Time to Quit Waitangi

It is abundantly clear that Ngapuhi and Maori want to live in the past and hurl abuse at anyone who doesn’t subscribe to their views.

It is now time to leave Waitangi behind, and for National to return to its 2005 promise to remove the Maori electorates. The culture of grievance must be ended and a good start would be to remove race based seats in parliament.

Protesters have ignored pleas to show respect at Te Tii Marae this morning, where Prime Minister John Key and fellow politicians were verbally abused during an ugly display of activism.

Protester Wi Popata heckled prominent Maori MPs regardless of party affiliation, calling Dr Pita Sharples, Te Ururoa Flavell and Hekia Parata “niggers.”

“The Treaty’s not for sale,” chanted others.

“You should be ashamed of yourselves.”

Maori Wardens and Diplomatic Security Services members kept them away from Mr Key as he made a forced exit after a farcical gathering, during which officials could not be heard for all the chanting.

One protester cried “scumbag” as Mr Key entered the vehicle.

Around six to 10 protesters rushed onto the marae when Mr Key first arrived at 10am, knocking aside members of the media as they moved. Two photographers, including one from the Herald, were seen bleeding after the rush.

It is believed the injuries were not caused by deliberate attacks.

Waitangi has become a focal point for protests. It matters not to the angry mob of disaffected the advances that have been made, the settlements reached. Bending over backwards just gets your face spat in.

Helen Clark was right to ignore them for years. Time to show the “cold face” once again.


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  • Anonymous

    Definitely time to pull the pin after this carry-on. Calling mp’s “niggers”, behaving like uncivilized savages and abusive towards the PM says it’s time to axe Waitangi Day. Same shit different year, how many times must we endure this bullshit before someone wakes up and does something about it.

    The yearly event has always been focused on the protesters, how they will/do react, a piss taking “koha” and rowdy fuckwits.

    Over it.

    • Troy

      It’s a real pity and I agree that behaviour of this kind clearly demonstrates a lack of respect (not just to Key but those that were there to listen).  Maybe it should be explained that the right to freedom of speech should not through that act deny others their right to freedom of speech.  Majority of Kiwi’s of all ethnic backgrounds are really tired of these dopes.

  • Budgieboy

    Totally agree.

    I really wish my elected representatives wouldn’t put up with this shit.

    Never a Helen Clark fan but she did us proud by ignoring these wankers.

  • Pete George

    Occupy moves on – to Waitangi.

    About 100 Mana Party supporters – including unionists,
    anti-capitalist protesters and socialists – arrived in Paihia yesterday.

    Protester Joe Carolan said the group is battling the sale of public assets.

    “This attack is about the people in New Zealand. This is not a
    battle between the Maori and Pakeha, it’s between the rich and poor.”


  • Orange

    If Maori cannot provide a peaceful and intelligent forum for nationwide discussion of important issues at Waitangi day how can they expect to deal with the terrible social issues affecting their demographic? The violent protests are just a reflection of what they seem to also tolerate in the home.

    • Anonymous

       Agreed. If Maori behave like savages then they should be treated as savages.

    • Pete George

      It is not ‘Maori’ causing this, it is some Maori and some non-Maori using it as an opportunity (with media attention provided) to promote their protest of the day.

      • Tony

        I tend to agree but find it interesting that none of the leaders (iwi or political) tell the savage-like ones to get back in their collective box.  It tells me that either they agree with what the dick-heads are saying or that they actually don’t have the mana that they think they do…..where is the Maori King in all this crap. We pay him (and others) a greta deal of respect but seemingly none comes back in return.

        Probably time for the ‘no more racist seats, no more racist policies, get off your arse and do something for yourselves’ message.  Northern maori – they can’t even agree on how deal deal with their own internal land issues let alone national debate!

      • Pete George

        Waitango organisers were reported as asking for respect, but were shown none.

        Reasonable Maori don’t make good news bulletins.

      • whalewatcher

        Tony, do Waikato Maori (Tainui) ‘do’ Waikato, or not? Given that the Maori King is from the King Movement, who I think didn’t sign the Treaty, I think they are not part of the whole thing.
        Happy to be corrected on this

      • Tony

        Fair points. My impression however is that this ‘issue’ has more to do with Maoridom rather than those who did or did not sign the Treaty. I think that we long past that.

