Troll hunting

It appears that now Farrar is just a travel blogger I have inherited his trolls. I’m over it. But just so I don’t get accused of being a nasty censoring dictator we shall have a vote.

Do I get rid of the dope smoking, vegan, dog loving dropkick who is fond of over use of ellipsis?

Shall I boot Phil U from the blog?

  • Yes, I can't stand his dribble anymore (83%, 529 Votes)
  • No, he adds incredible value to the Blog (18%, 113 Votes)

Total Voters: 641

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  • Very democratic of you WO; but how has Phil managed to vote five times?

  • Pete George

    Beware a backlash on censorship from Trev and Clare :)
    (they might send Spud here)

    • Anonymous

      Please, God no.

    • In Vino Veritas

      or Draco or Viper or McFlock, Felix, ghostwhowalks and more…

  • Petal

    Looks like you have Phil and 4 bleeding heart liberals who read your blog.

    Normally I would say let people be, but in Phil’s sad case, he’s got form.  Please don’t let him do here what he does elsewhere.

    (Mind you, if I were you, I’d add a bit of code that blocks the display of a comment if the comment is posted by phil and he’s not the current user logged in)


    is that  the Phillip ure with the link to some other site

  • Anonymous

    For the love of humanity and all things decent!!!! Not only does he not add any value to the discussions he detracts from them.

    Make him a deal, when he contributes to society (by way of being a net taxpayer) then he can contribute to your blog!

  • Peter Jenkins

    It’d be good to have a third option – and Petal’s suggestion of optional comment display blocking is a near ideal compromise. I have an intense dislike of censorship of other people’s views, even if I strongly disagree with them, (unless they are deeply illegal and/or grossly defamatory) and a setup by where people could choose themselves whether or not they see Phil’s comments strikes me as a way to maintain some moral high ground while placating those who find him unbearable

    Peter J
    Webmaster for

    • Anonymous

      This is my position, so, I second this notion.

    • don’t the ellipsises provide that avoidance-marker…?

      [email protected]

      • Pete George

        Yes, but why overdo them? Do you want to stand out for comprehension catastrophe? Or for what you have to say?

        If you marked the start of your comments and used normal punctuation for the rest you would be much more easily (and probably often) read.

      • Agent BallSack

        Its not what you’re saying Phi it’s how hard it is to understand for the average reader. Conspiracy theories? Meh – We do those. Keep one thought to a post perhaps, rather than the constant seguing. 

      • Agent BallSack

        Sorry, *Phil*

      • Angry Croc

        Phil You’re a Phuckwit.

    • I hate censorship but when someone takes diabolical liberties with my generous commenting policy and  manages to piss even me off then something has to be done.

      The fact that he can’t take a hint, despite numerous bannings everywhere else shows he is a recalcitrant troll.

      • exactly what ‘liberties’ have i taken..?

        ..will this be the first ever ‘punctuation-banning..?

        ..quite the precedent..

        [email protected]

      • nzd.gbp

        hehe. you see? that was funny.

    • tas

      Optional censorship would be perfect. i.e. his comments (and any replies) are automatically collapsed, but we can open them if we so wish.

      Add a third option to the poll.

  • Sam

    At least his dogs appear to be registered, that’s something I suppose?

    • EX Navy Greg

      all he had to do was the paperwork, we paid for it.

  • um..! i allowed to vote..?

    [email protected]

    • Scanner

      Looks like you have, at least 21 times

      • no..not yet..

        i’m still deciding..

        ..i can see both the pros and cons..

        ..and am being asked to ask myself if i should/would ban myself..

        ..and it’s not that easy to answer that question..

        ..’cos i can see how i would/could find me incredibly annoying.. i’m having to do battle with myself..

        [email protected]

    • nzd.gbp

      I guess I am one of the few who still finds philu to be quite funny. How about you give him a last chance to go easy on the volume? Way too many posts from him, but his ability to REALLY annoy everyone still cracks me up.


