Whale’s Budgeting Tips for the Poor

I am heartily sick and tired of Simon Collins carping and whinging as he manufactures a crisis of poverty in New Zealand. Cactus Kate is likewise over it and she eviscerates the rubbish masquerading as a column at the NZ Herald.

Milk seems to be a big focus with one over-priced grocery store making a big play along with various left wing parties about how the poor simply can’t afford milk.

This is of course complete rubbish. I will show you how to save heaps on milk costs if you are poor.

Let’s accept for a moment the premise that:

“Milk is a basic commodity and should be made available to all New Zealand consumers, not just those who can afford it,”

Nosh thinks they are being big heroes by selling milk at $2 per bottle, notwithstanding that you have to buy $25.00 of their other over-priced grocery items in order to qualify. We can ignore Nosh as they are simply grandstanding and their price is unsustainable, however I am going to show you how to save heaps on your milk costs.

It is actually simple. Milk Powder. Anchor conveniently explains the nutritional value of milk powder for you in comparison to fresh milk:

Milk Powder is the same…identical…a facsimile of fresh milk. Just add water, voila. Even better 1 kilo of milk powder makes up 8 litres of milk.

So how much is 1 kilo of milk powder?

Well that varies but for the Anchor product it is $14.99 a kilo or $1.87 per litre of nutritionally the same milk. Nosh milk at the moment is amrginally cheaper…remember they are selling at a loss and are unable to sustain that price, the supermarket is making a profit and there is so much milk powder available that store are forced to sell it.

But I can do better….if you buy Home Brand milk powder it is only 9.99 per kilo or just $1.24 per litre of milk. plus you don;t have to buy $25.00 worth of over-priced Nosh groceries to qualify. The milk powder will have been made in the same factory as the Anchor Brand more likely than not, so there is bugger all difference.

Using Whales Budget Tips for the Poor you can save plenty on milk,  you don’t have to drive miles to the upmarket and expensive Nosh stores and at supermarkets you can buy just one bag of milk powder which will provide you with 8 litres of relatively cheap and nutritionally identical milk.

Following my budget tips, for just $9.99 you can have 8 litres of milk.


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  • Anonymous

    We’ve been doing this for the last 6 months, Put it in an old 2L milk bottle, give it a shake and hey presto. Tastes exactly the same, no one has even noticed we swapped and we never run out.

    • Same here, we use the milk powder and go through a kilo of the stuff around every three weeks (granted Rebekka and I do not have kids yet) on average and it is certainly fine if not more creamier than the fresh stuff.

      And with one post – WO sums the milk argument (although I was doing it along health not budget lines in the other post) rather nicely 

    • So just before I buy some – can you taste the melamine in it or not?

      • Pokerface

        Pratt!!  100% New Zealand made!!   By the way, 1 kg milk powder makes 10 litres, not 8 :-)

      • Dr Wang

        Neil – please feel free to add as much melamine to your milk as you like!

      • Geez no humour here  today – you took me seriously?

  • Agent BallSack

    Here’s a budgeting tip for the poor – No matter how much money you put in pokie machines you’re never going to win a million dollars.

  • Gavin

    That’s fantastic a bit of lateral thinking. I used milk powder for years when I was travelling and found it perfectly acceptable.
     However I have no doubt that someone will come up with a reason why this is not a good idea – fluoride in the tap water? savings offset by an increase in the water bill, the dumb don’t know the difference between a teaspoon and a table spoon I might accidental overdose on milk

  • Brian Smaller

    Living a long way from the nearest dairy (40km), we often use milk powder. The trick is to make it up and refridgerate it for 24 hours before using it. Tastes so much better that way.

  • Paulus

    Our local dairy (Indian owned) charges $6 for 2 X 2 litres and has done for a long time.
    No spending extras.

  • Thorn

    Work Hard

    Drink less

    No bastard children make.

  • Vlad

    Didn’t know Nosh strong-armed people into spending $25 before they are allowed to buy the $1 milk, that is rank, and I withdraw my support for their sausages.

  • Mike

    What about skim milk powder? I grew up (in South Africa) with skim milk powder, not to mention “corn rice” (corn stamped to a rice-like texture, probably sweepings, much cheaper than rice or wheat) and other really cheap foods. New Zealand poverty is a joke – you are poor when you don’t eat for more than 24 hours, not when you can’t afford the stuff your 50-inch TV urges you to buy.