  • Phar Lap

    Helen Clark showed the Maori off spring from Caucasion settlers the cold face,let the rest of NZ show them some cold steel. Wonder what part of a being of European extraction do the part Maori not like.They must suffer from self loathing every time they realise Caucasion parents planted the seed of life to enable them to live like kings and queens without lifting a finger.Yet they seem to be like the misguided protesters, who camped all over the NZ cities,not knowing what they were protesting about.

  • tas

    I wonder what Waitangi day means to ordinary Maori. How much sympathy do they have with the crap that happens at Waitangi every year?

  • whalewatcher

    Still tribal. Not united.
    And this is not the way forward for NZ – divide and conquer, or stand as one.
    I think the Treaty is relevant, and cannot be side-lined – NZ has to face up to it, and redress past problems, without getting taken for a ride generation after generation. Trouble is, no setlement will seem lasting when the original grievance – loos of land – hasn’t been corrected. So that is a Whole Canna worms…

    I think the Govt has got it wrong with the asset sales – i think if the Govt, as a shareholder, has Treaty obligations with respect to a particular, asset, then the new owner takes on those too. Just like when you buy a house, you are bound by the same rules & regulations as the previous owner

  • Brighton Belle

    Hone Harawira is no leader look at his stance – not all
    Maori behave like this it is just Waitangi Day that gets the nutters going –
    great idea to abolish Waitangi Day and make it New Zealand Day best be on a
    different day entirely mid Winter is a marvellous idea.  This behaviour is completely unacceptable to
    all New Zealanders Maori and Pakeha, Asian and others.. John Key should have
    turned on his heel and left – never to return.

  • Ben

    Tend to agree isn’t the definition of madness doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result, this ragtag rent a crowd are probably protesting everything from Palestine to polluted waterways and most things I between and aren’t going to have a rational civilized debate because rational they are not, key is merely giving them opportunity to exercise their unique brand of parasitic pr who I feel sorry for in all of this are the real iwi those up since dawn scrapping spuds and cleaning the maras etc… Only to have their efforts ruined by a greedy self serving few who ironically are protesting alleged greed

  • Scanner

     A reprint of a post of Happy Feets blog -It’s
    about time we took the treaty document wiped our collective arses on it
    and publicly burnt it, the treaty and it’s variations have long ceased
    to be a founding document and have become a racist millstone round the
    neck of this country.
    It’s time Maori faced up to the facts – they are migrants to this
    country just like the hated white man, they have been considerably
    better treated than the occupiers of this country were treated on their
    As a race they have much to answer to child abuse, prison population,
    % of criminal activities to name a few, and when the dumb as dogshit
    Maori in the street wake up to the fact that a few of their number are
    getting fat and rich on the the treaty and the dipshit in the street is
    getting nothing things may change.
    Race based seats are nothing but a form of apartheid, something we
    all screamed about when the South Africans practiced, our situation
    makes us no better than those we branded racist.
    Hone and his twisted bitter mother are only a problem as long as we
    acknowledge them and to ignore them would have them wither and die into
    oblivion, where they belong.
    Our focus going forward should be a constitution drafted to reflect
    all colours but not to advantage any group or race, not that it will
    ever happen while we saddle ourselves with the guilt trip currently
    being used as our guiding light to the future.

  • Alex

    I agree it’s time to put the Treaty industry to bed.  But we can only do this if National reframes the dialogue.   It must offer Maori voters a different approach, one that acknowledges that Maori have not had an entirely happy time and offers them hope.  It must tell tell its supporters that there is no room for racial slurs. 

    I think you’re average Maori New Zealander is just like your average Pakeha New Zealander — they worry about the economy, ensuring their kids have opportunities and crime.  This Treaty stuff is the least of their worries, if not a down right embarrassment.  National needs to connect to Maori in this way. 

    Maori have been indoctrinated by Labour to believe that National is anti-Maori and full of racist pakeha.  So its going to be a challenge.

    Unfortunately, that idiot Brash burnt the boat with his stupid rhetoric about Maori getting special privileges.  Most Maori are not, and rightly got annoyed by Brash.  There is a tribal elite who have become wealthy thanks to the Treaty gravy train, and Brash should have focused solely on them.  But then Brash is political ineptitude personified.    

  • Agent BallSack

    To ‘ordinary’ Maori, Waitangi means nothing. If they actually do have any land settled it’s held in large blocks and unable to be used for much. The land the Crown rents covers the expenses of the radicals but ‘average’ Maori see nothing, and could care less. ‘Average’ Maori spend the day like every other New Zealander – have a nice day off work with their kids.

