Whale’s Budgeting Tips for the Poor, Ctd

This morning I posted about how to save money on milk, and it sure as hell wasn’t shopping at high priced over promoted Nosh stores.

One of the things that the promoters of poverty like to focus on is cold, damp, mildewed or mouldy houses. They claim that this is causing appalling health outcomes. Cactus Kate of course easily slayed that little shibboleth with her post this morning.

Even private housing gets mouldy. When it does you need a bucket and a mop and some elbow grease to clean it. I recall my early days in a nice classic Kiwi weatherboard house before the dehumidifier was freely available in stores, and my mother and grandmother spending hours in the winter months scrubbing mould off the window framing. The house was like many in rural New Zealand situated in bitterly cold frosts in winter and little sun in the summer. I frequently employed the sleeping bag even in front of the open fire with the cat lying over top of me to keep warm. Most New Zealanders have rolled this way it is not special to live in cold conditions. Our parents seemed to have a knack of building the coldest bloody hell holes imaginable in the 60’s and 70’s.

Did I see the same with state house tenants on Inside NZ? No. Someone else’s job to clean the mould in the house aye? The landlord. And brrr it’s cold here, I’m living it hard if I need to use a blanket.

She rightly points out that the people complaining about the mould and mildew are in fact bone bloody idle, perhaps sufferers of Lazy Cow Syndrome. Mould and mildew isn’t a poverty problem it is a lazy person’s problem. Even people in middle and upper class areas live in houses with poor venitlation, and damp and if they likewise don’t clean the mould off then they too will get the same problems. The difference is that people in those areas have a bit of pride and gumption plus are prepared to get their hands a bit dirty cleaning or in the case of people like Cactus Kate simply pay for someone to clean the mould up.

Of course the promoters of the poverty issue will claim that cleaning up mould is expensive and people can’t afford the materials to do so. Lazy repeaters and churnalists will let that claim stand. They will point out that de-humidifiers (the preferred WINZ solution) are expensive to run and they would be right. But they fail to point out that mould and mildew occur because of poor ventilation the solution to which is to open the damn window and the presence of spores to which the solution is cleaning, elbow grease, hard work.

However there is a cheap and economical method of cleaning mould and mildew that is long lasting and more importantly cheap.

The expensive way and also ineffective way is to purchase harsh chemicals like Exit Mould and the like. At $7.59 for 500ml is is dearer than milk at Nosh.

Now I checked with a good friend of mine who is a solo mother, who works and has 3 children. She is also tighter than a fishes arse (which is a virtue, nit a complaint) having been brought up under the guidance of her even tighter grandmother who used to tell her to buy a sports car because they only have two seat which means you only get to carry one bludger at a time with you. She knows all the ways to get things done cheaply and effectively.

White vinegar is by far one of the most effective methods of controlling mould and even better,at $1.97 per litre is cheaper than milk:

Vinegar Spray

Straight vinegar reportedly kills 82 percent of mold. Pour some white distilled vinegar straight into a spray bottle, spray on the moldy area, and let set without rinsing if you can put up with the smell. It will dissipate in a few hours. If you don’t like the smell of vinegar, you can add essential oils for a more mellow scent.

Another cost effectivemethod using tea tree oil, soething that we grow in vast abundance in New Zealand. Tea Tree Oil is $12.99 for a small bottle but you only use a few drops and so could split the cost with your neighbouring state house tenants.

Tea Tree Treasure

Nothing natural works for mold and mildew as well as this spray. I’ve used it successfully on a moldy ceiling from a leaking roof, on a musty bureau, a musty rug and a moldy shower curtain. Tea tree oil is expensive, but a little goes a very long way. Note that the smell of tea tree oil is very strong, but it will dissipate in a few days.

2 teaspoons tea tree oil

2 cups water

Combine in a spray bottle, shake to blend, and spray on problem areas. Do not rinse. Makes about 2 cups, lasts indefinitely.

A slightly cheaper and I’m told more effective method is the same recipe as above but using Clove Oil. The Aussies have it sorted, they have a handy video on Youtube. Clove has powerful antiseptic properties and should be used with care. Clove oil actually inhibits mould by attacking and killing the spores.

There you go another handy budgeting tip for the poor from the Whale that shows that people like Carla and Craig really have no idea even if they do think that a viable treatment for post-natal depression is yet another child.

Make no mistake poverty sucks but I really do get sick of people bleating about expensive solutions for simple problems. Cleaning mould simply requires a bit of Kiwi ingenuity, some cheap easily obtainable natural products and some elbow grease. The latter is obviously the hardest for most though one does wonder just precisely what they do all day because it sure as hell isn’t cleaning.


