies.

  • Better some people with diamension, character and a sense
    of humour than the grey suit brigade of shadow trolls we usually have there –
    and I hasten to add – regardless of party affiliation. 

    • Rossronald345

      Neil – that kind of colour & diversity will also be found in your local Psyc Unit

  • nzd.gbp

    Oh. My. God. 
    I will never argue with a green again. What’s the point?

  • The Gantt Guy

    The guy in your screen-grab is the same as the guy who started the comment thread in the LARPer link. When I knew him a decade or so ago his name was Michael Curtis – and in the forum he is Mike Curtis. On the watermelon website, because they’re so multi-culti brown-friendly and gotta be authentic, his name is Mikaere Curtis.

    Back in 2005 he was the watermelon spokesmuppet on all things IT. I remember in one of the debates he had a prime crack at (I think) Silent T about the banking system they chose for kiwibank. He was upset the gummint chose a ‘useless bloody Australian PICK system’ when there is a perfectly wonderful new-generation banking system built right here in New Zealand, and why didn’t the gummint choose that instead.

    Of course, he forgot to mention he works for the company that developed the NZ system :)

    He’s actually a very smart guy, despite appearances. In fact, he proves it is possible to be highly intelligent, but also as dumb as a box of hair.

    •  Wasn’t he arrested in the Urewera raid?

      • The Gantt Guy

        Isn’t that information classified? We’re not supposed to know who was arrested, or for what.

  • Jam_Sammie

    Is this a trick photo? All I see is 6 Trolls.


    When did Peter Jackson ask for a orc audition.

    • Euan Rt

      He wants actors, not posers.

  • it is a very funny doco…

    ..much in the vein of ‘dog show’ and ‘mighty wind’..

    ..but not really..because they were acted fake-doco..

    ,,but this one is also on that excruciating-embarassment-arc..

    ..favourite moments are the guy in the off-the-shoulder/deep-v-kneck. number..

    ..and the guy stopped from talking to camera by his girlfriend snarling at the door ..

    ..reminding him they ‘have a meeting with the bank manager at 11.00 am ‘the next morning..

    ..he does a startled-version of ‘yes dear’..

    ..and then confides to camera that said girlfriend in no way approves of this whole gig…

    ..most pathos..?

    ..the ‘where will you be in ten years?’-question..

    ..the answer ending with a plaintive..’and i hope to have a partner by then’.. is brilliant..

    ..and i would really recommend the watching of the whole  doco.. is very very funny…

    [email protected]


  • Thorn

    Metiria Turei meets the Urewera Bukkake team.

  • jay cee

    good to see the’ve moved on from folk dancing at their get togethers. or maybe not.