Was Winston Pissed?

Yesterday Winston Peters had a ‘mare….it was so bad that he nearly of thrown out of the house.

He tried the same bullshit again today and ended up with the same answers.

It is pretty sad that he has let the drink get to him.


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  • Guest

    A transcript of that nonsense is needed

  • Anonymous

    What is this… I don’t even….

  • Bobm (ex RNZN and Angry Croc)

    Pissed in charge of a Ministerial Question.

  • ConwayCaptain

    Yes he was and I would tghink that Lockwood will have a word in his shell like

  • Bob

    Would be very funny if it wasn’t the NZ Parliment, bit sad the old git is losing his marbles. Lockwood was great, won’t be long before Winston gets thrown out…

  • jabba

    goodness me .. when he got kicked out 3 years ago I thought Q time  would get better .. it did BUT now that he is back it’s turned to shit again .. maybe Williams or Stewart should ask the questions

    • Bobm (ex RNZN and Angry Croc)

      Williams would probably urinate in the aisle.

  • Orange

    I agree with toby_toby

  • Jassen

    An Kanye West song comes to mind.

    Let’s hear it for the douchebag ……….

  • Ken-elle

    You’ve got to be kidding………and we’re paying this clown………Thank You NZ for voting to keep this hamstringing political system. Nowonder we’re slipping down the OECD. Fark Me!!!

  • bereal

    Incredible, the Speaker even cut him some slack yesterday and explained where he had got
    it wrong but he tried the same thing today and got wiped again. Zero out of three.

    Chief Winston supporter and NZ Herald political editor Claire Trevett will be gutted.
    Check out her effort in todays Herald page A9 for a laugh.
    It’s actually a pittifull article.

  • Gaddafi

    It is wonderful to see someone with brains smashing the elite in parliament. Fraud, corruption, fire sale of the remaining assets of the country and serious criminal behaviour are now being uncovered by Winston. Good on him. 

    John Key is a intellectual midget in comparison to WP. Similar to psychopath Whaleoil and his sheep on this blog.

    Wake up NZ and put the elite fraudsters into jail. Take back your country.

    • Anonymous

      Fraud? corruption? 2 words closely associacted with Winston Peters. Have you had your head buried in the sand since the Labour government?

      ” Wake up NZ and put the elite fraudsters into jail. Take back your country. ”

      Quite right, lets get our money back from WP and lock the cunt up.

    • MarkM


      You used the word intellectual in your diatribe, do you know what it means?
      Please enlighten us on the fraud , corruption , fire sales and serious criminal behaviour that moron Peters has uncovered.

    • joe bloggs

      Muammar, you took a wrong turn about three intersections ago…

      Let me see – lip, tongue and eye twitching – stuttering, muddled and slurred speech – disorderly and irrational…

      … the last of the robber-barons and arch-egopath, Mr Jan Trotman, has either had a lesion of the cerebellum… or he’s as pissed as a newt.

      I vote pished ash a newt … hic…

    • Roger

      You need to stop the one handed typing Gadfly. Take your meds when you have a hand free as well. 

    • Ebbittmanson

      Sorry I can’t speak dumb and I don’t understand it when I hear it.. But I can read the label on the packet… “This packet contains 1 Winston Peters, ingredients, per 100 grams, 20% scotch ,55% dumb, 15% I have no fucking idea where I am, and 10% I can’t find reverse in my brain…

    • Anonymous

      hahahahaha…….. muppet

  • Anonymous

    I think my pseudonym says it all.
    He’s a tired old man and he should have retired, but now he’s going to display his deteriorating condition for all to view.
    To appreciate the truth, he really needs to speak with someone he trusts and who trusts him. That’s why nothing like that will ever happen.  

  • Digit

    Ive always enjoyed watching a good train wreck happen – go WP

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think he was pissed, he is just thick.

  • Anonymous

    To steal a term from WhaleOil, Winston is “dumber than a sack of hammers”.

    Even Winston looked confused, if he doesn’t know what his own question is, how on gods earth is somebody supposed to answer it.

    • Euan Rt

      It almost looked like he has some form of demensia – altzheimers? He kept going back to his notes and seemed to be getting more and more confused.

      • Gazzaw

        Euan I think you could well be correct. Maybe early signs of Alzheimers or possibly alcohol related damage. I don’t like the bugger at all but it would be a very sad end to an interesting political career. 

        In the event that he did have to take indefinite sick leave or resign for health reasons what does NZF do for a parliamentary leader? Who is the deputy?
        Surely not that poor old lady sitting next to WP. 