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  • Kane Bunce

    Another good solution that also works very well for that and other things (even years old fly spots on the roof) is a mixture of the following cheap and common household items: water, dish detergent, and bleach. Adding sugar soap makes it even more effective, but adds quite a bit to the cost so is not an option for everyone. Also sugar soap is so effective on its own that the only real point to adding it to the mix is to stretch it out before having to buy a new lot of it. My mother taught me this one as a way to save money on most forms of household surface cleaning. You don’t need much bleach or detergent either and I have never measured them precisely yet managed to make an effective mix.

  • Anonymous

    White vinegar 50:50 with water in a spray bottle is also an excellent, cheap glass cleaner. 

    •  add a teaspoon of baking soda…and the juice from half a lemon..

      ..and you’ll never buy commercial cleaners again…

      [email protected]

      • Steve (North Shore)

        We can I get half a lemon – never mind

      • kehua

        Steve you will find it sitting next to another half lemon under the yellow skin.

  • Anonymous

    My suggestion for moss & mould and bleach is to make a trip to the local RD1/Farmlands and get a ‘hypo’ (Sodium Hypochlorite) in a 5 litre container.  It should cost around $30 and will be 2-3 times as strong as bleach.  So really you get 15l of bleach for $30 (or 50c a litre) and it works really well as a mould killer.

  • Anonymous

    No, this isn’t right. Poor people should get to live in better housing than the rest of us. Being poor should not be its own reward. If the government keeps spending money on poor people, the country will no longer have any poor people. We will be the envy of every nation on earth.

    • Boss Hogg

      Sweden is trying this approach.  Income tax of 65%, Employer levy on top of this of 35% paid by employer and VAT ranging from 15 to 25%.

      Lucky they still have some strong export industries – at this stage

      •  now yr talking/singing my song..

        ..did you forget to mention how those countries are so much more equal..have no crime driven by poverty..

        ..and were insulated from most of the g.f.c..

        ..this peace of mind would contribute to them self-reporting as the happiest people on the planet..

        ..go figure..!..eh..?

        ..whereas the road most of you want to go down..

        ..leads to port morseby..

        ..been there..?

        [email protected]

      • Boss Hogg


        You need to pull your head out of your arse.  I would suggest that poverty does not drive crime – in Sweden crime apperars to be driven by rampant welfarism combined with poorly planned immigration.

        You should try going down a few back streets in Malmo………..Go with a local, this I do recomend.  You might feel safer in Port Morseby.

      • Yeah and Phil they have no black people either…or Muslim immigrants…not racist just acts…they have put up barriers to immigration.

        I don;t say that is right but before you go comparing apples with apples we really should take our rotten ones out of the barrel.

    • Honcho

      Add to that too, every parent DESERVES their own car, even if they are a single income household!
      How else are the kids going to get to school each day? walk or worse, ride a bike? what if they get hit by a lazy unemployed cow … i mean, stay at home mum!

      •  “..I would suggest that poverty does not drive crime..”

        now hogg..that is just silly..

        ..bordering on ridiculous..

        ..george bernard shaw opined that ‘poverty is the root cause of all evil’..

        ..smart guy..that shaw..


        [email protected]

      • Phil you can’t make poverty go away by giving poor people rich peoples money. They are poor because of poor choices, idiocy, and general indolence, and with Maori extremely prone to truculence. Giving poot people money doesn’t eliminate poverty…if it did there would be no poor in South Auckland.

  • Orange

    And do NOT use one of those stand alone gas heaters. Think of them as super mould incubators.

  • It’s housing the Mother In Law that kills the budget to my mind. I’ve blogged on the cultural aspect:


  • jonno1

    My research indicates that mould grows much faster in houses where the occupier is not the owner. Maybe some PhD student could take this on as a proper research project. :) Could combine it with something about sex and/or climate change perhaps to assist with funding.
    I now have a “mould” clause in my rental contracts that requires the tenant to keep the property mould free, or pay for a thorough clean at the end of the tenancy. I also give them a free hint: open some windows!
    I’m progressivey installing heat pumps which sounds a bit soft but I it consider a long-term investment. Time will tell.

    • jonno1

      …consider it…

      • maybe it is part of that manifest destiny thing..?

        ..y’know..that made you rich and others’ poor..?

        ..’consider it’..

        [email protected]

    • kevin

       Buy ’em a cleaning kit (with instructions) and I’ve seen air con units in desperate need of air filter cleaning as well.

