Two mothers in law is still bad

There is no other way to look at it, the bloke who got married twice and convicted of bigamy still has two mothers in law. There will be no good to come of that:

On December 17 last year Rodney Peach married his partner in front of her family and friends, while still married to his unsuspecting wife of 28 years.

Two days later the 52-year-old south Auckland bigamist walked into the Howick police station and confessed to police what he had done.

Last month Peach pleaded guilty to bigamy and using a forged document, and today he escaped prison when he was sentenced at Manukau District Court to 120 hours’ community work and nine months supervision.

He told police that Ms Oeti knew of his marriage breakdown and that he had not left his wife for the legally required two years.

“The defendant stated that his marriage had been over in the eyes of God … ,” the police summary said.

“He explained that the circumstances of his problem as being due somewhat to the family pressure placed on Ms Oeti and her family’s religious convictions,” the summary said.

Who on earth would want two mothers in law.


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  • Sadu

    The herald pisses me off with their sensationalist reporting.

    Basically the guy separated from his wife, then remarried within the 2 year window which is illegal. He forged some documents to achieve this, which is reasonably serious.

    But using the term “bigamy” implies some comfy live-in arrangement with 2 wifes taking turns at fucking the husband, along with a houseload of kids.

    As far as I understand, wife #1 was out of the picture before he married wife #2, so this is a case of “remarrying too early” which is a far cry for some depraved sexual 3-way arrangement that the herald seems to suggest. It’s not even particularly interesting, yet there’s all this song and dance going on.

    Am I missing something here?

    • Nope you aren’t but have a care for the poor bastard, he still has two mothers in law.