TV3 Fail Road Safety awareness

Tv3 ran a story about the new driving tests. The reporter in the clip wasn’t wearing her seatbelt correctly. Regan at Throng blogs about it:

On 3 News on Sunday night, Janika Ter Ellen did a story on changes to driving tests that will make it more difficult to get a license.  At the end of the story, the driving instructor told her

You’ve passed the test, so congratulations.

But did she?

Looking at the above photo, taken from the full bulletin (20:35), you can clearly see that Janika is driving with her seatbelt under her arm.

According to the road code,

There should be just enough room to slide the palm of your hand between the belt and your chest.

We found one case online where police threatened to issue a ticket in a similar situation.  Anyone who has sat a restricted driving test knows how pedantic the instructors can be so we’re curious to know why a pass was given in this instance.

Interestingly enough, this clip appears to have been edited out of the individual story.


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  • KG

    The police do definately issue tickets for this – Have been in the car with my friend when she was pulled over after recently having an operation on her chest. 

  • Kthxbai

    Your friend should be ok – recent chest surgery would constitute a condition warranting a medical exception from the seatbelt rule if her doctor agrees and writes a certificate.

    The reporter, however, is breaking the law and being a total git to boot.  She’d probably be better off in a moderate crash leaving her seal belt off than having it unerarm, where it could crush her abdomen.

    • KG

      Once she explained to the officer it was fine – but they were doing a big blitz on it (this was a couple years ago) and the officer did have to ask further permission to not ticket her. 

  • Anon

    Slightly ironic Twitter profile image for the reporter…!/janikaterellen

  • SJ00

    I’ve got a ticket for doing this last year..

    (technically I didn’t have a seatbelt on, and when the cop spun around to chase me, I put it on, but under my arm in the hope I could say it was on but just not visible.. sadly, he got me for wearing it incorrectly.. $150 thanks very much..)

  • Stiff buckle

    He should have just stared at her chest like you know he wanted to.