Whale’s Budgeting Tips for the Poor

I am heartily sick and tired of Simon Collins carping and whinging as he manufactures a crisis of poverty in New Zealand. Cactus Kate is likewise over it and she eviscerates the rubbish masquerading as a column at the NZ Herald.

Milk seems to be a big focus with one over-priced grocery store making a big play along with various left wing parties about how the poor simply can’t afford milk.

This is of course complete rubbish. I will show you how to save heaps on milk costs if you are poor.

Let’s accept for a moment the premise that:

“Milk is a basic commodity and should be made available to all New Zealand consumers, not just those who can afford it,”

Nosh thinks they are being big heroes by selling milk at $2 per bottle, notwithstanding that you have to buy $25.00 of their other over-priced grocery items in order to qualify. We can ignore Nosh as they are simply grandstanding and their price is unsustainable, however I am going to show you how to save heaps on your milk costs.

It is actually simple. Milk Powder. Anchor conveniently explains the?nutritional?value of milk powder for you in comparison to fresh milk:

Milk Powder is the same…identical…a facsimile of fresh milk. Just add water, voila. Even better 1 kilo of milk powder makes up 8 litres of milk.

So how much is 1 kilo of milk powder?

Well that varies but for the Anchor product it is $14.99 a kilo or $1.87 per litre of nutritionally the same milk. Nosh milk at the moment is amrginally cheaper…remember they are selling at a loss and are unable to sustain that price, the supermarket is making a profit and there is so much milk powder?available?that store are forced to sell it.

But I can do better….if you buy Home Brand milk powder it is only 9.99 per kilo or just $1.24 per litre of milk. plus you don;t have to buy $25.00 worth of over-priced Nosh groceries to qualify. The milk powder will have been made in the same factory as the Anchor Brand more likely than not, so there is bugger all difference.

Using Whales Budget Tips for the Poor you can save plenty on milk, ?you don’t have to drive miles to the upmarket and expensive Nosh stores and at supermarkets you can buy just one bag of milk powder which will provide you with 8 litres of relatively cheap and nutritionally identical milk.

Following my budget tips, for just $9.99 you can have 8 litres of milk.