Whale’s Cool Ads

I love this ad from Hornady. They make fantastic ads, so I will use this to kick of a regular series of my favourite ads. Feel free to send in your favourite ads or pop them in the comments.


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  • Sue

  • Chrishill

    Love you blog site, but when it comes to this, you’re a sick puppy!!

  • Gazzaw

    To each his own Chris.

  • Grumpy Old Man

    Don’t you just admire those mighty “Hunters” sitting in their “hides” dressed in camouflage as animals are driven in front of them to be killed or more likely maimed by such sick bastards.

    I’m with you Chris.

  • Paul

    I would agree with Chris if I was a vegetarian but i’m not so I guess i’m a sick puppy because I love a good steak.