Tremain at his best

via the tipline:

Garrick Tremain at his best.


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  • Hakimofphut

    Shouldnt that  be  ‘just departed – Plastic waka’

    One of Keys little projects funded by TPK- $10 mill or so- I guess it must be paid for somehow.

    • Anonymous

      At least the Nats have the guts to cut the size of TPK (unlike Labour, for whom it is one of their sacred
      Have a look at this column –
      Quote –
      The Briefing to the Incoming Minister of Maori Affairs contains this statement:
      “Recent research shows that Māori households spend approximately $5 billion more than they earn annually, and transfer payments to Māori now exceed the tax contribution that Māori make to the economy.”
      So – how long have TPK been around? For ever.
      What difference have they made to Maori? None.
      The whole damn thing should be gotten rid of.