What are you afraid of?

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No idea if it is real or not but I like the sentiment.


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  • Whafe


    So hope that is in fact a totally true story….

  • Kosh103

    Ahhh Americans.

    I dont carry any weapons of any sort and you know what I am afraid of………….. nothing.

    • You live in a very benign world then…come sit in my office for a week and walk the streets and I bet you are afraid…i’m not…this is my neighbourhood, but plenty of people are…then how about I drop you off down Clendon Park to walk back…a skinny white guy like you would provide the locals with plenty of fun…or then how about standing on the South Mall rail platform at 10pm at night… yep I bey you’d be afraid of that too.

      • Mr_Blobby

        Ask Criminals in New Zealand what they are afraid of especially patched gang members. “Absolutely Nothing”
        Absolutely True. With there political wing to support them, Judges afraid of their own shadows, Police wanting to be their best friends, and a defenseless general public. What is there to be afraid about.

      • South Mall Rail Station at 10pm – I shudder at that (and Te Mahia and Takanini as well). Night runs on the trains are not often the most pleasant experience I can think of.

      • Kosh103

        No WO, Im not a scared old woman like you seem to be.

        I have no issues walking home from clubs on a weekend night. Walking throught the Rose Gardens, past druken teens, etc… Never had anyone try anything ever. But then, as I said, Im not a scared old lady like you.

      • SalaciousTCrumb

         Rose Gardens eh? I hear they got some really nasty thorns…

  • peterwn

    Seems the NZ cops hate people having or utilising self defence weapons and seem willing to lay charges when they should be aware that the charges would not fly in court. Prosecutor pulls charges at last minute to avoid prosecution and police making complete asses of themselves. It smacks of harassment or even ‘irregular’ punishment by exposing someone to the criminal justice system. Gun-shop case – police must have been relieved when JP’s threw out case – public opinion was getting pretty ropable.

    • Mr_Blobby

      Absolutely Correct. There was a case a few years back of an elderly (Indian) Grandmother who had applied for a firearms license. When asked what sort of Gun she wanted, she replied a Shotgun. When asked what sort of game she wanted to hunt, she replied that she did not want to go hunting. When asked what the Shotgun would be used for. She wanted to have it in the back room of her sons shop, where she sat during the day, to protect him from armed robbers. What was she afraid of? Who would convicted and imprisoned an elderly Grandmother, who was just protecting her young. The license was declined.

      • And that is what you call sad state of affairs in NZ. Shotgun aye? Have to admire her for choice of weapon there especially if she wanted something with a little more of a deterrent factor and purchased that triple barrel shotgun WO posted here on Friday firepower last year. Probably would of literally blown the offender out the door with that thing…

  • SalaciousTCrumb

    Lucky he didnt check the boot – he might have seen the belt fed .50 cal.

    • Grandma from the Beverley Hill Billies Much?

  • Hakim of phut

    Wonder why the US has such absurdly high muder rate by shooting, and its not the drivebys its the ‘family disputes gone wrong’ with a pistol handy.
    But for some proof isnt enough

    • SalaciousTCrumb

      I’m with Phut on that one. Then again with the underclass they have there now it wouldnt  matter if firearms werent freely available – it would just mean more knifings, beatings and firebombings instead.

      • Hakim of phut

        Even  in the US most states ban ‘saturday night specials’ which are cheap handguns most likely to be used by poor blacks.

      • ZOLTAN

        at least that promotes innovation and ingenuity.

    • Mr_Blobby

      Phut I suggest that you do a little research on, just not Gun crime but, all violent crime US v NZ the results are very interesting. We are comparable with states that have tougher gun laws. States with liberal Gun laws are much lower. Death statistics are very similar with only the way people die being different; our methods are much more violent. It seems that if you are going to kill someone, or end your own life, you will do it regardless of the tools available.