      By the way Phillip,me and my wife have some good conversations,and disagree where needed.Keeps it real and healthy. (answer to comment in “thats what jails for”)

    • Anonymous

      Vote early ,vote often Phil, knock yerself out  …  lol

      Tho` it does appear you are …….the weakest link….goodbye.

  • Anonymous

    As much as it pains me to say this (and think testicles in a meat grinder type pain), surely booting him off descends us into the realms of the Standard and Red Alert.
    Let him take the consequences of posting his drivel from the more ascerbic posters here.

    • Anonymous

      I second this too. Let’s not turn into North Korea like the left blogs have, silencing dissent. Even though what Phillip posts is less like dissent, more like the effects of typing during a stroke.

      • Frederico

        ….Or we could take act like in a democracy where by the people create rules in which a community share community ‘space’ that are fair to all users, if however a person fails to respect the others within that space then the community rightfully can take act….sound familiar?…Democracy?..No?
        Phil Ures’ only intention is to disrupt the conversation of a thread and he does that 100% effectively…he must feel very proud of himself

      • Frederico

        Hah.. i would rather we could vote to have an edit button installed….Whale? action..

    • I’m letting the readership have a say, in a vote…then I shall decide. At the very least it should serve as a warning. It is only because I know Phil personally that he is getting this chance. Others wouldn’t get a by or leave, I’d just punt them.

      • poorman

        Is this a binding referendum?

        He said, tongue in cheek…..

      • No don’t believe in them…though I believe Phil does.

      • Bunswalla

        by your leave?

      • Thorn

        W, is Phil’s behaviour in person consistent with the assumptions one is likely to draw of him from his posts? 

    • Scanner

      As sad as it sounds I agree, Phool is a pain in the arse, as well as a weapons grade tosser, but to boot him into touch would make us no better than the scum that run the Standard or the silly fucking Clare the the air head running Dead Blert.
      No leave him here, subject to some conditions, no links and readable posts,and let him take what comes his way.
      One thing you have to say is his hide must be inches thick, after some of the kicking s hes had he still comes back for more, can’t work out that’s stupid or tenacious

      • Euan Rt

        That’s easy Scanner, tenacious people still have the ability to learn. I’m all for three strikes and you’re out.

      • ‘kicking’..?..’kicking’..?

        more like gumming…

        [email protected]

    • Jam_Sammie

      My vote may not reflect it but I tend to agree with Crumb. I myself have undoubtedly contributed the odd bit of dribble (thanks in part to Mr J Daniels) and thankfully have not been unplugged (yet). Tone down he 8 word paragraphs and I “might” read some of his posts.

  • Peter Jenkins

    Nice huntaway on the left incidentally, reminds me of my partners dog. Will give Mr Ure credit for some taste there, we share a love of dogs (and very little else I’d imagine!)

    Peter J
    Webmaster for

    • Anonymous

      Is that a website link I see there Peter…..?

    • she’s a 13 yr old who my son and i rescued as a pup from deep in bush..had been abandoned..

      ..and she has lived all her life on a vegan diet..

      ..and is in great nick..

      ..the half-husky is sadly dead…1080-poisoning+ vet-incompetence….

      ..(and you’ve mad me fucken cry whale…seeing her picture so unexpectedly…)

      [email protected]

      • Euan Rt

        1080 poisoning. I expect that’s ’cause it doesn’t know what meat is. You confused the poor thing!

    • Is being the webmaster for SST anything to be proud of? Your website is a mess, if I’m honest with you mate. 

      • Peter Jenkins

         Joel, could you possibly email us a screenshot by any chance? I’d like to see what it is you are seeing as I’ve tested the site on a variety of browsers and OS variants and want to see if there is some combo I’m missing

    • Orange

      PJ there is a place to enter your own website when you enter the comment. This means there is NO tag line needed in this kind of blogging. It just wastes space. What do you think the “link to your website” link is there for?

      As for Phil’s comments. I can’t read them so I presume some kind of schizophrenia and move on.