      • Euan Rt

        One thing is for sure, Winston First wont exist after the next election.

  • Dick Gozinya

    I guess Winston wasn’t just trained in politics by Muldoon.

  • Guest

    What’s wrong with you people?

    Can’t you see Winston is orange reversing over salmon instances?

    He needs September agent in the One Tree Hill pajamas, and is only trying to play 43 man cricket without the use of a horse.

    Parliament is lucky for colostomy bag purchases for electorate puddles in pain.

    • Boss Hogg

      Top post Guest !!  Lockwood would consider this intelligable as comapred to Winny.

      On a more serious note – why the hell do we not have drug and alcohol testing prior to each day at work (being nice here) for every Pollie entering parliament.  At least weekly, and publish the results and ban them from the house or prosecute as the law requires.

      Try and get onto to an Oil & Gas work site with out pissing in a test tube.

    • Orange

       I am nothing like Winston

    • Anonymous

      Brilliant :D

  • dad4justice

    Oh my, my, winny in the pooh drunk as a skunk surrounded by
    fools in a stinking beehive.Why am I not surprised, meanwhile in the real world I in chch we work demo in a city
    run by a bob each clown. Why do I bother paying tax to you wacko socialist suck
    hole scumbags.

  • Max_power

    Put this one on the semi-permy banner Cam.

    It’s much more important than Ernst & Young’s proof about the wharfies.

    If I was the Minister I would have asked Winston for a clarification.


    Then I would have said: “No.”

  • Tom

    That was just sad.

  • Michael

    Lockwood Smith’s innovation of stopping Ministers ducking tough questions is a two way street. His ruling three years ago was if you want a precise answer, first you need to ask a precise question.

    Peters has never been very good at that, he just threw out conspiracies and then called points of order about how the Minister was covering up, and used Standing Orders and Speakers Rulings to grandstand. He got away with it because of weak Speakers, his ability to act outraged, and support sometimes coming from Prebble – they were a brilliant double act at times.

    What is happening is good, diligent MPs are being rewarded – knowing what the weakness is and then getting Ministers to admit things are going to plan. Lazy, grandstanding MPs are getting found out.  Mallard last term, Peters this term.

  • Allan

    Peters is an absolute waste of space, waste of taxpayers money, a bludger of the highest order and a total and absolutely empty bucket.  I do not know why the MSM give him oxygen or publicity. As I have said repeatedly it is such a pity that so many so called intelligent voters are taken in by the constant vitreol an bullshit which eminates from him. There is certainly no value for money in the investment that the long suffering taxpayer gives to Peters or NZ First.

    • bereal

      Claire Trevett, political editor at the NZ Herald is one of the MSM in Winstons thrall.
      See her article today page A9 NZ Herald.

      She is close to being a Winston disciple.

  • Phar Lap

    Starting to believe Peters will not go the distance for next 3 years.Sadly he is past his best
    a has been or never was.The bell is tolling for Winston,or it has tolled and he has missed it.

  • Anonymous

    Just a waste of space fuck chop is WP….. A fucking joke of a human being

  • Andrew McMillan

    What a farce. Perhaps Peters attempting to prove his credentials to be the next contender for the New Zealand Professional Boxing Association’s Heavyweight Title?

    • kaykaybee

      Can you get boxing shoes in patent leather?

    • Lofty

      Andrew, I think it is more likely proving his credentials for WWF wrestling..forming a tag team of the pensioner & the clown v the speaker & the govt benches.

      Pass the popcorn will ya, this is going to be an entertaining bout.

    • Lofty

      Andrew, I think it is more likely proving his credentials for WWF wrestling..forming a tag team of the pensioner & the clown v the speaker & the govt benches.

      Pass the popcorn will ya, this is going to be an entertaining bout.


    Once again we get to put up with this idiot.If there was ever a reason to ditch MMP,this is it.

  • Chris

    Winnys supporters will be so proud.

  • Ancient Dan

    Its called “Karsokovs syndrome” in modern pyschology.
    I like the old name  “Dementia Praecox” sounds better
     but a hard to beat an earlier description of this condition
    “Delirium tremens.”

    In Irealnd the term “Head staggers” is used.
    Watch out over the next few years for the hands shaking and
    reports of pink elephants in the New Zealand First caucus room


      Mad cow??

      • Richard B. (formally poorman)

        Mrs Jan Trottman for shacking up with Mr Jan Trottman, retired St Marys Bay?

  • Was that guy at the end Curwen Rolinson?