      • jonno1

        Good point about the aircon filters!

        Not sure what Phil meant, but my comment had nothing to do with wealth, it was about hygiene. Opening a window or two is not costly.

    • Euan Rt

      I’m also wondering about installing heatpumps. I have had HRV’s installed in a couple of properties and they are working great against the mould. They are really forced ventilation and using dryer air than what comes in through the window.

      • jonno1

        Good point Euan. I’ve not sure that HRVs beat heat pumps – maybe cheaper to run, but nowadays heat pumps are much cheaper to install than they were a few years ago (due to competition I guess).
        My tenants tend to be from the Pacific Islands or India, so a heat pump provides warmth for them at lower cost than conventional heating – win/win. The average temperatures in their countries of origin goes some way to explaining their reluctance to open windows.
        In every other respect they are (with rare exceptions) perfect tenants: hard-working, honest, family-orientated etc.

      • jay cee

        same, we have HRV’S in two  houses we have owned . don’t so much warm the house as dry the air inside to make heating more efficient.

  • kevin

    On-The-Smell-of-An-Oily-Rag comes to mind… Muriel Neilson

    • Muriel Newman

    • Hank Dutton

      I think that’s Muriel Newman, in case anyone whats to Google it.

  • Vlad

    Janola diluted is powerful & effective stuff too – even better the Homebrand version, very cheap indeed, use the leftovers to dye your regrowth (irony for slow leaners in that last bit).  I was brought up in a villa where the wallpaper used to bulge in and out with the wind in winter.  Solution was to pile on another blanket or an old coat, nice & cosy. Plus a hot water bottle for luxury.   My mum was a determined, thoughtful and caring person who kept the house immaculate & we kept our parts of it tidy too.  And, on distant reflection, we felt like lived like kings on a tiny budget.   

  • Anonymous

    Thor’s budgeting tip for the poor –  
    Seriously – it’s hard to have any sympathy whatsoever for the poor when they don’t have the mental ability to think things through and help themselves. For example – having yet another child when they’ve already got five (or six or seven).  

    • Gazzaw


      That’s like telling farmers to stop breeding cattle & sheep. It’s their main source of income FFS.  The bigger the herd the better.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah….. unfortunately, you’re spot-on there, Gazzaw.
        What an awful (heartless) way to make money, though. Breeding.

  • Guest

    Sweden has zero population of Maori. Which probably better explains its low crime rate Phil Ure.

    •  so..are you saying the ‘rotton apples’ are maori..?

      ..so you are advocating the elimination of maori..?

      ..what are you saying..?

      and of course you can end poverty…and all the negative social/health outcomes.. 

      ..by increasing the incomes of the poorest..

      ..just as the opposite is true..you can create poverty by taking money away…

      ..which is what shipley/richardson..aided and abetted/urged on by happy feet..did..

      ..i am also puzzled by the economic lunacy of the right ..in wanting to foster/grow the conditions..

      ..that will see them living behind broken glass topped walls..

      ..with armed guards…

      ..not to mention the dollar costs from those social/health/incarceration outcomes from poverty..

      (..and is it the fault of the child born into poverty-stricken home is it..

      ..they must suffer..?…for what reason..?..)

      [email protected]

      • Increasing income isn’t the same as increasing benefits which is what you are suggesting. Increasing income is getting educated, getting a better job, adding value and getting paid for it.

        Contrary to your world view there is no such thing as a free ride.

      • Thorn

        If you were to work raking leaves for the neighbors,  the cash could go to improving the life of a poor kid. And if you really cared so much for the kids, kill off those mangy mutts of yours and donate the savings to the Sallies.  You could be Kosh’s sex-toy for cash. Mind you, he prefers them the younger and tighter the better, according to his porn site records. Perhaps you could pimp for that pervert?

    • Thorn

      Guest, that was the Swedes best kept secrets and now you may have opened the floodgates.

  • jonno said:,”..

    “..Not sure what Phil meant,..”

    ..weren’t you seeking a phd-explanation..?

    ..and you do believe in ‘manifest destiny’..

    ..don’t you..?

    ..i thought that was a tenet of the right..


    • jonno1

      Thanks Phil, the PhD bit was meant to be a joke, hence the :) symbol.
      Sorry, I don’t understand your manifest destiny reference. My understanding is that it refers to US colonisation from east to west. But maybe there’s another meaning.