      • Peter Jenkins

         I use my Google login which doesnt seem to give me this “link to your website” option? Will have a look in my dashboard options later

    • starboard

      yeah but its what he gets up to after dark with them that disturbs me…and I dont like the positioning of his black dog in the photo.

  • Peter Wilson

    Is this the guy who puts spaces in each line of his comments. If so, that’s the only thing that annoys me, his language is ok, and has some valid, though bizarre, comments.

  • Kthxbai

    No, keep them, it’s fun to poke sticks through their bars.

    And if you ban them, you lost the moral high ground you hold over the leftie blogs such as Red Alert where even a reasoned and low-key post disagreeing with a blog point of view will see your post vanish.

  • Kthxbai

    And besides, those dogs look well cared for, he can’t be all bad.

    • Phil isn’t a bad person. Deluded but not bad.

  • Agent BallSack

    He makes my brain ache.

    • EX Navy Greg

      He gives my arsehole a headache.

  • Anonymous

    Code to remove ellipsises and excessive line spacing?

  • Agent BallSack

    However…if we ban people because we don’t like their way of putting their message across or the content of the message – Then we’re no better than Lprent or Mallard. In the end its your choice Whale, IMHO he’s harmless and as someone pointed out..scroll wheel finger is getting some serious working out!

  • Lofty

    Let him stay… on reflection…I made a similar comment on KB some time ago, and said then he should stay, we are still a free country with free speech, and while you could rightly boot him…your name is not Lyn or Trevor or Clare, the stiflers of one of NZ’s freedoms

  • Quintin Hogg

    I suppose it’s one of those “I don’t like what you say, but will defend your right to say it” moments.  On balance I think that the right to be heard is stronger than the dislike of what is said.
    Anyway you can ignore it which is what I do and have done in the main.

    • Thorn

      This is not a freedom of speech issue, this is about responsible infotainment.

      If he had an on topic, coherent and succinct message there would be no problem in Ure having a free say. However, Ure posts white noise in format and content which detracts from the enjoyment of the robust combat on WO’s excellent site. 

  • Johno1234

    I voted to keep Phil onboard. We need to keep the perspectives of druggie vegan ex-con beneficiary activists at hand to constantly remind us of the consequences all those lifestyle choices.

    • Agent BallSack

      Or we could just watch Darien Fenton on PTV

      • Jam_Sammie

        Oooh what a treat!!

    • “..druggie vegan ex-con beneficiary activist..”

      i cd/shd put that on a t-shirt…

      ..or a calling card..

      ..say ‘hello!’ a bright and cheerful manner..

      ..and hit them with the card.. 

      [email protected]

      • EX Navy Greg

        Add “land rights for gay starving Africans ” and I’d buy it

        Covers a few bases.

  • Kimbo

    “Welease Wodewick!”

    (i.e., have mercy on Phil, Oh great king)

  • NotLen

    You should have had another option “He does not add anything to the discussion, but leave him there to demonstrate to the rest of us what a true twat is.”

  • Anonymous

    To be the devil’s advocate, I am more concerned with some of the reader’s responses to Philu than Philu himself. Sure he is a parasite with his nout in the trough. Sure he needs to stop hiding behind the skirt of the DPB and get employment. However he does not get too personal or vulgar.

    It is us that need to sharpen up in our rebuttal to his arguments. Too many readers start attacking Philu and not his message and I think it is this that puts me off more than Philu himself. If we are going to maintain standards above Red alert and that Commie-Laccie thingy, then we are going to need to keep him here and sharpen up how we deal with Philu and his mates commenting here.

    Do not deny us our fun, let him stay.

    • EX Navy Greg

      Tend to agree Grizz, a witty response, to the point, and that demolishes their argument is always better then snide, vulgar or vituperative comments.

      • Anonymous

        in his current format his comments aren’t worth reading to even contemplate a rebuttle. As it currently stands it seems most people see him as an irritation, the vote is reflecting that. It’s not what he’s saying, it’s how he’s saying it.

      • James Gray

        I agree Travdog, I don’t mind rebutting somebody’s fallacious argument, but they become completely pointless if they can’t elucidate them properly.