    Another advantage of milk powder over fresh is that you can make it when you need it, saving on the cost of owning and running a refrigerator. Heresy, but true.

    • ConwayCaptain

      Mike, At sea before thye days of UHT we used to have Onnie Connie which was Condensed milk diluted with water or Milk Powder made into milk.  I dont use much milk but buy 1 ltr and freeze.  Might try this milk pwdr lark. 

  • Anonymous

    I am a UHT milk person. For some reason perculiar to myself, I prefer the taste. I often can find it at my local Pak N Save for $1.50 per litre. However I often take milk powder when tramping which works well, even with good clean river water.

    • phronesis

      I had a friend who bought  2 years supply for his young family. Pallets of the stuff but at a very good price.

  • Jm

    I bought the cheap milf from Nosh yesterday and paid just $4 for 2. No additional spend required. Not sure which Nosh you’ve been visiting.

    •  Think you made a freudian slip there old man – cheap milf – I didn’t know you could buy them at Nosh!!! LOL

    • Angrywasp

       OMG Nosh are selling cheap Milf’s as well as cheap Milk!!!.. I’m so there!! I know we’re not supposed to pick on typos but that one is truly hilarious

    • Darwin

      Or did you buy a nosh from a cheap milf?

  • Agent BallSack

    Would be interested in seeing a breakdown of $25 worth of budget groceries vs a supermarket

  • Milk powder: Best stuffed surreptitiously in one’s mouth with a dessert spoon late at night. And I remember the Einstein’s in my flat that worked out the only difference between FF and Trim is more added water. 

  • Gravedodger

    @Jm at two dollars a go the milf must have been decidedly dodgy.

  • Kane Bunce

    I don’t like the taste of powdered milk in my coffee or cereal (I don’t mind in cooking or baking as you can’t taste it in cooking or baking), but if I was struggling financially I’d buy it. It’s better that than no milk or in debt just because I want better tasting milk. Your taste buds adapt if you eat/drink something enough anyway. The aforementioned coffee is a good example; I used to hate coffee, then I liked one brand, then I started liking more and more brands one at a time until now I like all but plunger coffee (too strong for my liking). The same can happen with powdered milk if one is patient.

    Though this makes me want to do a test with a small amount out of curiousity: ”
    The trick is to make it up and refridgerate it for 24 hours before using it. Tastes so much better that way.” Though we have 2 x 2L milk for $5.88 at our local 4 Square.

  • Not a bad idea.

    Milk powder is cheaper because it lasts longer, costs less to transport and does not require refrigeration. 

    Still I imagine that in our we want it now society making up milk powder will just take to long. 

    The only problem I have with milk powder is this:

    When ever I make it up I always seem to get lumps.

    • Pokerface

      The colder the water, the fewer the lumps.

    • Paddles83

      Ever thought of using a beater than pour into your Jug :)

  • Anonymous

    Sarah’s budgeting tips for the poor – learn how to make white sauce and you can make anything. A couple of tablespoons of butter (or cheap marg or even cooking oil), a couple of dessert spoons of flour, about half a cup of milk (powdered or otherwise) and a cup or two of stock (made from oxo cubes usually) – that’s like $5 – you can add whatever you like to it, more stock and kings soup mix and make it soup, tinned tomatoes and make it pasta sauce. It was good enough for my Nana and Grandad, good enough for Mum and Dad and good enough for me. 

  • Gazzaw

    Absolute no-brainer WO. I can buy a 1.5 litre bottle of lemonade from Pak N Save for 99 cents so why would I waste my pokie & smokes money on milk for the kids.  

    • Dr Wang

      1 x condom would have meant an even bigger saving!

  • Daddypaysmybills

    pEOPLE TO whaleOIL
    Reject credit card from daddy and start working.
    end of MESSAGE

  • Kiwidon

    Have used milk powder for years – good stuff!
    From observations made in poorer areas of NZ my budgeting tips would include getting rid of the BIG dogs and quitting smoking!

