Union bullying and racism exposed

The Maritime Union is on strike for the next 3 weeks.

This video from a non-union stevedore came in overnight, it is a workers own words about the bullying and racism that he has experienced from the Maritime Union.


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  • I hope that this video gets MSM attention. What a complete and utter indictment it is of MUNZ and of the bully-boy tactics of MUNZ members and heavies.

    If the guy in the video is the type of person that PoAL aspires to employ to work the port, all pwer to them!

  • This is just one of the reasons I believe that Unions are outdated, irrelevant, and harmful to our society. They tend to be a law unto themselves, the guys at the top claim they are looking out for the workers but history and current events show that they are really just looking out for number 1 

    • kehua

      Checkout the movie, “ Kill the Irishman“, should be standard watch on `handling` Unionists.

  • joe bloggs

    ditto Inv2

    Sunlight is the best form of disinfectant – and this exposure of the strong-arm and racist tactics used by MUNZ members deserves plenty of sunlight.

    The sooner “Boss Tweed” Parsloe and his heavies are kicked out of POAL, the sooner honest workers can earn a living

    • Hakim of phut

      Hes a scab , what did he expect.
       BTW he would get worse from the Exclusive Brethren hiss parents would shun him

      • Tom

        Scab? He just wants to go to work and do his fucking job you moron!

      • fifibelle

        He experienced racism when he was in the union and becomes a scab now that he’s out of it. Lose-lose for him, eh Hakim? Seems fair… not. 

      • Gazzaw

        Scab? Another 70s terminology. Why don’t you get your head of your timewarped arse? MUNZ in Auckland is fucked because it’s management is living in the past. The days of confrontation are over. Anyone with half a brain knows that POAL survives in a highly competitive environment & flexibility in the workplace is a prime requisite for that survival. It’s interesting that Kelly has taken over as the mouthpiece in Parsloe’s absence overseas while filling the same role in the AFFCO saga. Kelly obviously sees the opportunity here for some political self-aggrandisement.   


        You complete fuking idiot.This guy wants to go to work,and wants to do his job.Why should he have to put up with shit like that from wankers who dont. Go away,and annoy some other site as you are worthy of not being pissed on if you were on fire.

      • Troy

        and anyone that supports unions and by default supports Labour are still living in dream land.  I take to those guys with a 4×2 any time of the day.

  • Hakim of phut

    How awful, they took the Sky decoder from work!

    • Sam

      So theft from ones work place is OK?

      So long as you belong to the union I guess.

      • Hollyfield

        Not only is it theft, it is petty, vindictive and spiteful.

      • Hakim of phut

        Who needs a sky decoder at work  ?   Probably paid for by the union. As we know the POAL gives you nothing

      • Beenthere

        91K isn’t ‘nothing’

      • James Gray

        Hakim, as POAL management said, this was paid for by both union and non-union employees. Are you mistaken or are you calling them liars?

        As for “Who needs a sky decoder at work”, I guess somebody thought it was a good idea. Who the fuck do you think you are to tell them otherwise?

    •  Yeah, and pissed on cars; you ok with that Hakim?

      • Gazzaw

        And into the barbecues as a finishing touch. Good one eh Hakim?  

      • Dion

        Remember that both of these things have a reasonably high “carbon footprint” – so I wouldn’t be ruling anything out :p

    • Doug_S

      You really are a fucking twat Hakim. Go stir the pot somewhere else!

    • Beenthere

      Are you suggesting Munz’s actions are petty & therefore OK?, or do you have a problem with them having sky TV at their Cafeteria?

      • Hakim of phut

        Not if the ping pong balls  etc were paid for  by the employees on strike.

  • toby_toby

    Go that guy!

  • Pukakidon

    Good one Hakim de Phuck.   Blame it on the sky decoder, I think the POAL must be a pretty good employer to have these facilities at hand for the workers down time. What a moron you are, this guys turds are more intelligent than you.

    Go an piss on peoples cars and bbqs you spiteful arse

    • Hakim of phut

      Oh you are sooooo tough

      • joe bloggs

        fuck off Todd

      • Pukakidon

        Haha Hakim de Phuck –   I get it thats about as close as you have ever got to poking some pussy!!!!

  • Liv

    They need to go to Jupiter’s Townsville as this is the type of thing that goes on there and the perpetrators even when reported appear to be protected and still in a job!!!!

  • thor42

    So, Hakim – to take your “logic” to its conclusion – it would be fine if NZs unemployment disappeared overnight, as long as all of the newly-employed people belonged to a union.

    But if the newly-employed were non-union workers, that just wouldn’t be acceptable. 

    So – jobs are “OK” as long as they are “unionised jobs”. 

    • Euan Rt

      Phut doesn’t have the ability to form views, he is cut fro the can’t cloth. Everything is negative. He sets himself up as an authority on every subject and takes the opposite view. No real views of his own. Yesterday he knew all about dairy farming (not) today he knows about Exclusive Brethrens (not) and running a large labour force (not). Phut you are a pretender and as ignorant as pigshit. Unfortunately this is not obvious to you, but you sure make it obvious to everyone else. 

  • Hakim of phut

    Such a soft cock…. no ping pong balls….. waaaaaah.

    This is what happens when you get offside with ‘the company’

    A day after New Zealand’s second biggest fishing company was named in charter fishing boats slavery claims, an Indonesian whistleblower went into hiding, fearing for his safety. 

    POAL has all ready been hiring private investigators to follow MUNZ officials, next they will be following Sanfords methods

    • thor42

       “following Sanfords methods.”
      Gee – I guess that “following Sanford’s methods” is how the PoT has become so successful. 