      • EX Navy Greg

        Dunno. A lot of people I have met over the years have bloody good ideas or opinions, but can’t put it into words on paper.
        Read between the ..whoar!…. bullshit and he seems to be a fairly standard leftard with the usual easily demolished arguments.
        Trolls are like a two year old, if you don’t pay attention to the tantrum they give up.

  • Steve (North Shore)

    I voted to get rid of him. But I do not own this blog. Maybe let him stay as long as he tidies his act up.
    Phool does not know whether to vote for or against himself, another joint will decide. Fuckwit.
    Get a job Phool and pay your way in NZ

  • Mickrodge

    Who doesn’t roll their eyes when those fucktards at the (Double) Standard or Red Alert moderate the fuck out of anything they don’t like the sound of? Pack of pinko cowards.

    Just put him on notice WO. If he keeps it up punt him.

    • keeps what up..?..exactly..?

      i am still struggling here to identify my crimes..

      ..(aside from punctuation… in the eye of the beholder…)

      ..i present/challenge ideas..

      ..i don’t abuse anyone..(but will take the piss if offered unresistable-target..)

      ..and as for my writing style..

      ..that is just how i write…

      ..and have done for years..

      ..(there was a comment/rebuttal to me the other day that cracked me up..

      ..someone moaning about my double-spacing.. was a long moan..they lent into it…

      ..and it was written in one huge block of print.. a bloody brick…

      ..not a paragraph-break within coo-ee..

      ..see..when i see that.. eyes get all claustrophobic..

      ..and i view those poor trapped words much as i view animals in concentration-camps..

      ..i want to just set them free..

      [email protected]


        Just seem to take up alot of space.

      • Mickrodge

        See there’s the crux of the problem Phil.

        I read your post, actually I read it twice. That’s 60 secs of my life i’ll never get back again & the overwhelming thought I got from that was “if this guy was at a party at my place I would tell him to fuck off”.

        Now it wouldn’t have been because you were aggressive or rude or, drinking all my piss or having a chop at my bird but simply that you are annoying to have around.

        So that’s what I think has happened here. Analogically speaking you’ve rocked up to WO’s party, you’ve tried to make an impression being yourself but basically it seems most of the people are pointing at you & asking “who the fuck is that tool”.

        It’s not neccessarily your fault (as you say you’ve been doing it for years) but it appears many people just find you annoying & I guess that’s where the issue lies. If the overriding impression people get of you is “annoying” then eventually said people will tire of you & hence the mutterings around giving you the DCM.

        ..I guess it’s just..

        ..something for you to ponder..

      • nzd.gbp

        Let me try!

        From above…

        keeps what up exactly? I am still struggling here to identify my crimes (aside from punctuation; in the eye of the beholder).
        I present and challenge ideas, I don’t abuse anyone (but will take the piss if offered an irresistible target), and as for my writing style, that is just how I write and have done for years.

        There was a comment/rebuttal to me the other day that cracked me up. Someone moaning about my double-spacing. It was a long moan. They lent into it and yet it was written in one huge block of print, like a bloody brick. Not a paragraph-break within coo-ee.

        See, when I see that my eyes get all claustrophobic and i view those poor trapped words much as i view animals in concentration-camps.
        I want to just set them free.

        re-write of [email protected]’s actually interesting and valid comment that was lost amongst the detritus.What does it say to you phil if your comments gain weight by all that… adornment…?

  • David

    My problem with Phil is his comments drift off what the post was about and then subsequent posters start engaging with what Phil is talking about and it kind of roots what a blog is all about, very frustrating.
    I am not one for banning people but he kind of fucks up the comments section on whatever blog he infests to the point where you don’t bother with the comments section then you stop reading the blog which is a great shame. I vote you ban him.

  • Anonymous

    Not to forget the ban is being considered due to his formatting, not what he’s actually saying. That’s not a loss of the high ground, it’s defending the sanity of everybody else.