  • Anonymous

    I’m in a bit of an odd position having grown up dirt poor but worked hard and am now a successful accountant (chartered none the less!) and people see what I have and assume I’ve always had it. It is honestly mental, and then when I explain my background I get ‘you should understand what we’re going through’ but I don’t! 

    Even people I went to school with, who were less than kind to me and my family, rip me for stating on facebook that I voted National. They have such short memories! They forget that instead of paying attention at school they fooled around, failed and now expect the world to owe them a living. One even got kicked out of the Army for testing positive to THC even though he’d been told time and time again that they would a. test for it b. find it if it was there and c. kick your arse out. Not to mention the other acquaintance who knocked his girlfriend up (they are both students on student allowances) and now want the government to stump up to pay for that kid too! And what are they studying, you might ask? Oh audio production of course – lots of careers to be had doing that in NZ. 
    I am not a genius, I am not exceptional in any way – I worked damn hard and I’ll be damned if I spend my taxes supporting people who just didn’t want to work hard and then be guilted for voting in a government that wants to reward me for my hard work. I stay in NZ to repay the student loan the government so generously advanced me at 0% interest even though I could earn three or four times my current salary overseas. Dammit if that makes me part of the ‘1%’ then count me in. 

    /end rant.  

    • Euan Rt

      So very well said. but you have a long way to go to reach the 1% I’m picking – unless you were that mega lotto winner a while back…

      • Anonymous

        Haha not so much…although $44k p.a. does go quite a long way in Invercargill :)

    • James Gray

      I actually work in audio production… Started by lifting heavy things and painting things black. Those production schools are a joke.

      Maybe if you’re the top 1% and live in Auckland, you might have enough money to live off. The alternative is to mortgage yourself to the eyeballs and buy equipment, pay it off, then live off it until it’s all outdated and you have to buy new stuff. Everyone I know outside of the above (including myself) work in other industries as well.

      • Anonymous

        *GASP* You mean the Southern Institute Technology Bachelor of Audio Production is a waste of time? But it’s such an esteemed learning institution!
        *struggling to keep a straight face*

        I think a lot of people get confused between hobbies (making music…sorry but it’s mostly true) and jobs that pay for your hobbies. Surely no one in the world thinks I grew up wanting to be an accountant *newsflash* it’s as boring as it looks! But at least I can always fall back on it if I do pursue a hobby as a job for a while.

      • James Gray

        I work in live production, a typical day for me goes like this

        8AM (if we’re building the stage too) Start building stage
        12PM Start assembling sound system and lights
        3PM Sound check

        Then a break until the show starts, if it’s not right away, or I end up spending the time tying off loose ends

        Start of Show – Mind mixing desk, lighting console, stage patch, or whatever else needs doing. If I’m lucky, decent bands are playing. Sometimes there are. Sometimes there aren’t. Still have to stick around regardless.

        12AM (assuming) – Scheduled show finish time. Last band is still playing
        1AM – Last band finishes their set. Crowd yells “ONE MORE”. I mutter “no more…”
        2AM – Band finishes the second of their half hour long glorified guitar solos, and finishes
        4AM – I’ve finished loading the stage and PA system in to the truck, and just have to go home now…

        It’s great work, but unsurprisingly, the sort who spends their time in pointless courses quickly finds themselves unsuited to it…

    • Gazzaw

      Onyer Sarrs! You’ll get your reward mate and you won’t have to wait to make it to heaven to get it. I am a great believer in karma but aside from that there will be influential people out there who actually like working alongside good bastards like you either as an employer, business partner or client.  Forget the losers that you grew up with – it only makes you bitter & you don’t need that.

      Go well!

      • Anonymous

        Cheers mate! It’s all about the paths we choose for ourselves – poverty does not dictate your path. 

      • Anonymous

        And your reward is the warm glow of satisfaction in knowing that all that inordinate amount of tax you pay for being successful will assist the disaffected and unemployable to continue in the manner to which they are accustomed.

      • Gazzaw

        Salacious TC  – what did I say about being bitter and twisted. Forget what you can’t change & press on. The disaffected and unemployable will gete theirs in due course.   

      • Sarrs

        Yea STC, that happens – I can’t change it and neither can you. Wouldn’t it be great if, as a taxpayer, you could wander down to WINZ and pick the people you wanted to benefit from your tax dollars?