    • Mark

      Phil, although you can’t punctuate for shit (despite the higher education we paid for) it looks as though you are making a reasonable fist of raising a boy (a few thanks to those that fund it wouldn’t go amiss) Do you clean your own mould? Do you try to live within your taxpayer funded budget? Do you clog up the health & justice systems at massive cost to the State? I suspect you do the former, not the latter however your ideologically twisted arguments cannot recognize that people choose to be perpetual victims, or not.
      Anyway, it seems that you spend the bulk of your time here, so I guess you are slowly coming around to the right way.. get a job and you will enjoy it even more (and maybe someone will take you seriously)

  • why can you not reply to some comments below them..?

    [email protected]

    • Boss Hogg

      Phil, George Bernard Shaw may have been your hero, but not mine.

      From Wiki “Influenced by his reading, he became a dedicated Socialist and a charter member of the Fabian Society,[10] a middle class organization established in 1884 to promote the gradual spread of socialism by peaceful means”

      Fabian Socialists are the enemy as far as I am concerned and you are a bludging pillock.

      • Gazzaw

        Boss, one of my favourite quotes of GBS is

        “A government that robs Peter to pay Paul can always depend upon the support of Paul”

        Sort of says it all about NZ labour policy doesn’t it?

      • Boss Hogg


        And Phil Scourge wants to argue that the Gov must rob Sars to pay Phil.

        Makes me a bit grumpy that does.  People like Sars make communities and therefore countries succeed.

        Phil deserves to be put in actual poverty and then lets see if he can actually do soemthing useful.  He must be guilty of benefit fraud – his payments must be stopped.

        Go Sars and all power to you and your mates – Cheers.

      • Kimbo

        Yes, GBS. Very amusing man. Also a very stupid one. No doubt you are aware of the tenor of this letter to the editor he wrote to the Manchester Guardian, published 2 March 1933, reporting on the benevolent conditions he had oberved while in Stalin’s Russia: –


        Highlights, which no dount appear in the archives of the Standard, or Red Alert, or Phil Ure’s websites include: –

        “Particularly offensive and ridiculous is the revival of the
        old attempts to represent the condition of Russian workers as one of slavery and
        starvation, the Five-Year Plan as a failure, the new enterprises as bankrupt and
        the Communist regime as tottering to its fall…We the undersigned are recent visitors to the USSR.  Some of
        us travelled throughout the greater part of its civilized territory.  We desire
        to record that we saw nowhere evidence of such economic slavery, privation,
        unemployment and cynical despair of betterment as are accepted as inevitable and
        ignored by the press as having “no news value” in our own countries.  Everywhere
        we saw hopeful and enthusiastic working-class, self-respecting free up to the
        limits imposed on them by nature and a terrible inheritance from tyranny and
        incompetence of their former rulers, developing public works, increasing health
        services, extending education, achieving the economics independence of woman and
        the security of the child and in spite of many grievous difficulties and
        mistakes which or social experiments involve a first (and which they have never
        concealed nor denied) setting an example of industry and conduct which would
        greatly enrich us if our systems supplied our workers with any incentive to
        follow it”.

        There! That told ’em and set ’em straight!

      •  this is a favourite shaw-quote..but there are so many..

        “..Do not waste your time on Social Questions.

        What is
        the matter with the poor is Poverty; –

        – what is the matter with the rich is

        sez it all really..eh..?

        [email protected]

    • jonno1

      Phil, if you’re referring to me, sorry, your earlier comment didn’t have a reply button.

      •  lots of them don’t..why is that..?

        ..shouldn’t you be able to reply to all..?

        [email protected]

      • Phil they don’t have a reply button because when you have commenter like you nested comments to an endless level is unmanageable. 

        I have allowed nesting only to two levels.

  • Macca

    I have always thought that my taxes were well spent on (in no particular order) transportation, education, health and social welfare until I saw that documentary prior to the election on the supposed poor in Porirua. I have had a complete turnaround after watching those lazy, stupid people in that doco. I do feel sorry for the children because they can’t choose their parents – or should that be parent? Yes it should be. 
    I was born in1952 and brought up for the first 19 years of my life in a State House in Naenae. Everyone I knew lived in a State House. Everyone I went to school with – St Bernadette’s primary and St Bernard’s College who were my friends- lived in a State house and I never saw the squalor and uncleanliness of those lazy people in that Porirua based documentary.  I have had a complete turnaround after watching it and now despise those people for their laziness.
    I felt sick after watching the show that people didn’t open the windows a bit and clean up any mould as it occured. Housing NZ should make cleanliness a requisite and visit occasionally to check. Awful. Shocking. Nothing to do with this or any other government though. whatever happened to personal responsibility?