    Write proper sentences and paragraphs Phil and all will be well. I suspect though that your entire intent is to annoy, in which case out with the BAN-HAMMER!!

    • Alex Taylor-Innes

      I agree with Cobolt above. It’s that blinkin’ formatting not so much the inane drivel. Entirely different from Kosh.

  • Anonymous

    In hindsight I would quite like him to stay…when I read his comments they kind of take on an almost poetic form (in tone only, not content) and I expect them to end with some sort of nature reference

    …Phil’s posts sometimes don’t make….
    …but the relaxing style of writing…
    …means I read the tone…
    …instead of the words…
    …and the sunflowers bloomed that…
    …beautiful summer…
    …are the ellipsises are the sunflowers…
    …of Phil’s writing….

    • Euan Rt

      No, no, no. Don’t you start!

  • Boss Hogg

    He annoyed the hell out of me yesterday with his warped and very selective take on Ecuador.  But on reflection it was also entertaining.

    I will try to tackle the issue and not the person – but sometimes retaliation is hard to resist……..

    Is it possible to get him to install a smoke sesnor on his PC that activates a block on out going posts?  I am sure he would not appear so un-hinged if that was done.

  • tas

    I just ignore philu and any response to him. That works for me, but auto-hiding his comments would be nice.

    I think you shouldn’t feed trolls. Some people like to engage with him. I don’t understand why, but that’s their choice.

    One thing to note: philu isn’t anonymous and not threatening. He may be a troll, but he is a tame troll.

    • Frederico

      When ever Phil U shows up on a thread the debate on the subject matter stops!!…every time!…He controls the thread from then on..not WO..he’s really very good at it, much more effective that the current trolls at KB..and i’d rather like the debating continued..kind of the point of blogs i would have thought.

  • Symgardiner

    Leave him please. Leave the censorship for the commies.


    Hey Kosh is more of a pain in the arse then this clown

    • Symgardiner


    • Euan Rt

      I’m not so sure. I think Kosh sometimes does put some mental energy into his posts and tries to make valid points, but often just stirring. I don’t know much about trolls so I use Kosh as my plumbline, – any troll that makes more sense than Kosh is a good troll and any worse are bad trolls.

  • Anonymous

    Fuck him, hit the ejector seat button. Can’t be arsed reading his nonsense comments, they take up space between sensible comments.

    His rediculous response below concretes just what a waste of space his comments are. If i wanted to read the comments of a drug addict I’d find an appropriate forum.

    ” ..and i view those poor trapped words much as i view animals in concentration-camps..

    ..i want to just set them free..”

    If that coment doesn’t scream “I’m a nutjob” nothing will.

    Boot his shit-talking ass into orbit.

    • Anonymous

      I second travdog. Boot Phil.
      I think a vote on kosh would be good too – he adds fuck-all to the blog.

  • Nah every site has their own pet troll. Penny at KB etc. Might upset the great scheme of things.   

    • Anonymous

      we already have kosh103 Monique, we don’t need another.

  • Macca

    Let him post. He can be a real pain but has been mildly amusing above. Nice dogs too.

  • Simon

    Phil is ok.  If you can drill down a wee bit he makes some interesting pts.  

  • Angry Croc

    Where is Kosh?

    • Anonymous

      shh, don’t wake it up.

    • Agent BallSack

      Shitting himself in case he’s tomorrows poll subject

  • Rockfield

    Ah Cameron, coming into this one late, but I have a problem with carte blanche ‘censorship’, there are dissenting views to just about every opinion.

    Having now read some of ‘Phils’ posts’, I pity the full stop key …..

    Let him post, warn him that if the inanity of the post is high or dissent to his opinions: overwhelming.  He will get emasculated, like the 2 Helen’s.


  • Balanced View

    Let’s face it, he ain’t gonna start changing the way he writes.
    Whale – feels as though monitoring posts to your golden rule “3. Stick to the topic” will keep most of us happy as it will keep him, and those that rant about his posts in check.

  • Tom

    He’s a tool from another planet. Sack him.