    • Anonymous

      Haha now I’m thinking about my childhood – god we were hillbillies! I think I know the words to every Slim Dusty song ever written…no wonder the other kids at school took the piss!

      • so of course you then are the sort of person you would now like to lord it over/look down yr nose at/drive into desperate poverty..

        ..the milk of human kindness would not exactly be clogging yr arteries…

        ..wd it sarrs..?

        ..(and wow..!..an accountant..in invercargill..on 44 grand a year..eh..?)

        ..do you stand proudly beside yr offspring and go..’one day (fill in gap) all this will be yours..dare to dream!’..?


        [email protected]

      • Sarrs

        @ Phil – I don’t even know what that long comment was about. I don’t have kids so have no one to pass ‘all this’ on to. I’m 26 so plenty of time for that. 

        And wait – you don’t even know me. I volunteer as treasurer for three clubs and an adult budgeting advocacy service. I tutor students in accounting and english. I return to the community that raised me. I’m not sitting here making judgements about you and I never have. Drive into desperate poverty? What are you even talking about? 

    •  sarrs:..putting the ‘mug’ in ‘smug’…

      [email protected]

      • jay cee

        give the guy a break,nothing smug about working at a job,any job that pays the bills.hell even at the bottom of the heap is better than collecting a benefit surely. i think $44grand is only fitting if one lives in invercargill especially with shadbolt as mayor, been there, done that in waitakere. but i digress, my memories of milk powder was that it did taste different.  

      • Sarrs

        That’s not a very nice thing to say Phil, I have worked hard for what I have so why do you have to put me down? Am I smug because I’m proud of what I’ve achieved? Do you say that to everyone whose dragged themselves out of the poverty trap and made a success of their lives?

        You make me sick – you can’t for a second think that I’ve earned what I have, which includes the right to be proud of my achievements. You epitomise the envy of the left – someone’s doing well for themselves so you better jump on in and shit all over their achievements regardless of the fact that they started out in exactly the same position as the people you are trying to ‘help’. 

        So yea, way to inspire people to end the poverty cycle – as soon as you’re out you’re ‘one of them’ and need to be dragged back down into the dirt. I can see hundreds of kids signing up for that one.  

      • Gazzaw

        You lazy fucker Ure. It’s people like Sarrs who pay to keep idle parasites like you in the style to which you have become accustomed to.

      • Hamish Elliott

        Philip you are the stupidest fucking cunt I have ever had the pleasure of not meeting.

      • Tristanb

        Fuck Phil, you’re a fucking cunt. Really, what a fucking dickhead you are. A nasty and bitter loser. Go fucking kill yourself.

    • Greg M

      Way to go Sarrs, Awesome.

  • Misanthropic Curmudgeon
  • RightNow

    Here’s another idea, brew your own beer (come on – we know you’re buying beer out of your benefits anyway). Using Coopers beer kits and table sugar you can make beer for about 80c/litre. Of course you’ll need a big bucket (preferably with a lid and an air-lock, otherwise just cover it with a towel) and some bottles (don’t swap that crate yet) and caps, and you’ll have to actually work to make it, but hey, the more you drink the more you save!

    • Anonymous

      Give this man a prize!

      •  i am not begrudging you your life..

        ..what is gag-inducing..and what i spoke about..

        ..is how you would love to be able to walk into work and income..

        ..and decide on yr whim who should and who shouldn’t get support..

        ..aren’t you aware of how vile this makes you look/says you are..?

        ..are you really that unaware..?

        [email protected]

      • Anonymous

        Phil – you can’t back track. You called me smug and a mug because I am proud of what I’ve achieved. You can’t come back now and say ‘I what I really meant was this…’ 

        And do you know what? If I had my choice, I’d give my tax to people like my Mum. So no drug/alcohol addicts, baby factories, people unwilling to work, and people who don’t make their kids go to school. Does that make you sick? I only want my hard earned money to go to people who will work hard with it? I say it again, you are the epitome of the envy of the left. What self respecting person in this world expects a hand out without at least putting some effort in? If you expect a handout, you have no self respect. 

  • of course you could always stop consuming the cancer/diabetes-causing muck…

    ..and possibly save yr lives/yr childrens’ lives..

    ..there are two  large dots new zealanders refuse to join..