  • Luke
  • Phar Lap

     Notice that the losers in Waitangi continue to bite the hand that feeds them and lick the boots that kicked them.Shearer and the Aussie Commie Norman.Shearer whose party legislated the foreshore and sea bed act,and the sneaky creepy Norman who supported the bill.OF COURSE THE ADAGE “,SHOW ME YOUR COMPANY AND I WILL TELL YOU WHAT YOU ARE”certainly is apt for the whinging cringing ignoramus Sykes with her loud speaker drowning out the voice of truth and reason.

  • Catwoman

    And the award for the ultimate in hypocrisy goes to Titewhai Harawira – holding the PM’s arm when she was probably behind all the disruption.  Personally I would have refused to take her arm and let the nasty old bitch fall over.  What happened to her wheelchair anyway?

    • Scanner

       The really scary thing is some poor dumb bastard actually mounted this old crone, it’s enough to make you rip your eyes out just thinking about.

      • Anonymous

        something you’d expect to see on thatsphucked.com

  • Anonymous

    I fail to understand why any Prime Minister visits Waitangi.

    Maori have a bad enough image as it is and yet they continue to portray themselves as unevolved savages at Waitangi.

    No wonder there are so many Maori unemployed, would you employ anyone with that shit all over there face?

  • Blair Mulholland

    Waitangi Day is a great celebration enjoyed all over New Zealand, except at Waitangi itself where Nga Puhi either deliberately or by incompetence cannot guarantee security and hospitality.

    Either they need to be bought out and the marae and Treaty House put under new management, or the entire Government should simply boycott Waitangi and go to one of the many other places in NZ where the Treaty was signed and celebrated without incident.

    • Kimbo

      Agree about Ngapuhi incompetence.

      “Key and his entourage made a quick retreat from Te Tii Marae after a
      standoff with protesters, who drowned out his speech with megaphones. About a dozen sturdy protesters moved forward on Key as he
      approached the Marae to speak, yelling “we don’t want to listen to you…Screams of “Go home National” could be heard as his cars left for the Copthorne Hotel. During the heated protests, Wi Popata screamed abuse at both the
      Maori and National Party politicians. With fellow protesters, he called
      Sharples a “nigger” and told Key to go home. “We don’t want to listen to you, John Key.””

      Ok, so they didn’t want to listen to him, and even more than that, they wanted to deny others, including the NZ public via the assembled media the opportunity to hear what Key had to say.

      So then what do those hosting say?

      “The local kaumatua said Key should return to speak to those who are angry to ease tensions”.

      Yeah, right! That’ll work!


    I think most of the Maori population would be absolutely disgusted with the antics of the drop kicks in Waitangi. My stap-father is a very humble and hard-working Maori gentleman and up until a few weeks ago, was working 3 days a week – and he is 76! He has always been a worker and it scares me somewhat that he may be lumped into the same category as these dole bludgers. There’s a reason why the rate of beneficiaries is so high up that end of the country, I wouldn’t employ a shit stirring, uneducated drop kick. Maybe if we capped the percentage of benefit payments to Waitangi – if they want to go back to the old ways, then they can hand back the labelled clothes, cars and start eating each other! 

    • Thorn

      S & M, I agree with you. Its not about race, its about ones’ values, ones’ aspirations and the choices each and everyone makes. One can be 25%  English, Croatian, Maori and PNG ancestry, but that does not doom one to like, respect, or practice any of these cultures. That’s being a well-adjusted person, a proud Kiwi, like your step-father.

      The Hone, Pita, and Turei version of Maoridom is yet another cargo-cult, trying to lure koha from something other than honest labour –  the dregs of New Zealander’s whose Pakeha ancestors went bush. 

  • Patrick Murphy

    Reinforces my decision to relocate to Australia, now I don’t have to cringe & hide away in NZ on Waitangi day. Stop going there & deprive the protesters of the oxygen they require. Rename the day NZ Day, get rid of the forlock tugging to Maori. As an aside they should be asking their own wealthy elite why so many Maori assets (given back by the taxpayers of NZ) have been sold. They should also ask when the billions salted away by the Maori elite will be used to educate, house & improve the health of the grubby illiterate mobs seen at Waitangi every year. Their beef should be with their own – not the “white man from the gummint”.  Friggin losers.

  • kevin

    Flavell didn’t seem concerned.. “they have the right to protest” etc etc, even though he was receiving insults as well.

  • busman007

    F$#k the treaty im sick of this shit , it is a waste of space and there is no need for it in society today , Embarrased to be a new zealander when arsholes are allowed to act like this , they have no respect for their elders and their elders have no balls whatso ever  .
    Lets cancel this lame day as no one really gives a rats arse about it.

