Tony Ryall’s sartorial elegance

Big fan of his political ability.

Today he outdid himself on the shirt tie combo.

Pin-striped suit green checked shirt and pastel blue tie.

Perhaps Tony Ryall is thinking of setting up a new clothes line for his career after his exemplary carrer as an MP and a competent and effective minister.

UPDATE: I am reliably informed that the tie has green polka dots, looks fabulous in real life and television is doing Tony a great disservice.


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  • LLM

    A quiet round of thanks to D Cunliffe for raising standards on the other side by not wearing his bright stripey suits lately.   Much appreciated.

  • LLM

    A bit worried, I have to say, about the news that he is simplifying rules for human experimentation in New Zealand by the drug companies.   I hope very much that means “also tightening”.   Don’t want to see “Citizens to Experiment On” added to the list of major export industries.   The fact that we have Sir Geoffrey’s vile ACC legislation, which prevents us all from suing, ever, anybody, on any medical grounds, means human experimentation should be totally banned here.

    • Oh I don;t residents of Palmerston North are soulless like Gingas and no one would miss them.

      • LLM

        Palmerston North is safe.   The drug companies wouldn’t be interested in it.   Glaxo – or was it Wellcome Burroughs, they are so incestuous these pharma farmers one can’t keep track of who is what – had its wicked way with Palmerston North for too long.   They would by now have muddied the experimental pond-life sample.

      • I must be double-soulless, being a Palmerstonian Ginga. 

        Don’t worry, I will be escaping soon. 

        Anyway, from what I understand “human experimentation” by drug companies, is that of clinical trials. And there are people with hitherto uncured diseases who would like to be involved in such trials, I think. Of course an open-slather approach is not a good idea, but opening more people to the option of being part of the trials should be welcomed. 

    • Grandstream

      You are an uninformed idiot.  Read the suibmissions to the health select committee on clinical trial.  Compare NZ’s policies to other countires – look at what they actually saying. Compare F&P healthcares US approval timelines to NZ…..thne make an inteklligent comment if you can !  Clinical trials in this country brign valubale expertise to teh medical profession (clinical staff involved in trials improve their skill sets 7 years faster than non-clinical tral staff).  The burden to the tax payer is lower as these companies pay the bills and train the staff. And, dont forget the actual patients on the trials – or are you a member of the labour party who doesn’t give a shit about patients as demonstarted by the Pharmac policies !

      • phronesis

        How many phase 1 trials have you personally volunteered for? Or are you all talk?

      • LLM

        Hi Grandstream.   The people who say things like “you are an uninformed idiot” are the same ones who treat ordinary citizens just like pond-life.  They are precisely those because of whom we need here in NZ, lacking the ability to litigate, to ban human experimentation.   They are the ones who make it too risky for us to allow it.
        But good for you for mentioning the burden to the taxpayer.  

    • Anonymous

      Dont worry LLM there wont be any pharm press gangs involved.
      As Joel rightly points out, there are plenty of desperately ill people who will gladly volunteer.

      • LLM

        Can you guarantee they will get honest and accurate information, and have their consent properly obtained?

  • ConwayCaptain

    For that he should be reported to the Fashion Police

  • Blokeintakapuna

    Rodney started it with his bright yellow jackets

  • LesleyNZ

    Love Tony Ryall’s shirts and ties. A dapper dresser.

  • LLM

    Again to Grandstream: 
    Approvals without undue delay are financially important, but less so than health safety, as US authorities acknowledge.   And worldwide the protections for this are inadequate.
    Last year the Obama administration set up a Bioethics Commission on whether “Federal regulations and international standards adequately guard the health and wellbeing of participants in scientific studies supported by the Federal Government”.  This was a presidential-level response to huge public concerns.  The US Public Health Service had in the past conducted unethical studies on human subjects without their consent.   As an example, in the 1940s, US researchers intentionally infected more than 1500 human subjects in Guatemala with sexually transmitted diseases.   Though the commission’s report in December 2011 concluded it could not happen under US law today, there is still an “out” for classified research.   This is often conducted in secret on helpless unconsenting individuals.   Top privately-funded legal bio-issues researcher Cheryl Welsh originally reported this in June 2009’s Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists and has reiterated it since.
    In other words: 
    Unethical US defense experiments on helpless unknowing non-consenting New Zealanders (or others) could still occur in this country.   We need our own strong legislation to protect us, not only from the greedy drug companies but also from foreign states, and we also need the right to sue.  
    I do not want to see New Zealanders injured because they are naive and trusting.