Unfit to be called parents

There is no other way to describe these two individuals. They are quite simply unfit to be parents:

Five children were found locked in a van at the SkyCity casino car park building while their parents gambled.

The children have been placed in Child Youth and Family care and their parents are under investigation.

The children, whose ages ranged from five months to eight years old, were found in the van around 11am on Sunday morning.

SkyCity said their surveillance recordings indicated the children had been locked in the vehicle for about 45 minutes.

A couple returning to their car heard the children crying and notified SkyCity security staff.

Staff found the parents upstairs gambling in the casino.

The family was taken to Auckland central police station.


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  • Was wound up until I read the last bit
    Cameron….When I was working as a night shift security patrol guard here in Wellington. We
    used to come across this situation all the time – usually three or four vans a
    night.  The parents were up in office buildings cleaning, with one of the
    older kids left in charge while the littlies slept. It left me with a sickening dilemma – dobbing them in or saying good on you for earning a wage and hope the kids stay safe.

    • Bafacu

      While I admire your sentiments – there seems a gulf between someone working as a night cleaner and someone gambling in a casino (unless of course they were professional gamblers!!).

      Actually in either case it’s not satisfatory. 5 childern fom 8 to 5 months – give me a break! What capability did the 8 year old have of managing any issue that may have arisen.  It may have escaped you but there are some pretty nasty things that go on in our little country.

      •  My point exactly – you misread the first part of my post.  The “excuse” the first time I intervened was if they left them at home the kids would be taken off them, at least here one of them went down to check every half hour…I agree lesser of two evils only.

  • brian

    yeah ive worked in orchards where little samoan kids too sick to go to school have been alone in the van all day while mum and dad worked
    they saw nothing wrong with it

  • peterwn

    Nothing’s new. In late 1950’s Mabel Howard (Labour MP) was complaining about kids found in a car doing homework by torchlight while their parents were in the pub. As it was 6 o’clock closing days, it must have been in mid winter. Hats off to those kids for staying calm and carrying on – they probably went places.

  • Kosh103

    And yet gay people cannot adpot becuase according to some a same sex household would not be healthy for kids.


    • Blimey! I agree with Kosh! :-o…… where’s Andrei to bring up sodomy etc…?

      • dad4justice

        Poofs confuse kids. They should be kept well away from children.

    • SalaciousTCrumb

      I have to say I struggled with the whole gay adoption thing Kosh; but in light of this story (and soooo many others lately) I agree with you that a loving, stable environment is the most important thing for kids
      Our newspapers are littered with examples of the scraps of humanity who inflict future generations with their poor excuse for offspring. It has to change.

      • Steve P

        And what do you suggest? The heavy hand of the state? Fitness tests for those wanting to have children? Sterilisation for those who fail the test? 

      • Kosh103

        Thats the thing, adopted kids are wanted by those that adopt them. They are not mistakes. They are always loved. And while it prob does happen, how often do you hear of an adopted kid locked on a car so its parents can gamble?

      • Greg M

         Totally agree Kosh, My daughter thinks the world of my gay and lesbian mates, and they treat her as one of their own. That’s the way it should be.

      • Steve P

        “…a loving, stable environment is the most important thing for kids.”
        …and should the relationship break up, the children would be far better off with the father than the mother… can’t see the courts start routinely awarding custody to fathers though, so much for “in the best interests of the child”. 

    • Steve P

      Umm… who says gay people cannot adopt?

      • Kosh103

        The law. Gay couples cannot adpot.

      • Steve P

        to Kosh103: Gay couples cannot adopt as a couple, but that’s not the same as what you wrote; gay people most certainly can adopt as individuals. De facto couples cannot adopt as couples either. Furthermore, single men cannot adopt girls – which strikes me as being far more egregiously prejudiced, but nobody seems to be kicking up a stink about that.

      • Kosh103

        If you think the system would allow a gay man by themselves to adopt you are dreaming. However you are correct, I didnt say couple to start with.

        I know of straight cpls. that have adopted, and the hoops they have to jump through are just plain silly given the way so many natural parents treat their kids.

        And as for the law itself, the whole thing needs to be changed. But good luck with this current Govt.

      • Steve P

        Kosh103: “If you think the system would allow a gay man by themselves to adopt you are dreaming.”
        But you don’t have any actual evidence to support this claim, do you?

        “And as for the law itself, the whole thing needs to be changed. But good luck with this current Govt.”

        Helen Clark said that adoption by gay couples was “a tough issue to tackle, which we must get to at some point.”… which she apparently never did, even after nine years as PM.


      • Kosh103

        When was the most recent adoption to a gay man? Im willing to bet the answer is next to never.

        And I believe Clark was wrong.Changing the adoption laws is no more harder than creating CU’s. I believe adoption rights were sacraficed to keep votes.

  • Mully

    Probably John Key’s fault, eh?

    Or Paula Bennett’s at least…

  • Kiwi

    Q) what do you call a people mover in the sky city car park?

    A) a Maori kindergarten.


    How about the family try a new angle and take personal responsibility for their actions. Maybe they should be looking for work instead of having kids they clearly are not fit to take care of. I would much rather have a gay couple adopting children than dropkicks like this breeding. At least with gay couples, they can teach the children to love and accept people without judgment. As far as this couple goes, if you can’t feed em, don’t breed em. Hopefully they won’t be handed back.

  • jpsmith

    usual suspects no doubt….

  • ConwayCaptain

    The report says that the children were between 5 months and 8 years old.  That means that the women was having a child every 18 months approximately.

    This is ridiculous.  It is about time we bought in long term contraception for these people.