    ..one dot is our world-beating rates of dairy consumption..

    ..the other dot is our world beating rates of diabetes/those cancers increasingly being cited as being caused by dairy/meat..

    ..this is another story thread i have been following/collating information/data on for some time..

    [email protected]

    • Honcho

      For some time phil? is that because you have nothing better to do with your time? save for knocking the tops off tall poppies?

      Sarrs your a role model, and a legend.

      •  it’s a tough job..there..honcho..

        ..but someone has to do it..


        ..helps make for a healthy democracy..didn’tyaknow..

        ..change comes about from the selling/proving of ideas..

        ..(my 13 yr old dog raised on a vegan diet all her life..

        ..being a stellar example of just that change-agent..)..


        ..who’d a thunk..?

        [email protected]

  • Tristanb

    Phil Ure, you’re a piece of shit. A vindictive, hateful loser, living of your mother and dead relatives’ money. And unless you change your son is going to be a scumbag piece of shit too – and the money will run out eventually.

    Why the hell do you insult honest people who work hard and get ahead in life? Is it because you did the exact opposite? Born with a silver spoon, blew it all with IV drugs culminating in an armed robbery of a pharmacy terrorising the owner, which you still justify to yourself? And just fortunate to inherit a big house and estate and get top-ups from the dole.

    You are the worst possible type of human being. What type of nasty blood runs through your veins? Sarrs has done more in his 26 years than you’ve done in your 50. You’ve done nothing but take from and hurt other people your entire life. You’ve brought a son into the world who has possibly the shittest father in the world.

    So before you start insulting others, you better take a good look at your pathetic, fat, spoilt brat of a self  – then shut the fuck up.

    •  kindly leave my son out of it..

      ..thank you..

      ..amazing how these inarticulate fools are unable to marhall their minds to mount an argument..

      ..personal abuse..from behind false names..

      ..seems to be all they really have…

      ..men of ideas…men with the courage of their convictions….


      [email protected]

  • crikey…was it something i said..?

    [email protected]

  • and you do all know that sooner rather than later we will have the technology to match online aliases to their real names..

    ..won’t that be fun..?..

    ..matching them up..with a selection of their ‘greatest hits’..

    ..for all their friends/family/colleagues to see..

    again..’won’t that be fun?’..


    i mean..you didn’t really think that day wouldn’t come..?

    ..did you..?

    [email protected]

    • Anonymous

      I am Sarah Elizabeth Ward…do all the digging you like mate. 

      •  so why don’t you just use yr real name here…sarah..

        …why the need for an alias…?

        [email protected]

      • Anonymous

        It’s not an alias…it’s just the nickname that I’ve always gone by. I use it on all the blogs I look at and comment on. You know who I am, you can find me on a. the NZICA website b. facebook. c. twitter and d. linkedin. 

        Right now? Up late begging Chelsea to beat Everton!!

  • Bea

    I wouldn’t go for the milk powder concept.  Milk powder tastes disgusting.  Same for whoever up there suggested skim milk – its had all the milkfat removed – not a great food for kids.

    Homebrand milk from my local Countdown is $2.60 for 2 litres, which isn’t too bad.  I buy bulk and put them in the freezer.  Milk from the local grower’s market is slightly cheaper.

    Sarrs, I’m also a chartered accountant in the provinces, also from a poor background – though longer in the tooth than you.  And you’re quite right, I don’t think many kids grow up wanting to be an accountant.  What it has enabled me to do (single mother) is work part-time for the last decade – school hours and time off in school holidays – and still earn an adequate amount to keep my family comfortably.

    For those having a wee sneer at the 26-year-old’s $44K income in Invercargill, becoming a chartered accountant takes something like 7 years – the degree only gets you half way there.  He won’t have a huge amount of experience yet, however he now has a lot of options open to him.

  • Chester

    blah blah

  • Chester

    whale oil you are just another crap blog. I went to Nosh today to get my milk and there is NO $25.00 amount you need to spend. And your way off base on Nosh prices …2 whole chooks for $13 was a steal…they are $16.99 each at the supermarket…..OHH i think i just figured it out…you have Countdown as an advertised sponsor!…busted whale oil I should I call you Countdown Stooge! Time to find a real blog that hasnt sold out!!!!!