      • Hakim of phut

        POT includes more than shipping and containers and logs in its business.

        “Record profits from subsidiary and associate companies, now contributing 21% of Group profit”
        Plus they have a base in Auckland to cherry pick its cargo and rail it south.
        As well Auckland doesnt do ‘logs’

      • Euan Rt

        So POT are even more savvy than POAL, so POAL need to be smarter and cut even more slack to be competitive. You are not very clever phut. As for hiring PI’s, it seems only logical given the behaviour of the union members.

      • Cherry Pick cargo? You mean that huge MetroPort base at Southdown where upwards of 30 trains a day haul cargo between the base and Tauranga. The same base which gives revenue to Kiwi Rail which employs RMTU workers, the sister union to MUNZ. Also the same base which takes a few trucks off the road and periodically pisses off passenger rail when a freighter breaks down.

        That base is an asset and a standard bearer

    • Biker

      You think people have nothing better than to tail MUNZ officials?  Get real Phut, people don’t want to hang around pubs and brothels waiting for Parsloe to come out.  If you think that private investigators are leaking your top secret union drivel think again – it’s your own union members who are leaking your secrets.  Not that you can keep anything secret anyway since you all like to meet in a pub to do your voting as seen on your stupid MUNZ website and because your head honcho Parsloe is a reknowned LOUD AS drunk.

    •  Hakim; my dear departed Dad once said to me that it’s better to remain silent and have people think that you are a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt. I think that’s advice you would be wise to fllow, but I doubt that you will.

  • ConwayCaptain

    I used to go into TGA on a regular baisis.  0700 start work, 1st sling across the deck about 0710.  Load 12000 tonnes steel + 3000 of timber products for Aus in 2-2 1/2 days.

    Load in Akl 0700n start 1st sling across the deck 0730 if you are lucky.  1200 lunch knock off at 1140.  Tga 1150.

    Did Supercargo work there and lade 15000 toones of steel for US Gulf ports 3 days.  Cost of loading inc dunnage lashing etc about 10 bucks a tonne if that.  To discharge in Aus 30 bucks a tonne.

    • Hakim of phut

      Lovely story about  1976. 

      • Super_Guest

        Yeah. Hopefully it stays a story and the unions and Labour don’t take us back to 1976.

      • Beenthere

        Times haven’t changed then.

      • ConwayCaptain

        No Late 80’s eaqrly 90’s

      • ConwayCaptain

        In the 1970’s I loaded butter in Akl and TGa on the same voyage.  The loading rate for TGA was far in advance of Akl.  In fact their whole attitude was 1809 degrees removed from Akl.

  • Mr Whaleoil please send this video to the media.

    Secondly it is a pity that there is no CCTV around so that the Port could catch out those workers who are doing these things. This would result in a few firings. 

    New Zealand work places are not the industrial sweat shops of the past. Unions have their place but their place is not to have eternal strikes and destroy the workers jobs. 

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  • Gold

    Most of the union hacks are stuck in the 1930s. Violence and intimidation? Sounds like a union to me. Worst of the all they make out that the man who wants to do work is the bad guy.

    • Hakim of phut

      Yeah the bosses just use the police to do their dirty work for them. Lock them out first and when they want to turn up to work get the cops to baton the workers

      • Super_Guest

        “The bosses”, I loved dated old socialist terms. Oh, and so they can just turn up to work whenever they want, right? Regardless of the fact that they’ve all decided to sit on their fat asses for three weeks. Fire them all and bring in casuals.

  • Super_Guest

    @ Hakim of whatever:

    So in your mind, violence and intimidation tactics are okay, so long as the person is a scab? You union hacks are so entitled, despite having no real authority and having earned none of the power you wield. Worst of all you act like you own the place, “Save our port” indeed. Should just be “Save our overpaid, underworked asses from getting turfed for sucking too much”

  • Brett Dale

    What a proud young man, Good on him.

  • Hakim of phut

    Takes the pay and conditions won by the union and then  walks away to save himself $25 pw.

    With the union gone completely do you think he would get more than $25 ph flat rate.?

    • Euan Rt

      If people will happily do the same job for $25 then we Auckland ratepayers (which I have a feeling you’re not) will be getting a better return from our company. Win Win dumbo.

    • Beenthere

      “Takes the pay and conditions won by the union and then walks away to save himself $25 pw.”

      There was legislation put in place some years ago to prevent that exact situation occurring.

    • Peter Wilson

      Did you ever think of how the union wins their terms and conditions? There wouldn’t be any hints of intimidation or finincial blackmail involved would there? Remove the union, bring in some honesty and straight talking, you’d be surprised at what a forward looking management might put forward, especially with a professional negotiator acting for the workers instead.

    • fifibelle

      $25ph is $52k per annum, a pretty respectable income for a 40h week. Perhaps you’ve been on 91k Phut?

    • James Gray

      And he’s still morally obligated to continue when the union is racist and self-interested?

    • Jimbob

      You’re a de-evolved deaf idiot Fart! Did you not watch the video? He left because the union only wanted his money and did not want to represent him because of the colour of his skin! Why waste $1200 odd dollars a year giving money to an organization that discriminates and degrades you and your culture? Do us all a favor Fhark and shoot yourself with a bullet if your own shit! Clearly you have plenty of ammo!

  • napalm in the morning

    Yep Super G , the 70s and early 80s were bad , meat industry the worst , but are you saying there is no place at all for unions today?