  • Johnboy

    Phil inspired me to write one of my best songs. It would be a shame to see him go.

    The Magpies

    When Helen and Mickey ran the farm
    And socialists made us red
    Quardle oodle ardle wardle doodle
    Phil the magpie  said.

    Helens hand was in strong control
    When Mickey stole our bread
    Quardle oodle ardle wardle doodle
    Phil the magpie said.

    Year in, year out they toiled away
    Their schemes filled us with dread
    Quardle oodle ardle wardle doodle
    Phil the magpie said.

    But all their lovely plans soon went
    Johnny owns the farm instead
    Quardle oodle ardle wardle squawk
    Phil the magpie said.

    WINZ is run by Paula now
    And its books are in the red
    Quardle oodle ardle squawk choke
    Phil the magpie said.

    The client list was checked right through
    Alarm bells they soon rang
    Quardle oodle squawk choke gulp
    Phil the magpie said.

    A fault was in the system too comfy was the nest
    It was the crafty magpie had ripped it off the best
    Early next monday morning a strident chime was heard
    Get up you lazy magpie, get up, get out of bed

    Oh bugger me its time for work
    Phil the magpie said.

    • Anonymous

      That never stops being funny Johnboy :)

  • Dad4justice

    Will big bruv want you to ban me from here Whale.I mean to say the homo narks up Farrar.

    phool whore, redbaiter etc…etc… big bruv will get them banned eh David.

    Patethic wimps and cowards make sick.

  • The Gantt Guy

    Folks, I think we need to remember the people who love banning things (speech, thought, reason, dickheads) are leftards. People like the wankers at the Stranded. People like Clare Curran. People like Farrar. Freedom-loving Conservatives, even progressive liberal ones like Whale, don’t go around banning people.

    If you don’t want to go blind from a punctuation overdose, try using Firefox or Chrome and deploying the Comment Snob or Firefox RIP.

    Actually, this exact same conversation (banning philu) took place at Farrar’s troll farm about a year ago – that’s where I learned about the beauty of RIP for Firefox.

    • James Gray

      I disagree – I would vote no if Phillip was merely arguing a socialist viewpoint. But he’s not really arguing much when his posts are just an incoherent jumble of words and punctuation.

      Furthermore, I don’t see any problem with banning things you don’t like from your own property (this blog being Cam’s). I don’t see a problem with asking other people whom you allow use of said property for their opinion either.

      Lefties, on the other hand, like to ban things they don’t like from other people’s property…

      • The Gantt Guy

        James, I agree – this site *is* Cam’s property and it is absolutely his prerogative to ban or allow anyone he likes. In fact, if the facility existed I’d delete my earlier comment.

      • James Gray

        Indeed. I certainly wouldn’t encourage Cam to ban every socialist that posts here (though he’s free to do so, I’m free to piss off if he does, and he’s free not to give a shit if he still has other users)…

        Otherwise it really turns in to, as one lefty put it, the “mutual admiration society”, and frankly, rather boring.
        Of course there is the conservative vs. libertarian debate, but there’s a little too much common ground there as far as the pressing issues facing our society today to create much of a conflict there

  • RightNow

    I can’t read phil’s comments, they trigger photoepileptic seizures.

  • Jman

    I vote for him to begone. I understand the viewpoints of everyone who wants to take the moral high ground and defend free speech and not be like The Standard and all that BS. But I’d like to continue to enjoy reading the comments section on this blog, rather than see them descend into the unreadable garbage you get on every Kiwiblog thread because Farrar has tolerated his trolls for too long.

    Thats why the idea of making it optional to block a particular commenters post wont work. The thread itself will still descend into a troll fest as everyone who hasn’t blocked the troll gets sucked in and posts their responses.

  • I just scroll past the cunt…let him stay.

  • Blam

    Why would you want to be like Farrar and ban anyone who doesnt subscribe to your views ?

    May as well have your regular (if there are any) posters around for a barbeque and a baby oil massage

  • Again good thing really liked it.