    • Anonymous

      No just rename it, no fucker is taking any of my stat days off me.

  • Vikingonmars

    After all the Treaty was about protecting the rest of Maori from Ngapuhi. They seem to have forgotten that the rest of Maoridom doesn’t like them even today. Ask a Te Arawa.

  • aimbee

    When watching the protesters, couldn’t help wanting to see the Diplomatic Protection Officers,pull out those new pump action shotguns, take out Hone’s “rent a mob” then Hone, then his mother, and say “How’d you like them apples?”.  Who’s next?

  • niggly

    Yep, another Waitangi Day at Waitangi and another Harawira family side show circus.

    Poor ol’ Hone eh, was loosing some of his cred’ wid da bros from 2009-2011 cos he was part of the Maori Party and couldn’t actively protest (poor bugger had to be content cheering on his cousins attacking JK in 2009 from the sidelines instead).

    But no worries to Hone, split off from the MP and form his own ego-brand party and before you can say sweet as bro, he can regain his cred and gets his boots dirty going on attack, with his dysfunctional grouping of class war radicals and other such guilt-ridden whities getting in behind.

    Hone, the epitome of hate and anger, (like Winston Peters in a way), a failed wannabe in NZ’s political system. Nothing positive to contribute (apart from sweet talking to his flock to blame da man), just anger and agression. Great role model, not.

    Just another thuggish C*nt.

  • Hey Jude

    I’d like to see these thugs protesting even more against asset sales. They are doing the right a favor. Who on earth would want to be aligned with them?

  • nzd.gbp

    I don’t agree Whale – that we shouldn’t persist with this Waitangi day farce. We should.
    Prime ministers of NZ should be at Waitangi, face the abuse then go home. It’s part of their job. It probably even boosts their ratings. No PM has the right to abandon any minority in this country just because they are widely considered to be misguided or wrong. It’s their country as much as it is yours and a government is for all NZ’ers not just their supporters. 
    Waitangi day is the day where we remember the treaty. These folk believe it has been forgotten and so it’s the right time to square off about it. It’s not New Zealand day, it’s Waitangi day. If you want a New Zealand day then add one to the calendar.
    This group of protesters are a state approved caricature. You seriously expect people to believe that the PM couldn’t get enough muscle together to get him to the podium to give a reasoned argument? He played his part in the farce and didn’t even have to enter the debate. Well done John Key.

    • nzd.gbp

      …yikes, grammar…

    • Tony

      Interesting points. I guess that it is a fine line when the elected leader of a nation gets that level of disrespect. I here all the time about how ‘cultured’ the marae is and how respectful it is. My understanding is that he received the powhiri, therefore he should be allowed to be there and to speak. If Ngapui can’t obey their own customs then how can they live in harmony with the rest of NZ (white, brown, yellow)?

      I say let them have their own reservation – that’s what they want. (The radicals that is – not EVERBODY!)  Don’t take any tax off them and leave them be behind the barbed wire. Let those out who wish to join NZ – otherwise, it is a case of be careful what you wish for………

      • nzd.gbp

        The elected leader of a country will get what ever level of respect we give them. They are public servants and earn a good salary to serve the public. It’s not a matter of dignity or good manners. Fuck Winston and his teach them manners quip. We pay him to do a job and it’s not for him to dictate how we are to engage in the debate. The same with John Key and David Shearer and all the rest of them. 
        Waitangi day is one of the most important days in the NZ calendar. The treaty was signed and modern NZ was born. Celebrate it at Waitangi and stop being pussies. If dick heads disrupt the ceremony, disrupt them back. It’s not their town or their country or their history. It’s all of ours as New Zealanders.

        Reservation? If they get their own reservation then can I have one? My own laws and no tax? Yes please. 

    •  i agree..it was a replay of the post tea-party news conference..

      ..he just stayed long enough to get some footage of demonstrators out there..

      ..and then he could flounce out..(as he did at that news conference..)

      ..pledging to return..

      ..totally stage-managed from go to whoa..

      ..and of course..

      ..the media bills and coos on cue..

      [email protected]

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  • Kosh103

    John Key is wrong to say he must keep going, he is also wrong in his disaproval of Helen when she stopped going.

    It is clear that a visit to Waitangi is pointless. No one wants to listen, all they do is hurl abuse at the visiting MPs, nothing gets done. It is a pointless event and Key needs to wake up and see Helen was right to quit the place.