  • Anonymous

    I learned to clean the wintery green from our wooden windows, with a toothbrush; regularly, as a youngster, while I was raised in state houses – albeit – Army.
    There is no way Mum would leave a detail uncleaned, every time we moved, every 2 years.

  • Allan

    My comments to the so called poor of this country.  Tie a knot in your dick, dont breed until you can afford to, make positive decisions as to where you want to go in life.  Get an education and stop thinking that the world owes you a living.  I am sick to death of seeing someone surrounded by numerous kids saying life is so hard on a benefit we can not afford to feed the children. For F’ks sake you can get free contraception these days you do not have to have the kids.

    • my comments to the rich of this country..

      ..pay your fair share of taxes..

      (zero capital gains tax is not ‘fair’..eh..?..just in case you were wondering,,)

      ..so we don’t have to suffer the miseries of poverty..

      ..and lots of us are ‘sick to death’ of the rich just getting richer…paying no/minimal taxes..

      ..while our poverty numbers just escalate..

      ..and you have gone too far in yr greed..

      ..and the backlash/pendulum is going to swing back..

      ..policies that were verboten to discuss/think about..that cause yr sphincter to tighten ..are now common political currency..

      ..and we will prevail..’cos we are in the majority..eh..?

      [email protected]



      • Thorn

        The pendulum is swinging back with a speed and ferocity you cannot comprehend. 

      • Anonymous

        Phil…I’ve mentioned capital gains in a previous post and even linked to legislation – have you not read this or do you not agree with this? Because, like it or not, there is a capital style tax already in effect in NZ. You can’t hide behind a family trust – that tax rate is 33% vs company tax rate of 30%. If you have a problem with the taxation system in NZ you should speak to Ms. Helen Clark. Her government, intentionally or stupidly, left so many holes and loopholes in the tax legislation they enacted that it will take probably another 5 years to close them all. 

      • Honcho

        The whiplash and pendulum swinging from people like you phil, who dont contribute net tax?

        Pull your head out, and while your there, pull your thumb out and pay your share if you want to comment on where it should be best spent

  • Anonymous

    So many great comments and thoughts as always, a few idiotic ones throughout though…

    Laziness is a shocking disease…. When no personal responsibility prevails, laziness spreads like wild fire….. This has happened to a high level in NZ, now no fucker knows how to bring personal responsibility back to the forefront!

  • Mark

    I posted similar tips on The Standard recently, fark, talk about shoot the messenger! 

    • Callum

      I suspect you would have been hung drawn and quartered for suggesting anything close to personal responsibility for the choices people make in life. Why would anyone need to be responsible for their own choices????


    Seems like a few are happy to blame the rich.Please explain what you consider as rich in this country.Also why should those who have worked to get ahead help out unmotivated,lazy,dirty,breeding,thieving,assholes.S

  • jay cee

    wealth is subjective and therefore hard to define.as for the “poor” without something approaching full employment will always be with us,to paraphrase an old saying. paying them a benefit is the lesser of two evils. unless of course you want to be like parts of south africa for example  and live behind barred doors and windows in gated communities. 

    • Anonymous

      You’re dead right – it’s subjective. You are only poor compared to your neighbours and in retrospect. It’s ‘give them everything and they’ll flourish’ ideology vs ‘take everything from them and they’ll work it out’ – the answer lies somewhere in the middle but is constantly changing. I don’t think any government anywhere, ever has got it right.

      Phil – if you think NZ is so shit then why don’t you leave? Go find utopia with an internet connection and let us all know what it’s like. 

      •  i don’t think nz is ‘shit’..i have never said that…

        ..i think the rightwing/neo-lib revolution has taken us a long way down the wrong track..

        ..but we can put it right..

        ..the levers/tools of/for change are available/to hand…

        [email protected]

      • Anonymous

        Ok Phil – say three good things about New Zealand’s welfare/taxation/legal/education environment. You don’t only have to say negative or dissenting things here. 

  • Anonymous

    Fuck. Phool whines on about “the miseries of poverty”. 
    Yeah, right. You’re in enough “poverty”, phool, to be able to AFFORD DOPE. Idiot.
    You don’t have a fucking clue about “poverty”. EVERYTHING
    that you moan about in your life is the result of your LOUSY choices.
    You are on the same level as child-molesters, phool.
    I support Cactus Kate’s idea (that she mentioned a while ago) that only net taxpayers should be able to vote.
    As a fucking BLUDGER, that rules you out, phool.
    You want to vote – you get a job. That’s how it should be.

    • People have gone to war for “No taxation without representation”, and won the moral and military victory. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to demand the reverse, and to be represented, you should agree to be taxed.