Unionists telling lies, repeaters repeating them

We have seen how unionists are racist, bullies and now we can see how they like to tell lies.

John Ryall from the Labour affliated Service and Food Workers Union had this to say to Radio NZ:

Service and Food Workers Union national secretary John Ryall says the Government has signalled it wants wages to be reduced and more flexibility in the workforce, and employers are responding to that.

That of course is a complete lie. Nowhere, anywhere has the government signalled anything of the sort. But that doesn;t stop them saying is and Red Radio repeating it unchallenged.

Of course there is one other group who like to repeat that exact line, over and over and over. That is the useful lap-bloggers at The Standard, and right on cue just a few hours after John Ryall spoke with Radio New Zealand there was Zetetic running the exact same lines….curious don’t you think.


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  • Would that be the same Zetetic who claimed at the weekend not to know that Bill Jeffries, Doug Graham’s companion in the Lombard dock was Graham’s immediate predecessor as Minister of Justice in the fourth LABOUR government?

    Such knowledge of one’s own party shows just how low-rent Labour’s shrills now are.

    • Hakim of phut

      O RLY

      • Super_Guest

        You’re either 13, or a lame ass 45 year-old who thinks he’s hip using dated old internet memes.

      • Hakim of phut

        No Wai

  • BJ

    Where does Zetetic get off on running cut and pasted out of context quotes on people. His reference quoting John Key was from a Dec 2007 newspaper article and a table up till 2010.

    • Hakim of phut

      Its back in context NOW!
      That Dec2007 meeting involved a reporter with a microphone at a coffee table. That involved a lot of effort to get it suppressed as well.