Troughing it up while his city burns

Bob Parker is an idiot. Only he would not be able to see the problem with troughing it up on an overseas trip while his city is in turmoil, firstly from ongoing earthquakes but also from his own vainglorious ineptitude and the foolishness of his CEO. Things aren’t helped either when the Mayoress posts the article on her Facebook page as a sort of in your face “nyah,nyah,nyah, I’m going on a trip” attitude.

Christchurch Mayor Bob Parker will take part in a two-week tour of Asia less than a fortnight after a Crown observer was appointed to monitor the city council.

Parker said he was comfortable that his absence would not have a significant impact on the council, despite saying last week that the organisation was “standing on the edge of a precipice”.

Local Government Minister Nick Smith said last week that he had appointed former Nelson mayor Kerry Marshall as a Crown observer to monitor the council and report back to the Government.

The move followed criticism of the council’s performance and calls for Government intervention.

Parker and wife Jo Nicholls-Parker will leave next Tuesday for a tour of several Asian countries, including China, Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia.

The trip has been organised by Christchurch International Airport to encourage more airlines to visit the city.

Airport chief executive Jim Boult said the airport had invited Parker and his wife to take part in the 15-day tour last year, after planning started in mid-2011.

Boult said the couple’s presence had helped the airport to “get in some doors we would otherwise find difficult to get through”.

How about Bob just stays away and doesn’t come back.


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  • Anonymous

    What a complete moron Parker is. So much for showing “leadership”.

  • Orange

    wow that really is a bad look

  • Padddles83

    The next headline for Parker will be ” This Was Your Life” know fuck off

  • Anonymous

    Getting all their perks while they still can – you can see the logic. Meanwhile the Council will probably function better without them. 

  • Scanner

    Isn’t Christchurch Airport own by Ch Ch city, it certainly looks like a case of the old trough and wallow syndrome.
    Mrs Parker will be of course paying her own way, yeah right.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, but it is in the business interests of the Airport company to lick the boots of the ‘stakeholder’ who wields excessive influence over them.

  • Jimmie

    Hmmm Bob Parker is turning into the new Rodney Hide – it seems that success or failure in politics can be partially attributed to much their missus’s can handle the temptation of troughing.
    (Also perhaps the clown’s missus as well)I’m sure you’ll find several proverbs dealing with wives virtuous and otherwise – very appropriate 

  • MrV

    Chch Airport has been doing a pretty good job both domestically and in attracting new business. If they’ve invited the mayor on the trip and its been planned for a while then I don’t see why their judgement needs to be questioned?

    Why are we becoming an increasingly petty nation?

  • timboh

    On the timeline on her facebook page she has an entry in 2007 ‘Started work at Christchurch City Council, Christchurch, New Zealand.

    October 2007 as a Mayoress of Christchurch City’ facebook She thinks she has a job there!

  • Colin

    And some question what the people of Chch are complaining about this prick hasn’t a clue and yes the CCC owns the Airport. Boult is part of the inner club.

  • Roscoe

    This is another disgraceful display of self-promotion and
    greed there is not one feasible reason why Bob Parker needs to take his wife
    and he should not be going anyway as Mayor of Christchurch when that honour is
    so tenuously held.  How would he feel to
    see the Asian headline “Mayor with honour at home visits Hong Kong? Well wait
    for it sunshine…

  • Southshore

    Just been at the Christchurch protest 3,000+ citizens and
    ratepayers in the midday sun very peacefully protested the incompetence of the
    CEO and the ineptness of the Mayor – demanding their resignations and fresh
    elections in a few months. Great to see Tim Carter, Glen Livingstone, Yani
    Johanson and Jimmy Chen all around to talk with voters – saw Aaron Keown too
    but he looked like he wished he was someplace else..   Of course the Mayor never dared to show his
    face even though he was specifically invited to address the crowd – and the
    Town Clerk? well as usual he was silent and invisible but there were lots of
    mindless council monkeys peering out the windows…Can you believe that in
    addition to the illegal Felicity Price survey at $80,000 the council already
    has 24 public relations people as salaried staff!!! – 24!

    • Rockyr

      How many Maori Affairs on the payroll.?

  • Don

    Clean out your office, then you can piss off where-ever you like.

  • jabba

    ohoh .. Diamond Jim and Dalziel will be licking their lips

  • Bobo the Idiot

    He knows he is on his last legs he is just creaming the system until he goes.

  • Cantab

    Oh yes. the inner sanctum.
    Jim Boult
    Mike Stenhouse
    Felicity Price

    All funded by CCC and returning favours

    There are plenty more Whale, keep digging!

    • Scanner

      Add to the list young Mr Gough who seems to be doing a pretty good job of running with the foxes and hunting with the hounds.

       One must remember that this man was born with a silver spoon clamped between his teeth, and with the family connections we are looking at the next incarnation of the “old guard” .

      [email protected]

      • Southshore

        I have to comment, I had a huge amount of faith in Jamie
        Gough initially, I figured he was clever, young and energetic, he seemed to
        have synergy with Yani and Tim looking to do the very best for the city – but
        he has been tainted by the rotten core of council and completely lost his way,
        he is now solidly on the A Team, has all the goodies of compliance and does
        what he is told – what a waste of space he is and such a sad salute to his
        wonderful family name and heritage. We expected better from you Jamie. Note from his own website “the backbone of a well-run Council and city – we must place relentless focus on ensuring we have a cost-effective Council which achieves new levels of efficiency and productivity whilst providing these core foundations”.  How did you becone so derailed?