      • Hakim of phut

          Blooby.  I have the FBIs crime stats in front of me
        http://www.fbi.gov/about-us/cjis/ucr/crime-in-the-u.s/2010/crime-in-the-u.s.-2010 For 2010 there were 292 justifiable homicides by guns by private citizens , mostly handguns. probably mostly  during robbery/ burglaryThere were 12,000 murders in the US, the US has 313,000,000 pop, about 70x more than NZ, which would  give us 170 or so murders, we have about 1/3 of thatGo away and do your homework, the murder rate is even higher  for places like Texas and tops for Tennessee and South Carolina ,California is about average for the US

      • Hakim of phut

        4 states with about the same population as NZ. ( 4.5 or so million)
        Alabama  murders 199South Carolina    -280Kentucky         -180Louisiana       -437These arent ‘liberal states’While Oregon would be very liberal ,  but 3.8 mill is slightly smallermurders -78

      • HeinB

        Phut, look at total violent crime stats, not just murders. 

      • See that is “justifiable”…that is good guys shooting bad guys…where is the problem in that unless you are a crim hugger. Those people wouldn;t ahve been shot if they weren;t committing crimes…that is why it is called “justifiable”….idiot.

    • Michael

      I think Darwin explained how this works – they’re taking the crap out of the gene pool.

  • Hakim of phut

    Violent crime isnt directly comparable due to different definition. But you have to say  that the more guns leads to more murders. And this blog was about the lady and her guns. As well the US has much police per head of population  and  more people in Prison which cuts down precursors to violence.

  • Truly great “story”. Saw this on Facebook about a month ago – original? photoshopped into newspaper print? – don’t know – try googling the story…..

  • jay cee

    trouble is it would seem everyone with a gun who is not into hunting or a gun club thinks of themselves as the good guy sherriff cleaning up the town.
    when in fact they are probably just as paranoid and crazy as the the people whom they fear.

    • Kosh103


  • jay cee

    now i’m worried. both kosh and thorn have agreed with me. what am i doing wrong?

  • Chris

    The nieve fools on the left fail to understand that if you take firearms off law abiding citizens the criminals will still have their guns. Overwhelming evidence indicates that areas, cities, states and nations where firearms are highly restricted are hotspots for murders, violent crimes and theft. This occurs because criminals are looking for victims not a fight with someone who can defend themselves. Someone who is armed has far less chance of being killed and someone who lives in a community of armed citizens has far less chance of ever being attacked or targeted by criminals.

    Much has been done through lies and manipulation to take away our right to self defense and we can see the results in our communities with our own eyes. New Zealand is no longer a safe place; one just has to venture outside of St Heliers to see that. I live in Titirangi which is beautiful area but it seems every night the Police Helicopter is overhead; walking the streets alone here at night is a foolish thing to do.

    But we seem incapable of recognizing that like in Australia, Great Britain, California etc….we have created a criminal class that has no fear or respect for the public. Our prison sentances are a joke, our police are unarmed, our citizens are unarmed and encouraged to let criminals have their way.

    Those of you who say that it would be dangerous to have ‘rambo’ citizens running around with firearms are very ignorant of the truth. etc.. In the United States the average Conceled Carry Permit Holder shoots and trains atleast 4x more often than Police Officers and are far less likely to shoot innocents. They usually have the advantage because a criminal never sees a conceled weapon until it is too late; unlike when the Police arrive with lights and sirens. All this being said the vast majority of incidents invloving legally held firearms in the hands of permit holders are resolved peacefully without a shot being fired. These incidents rarely make it to the headlines but in each case a law abiding citizen was able to continue on with his/her life rather than just becoming another crime statistic.

    The greatest thing about an armed citizenry is it is an effective deterrant against criminals. Even if you are not willing to sit down and read the clear evidence of the benefits of the right to self defense you must atleast admit that every human being should have the right to protect and defend their lives and property.

    The truth is that gun control is not about our saftey or stopping crime; because gun control does the opposite..it makes us less safe and allows more crime. It is and always has been about politcal control. An armed citizenry is a nuissance to a politcal class that seeks to rule. They understand the power of firearms and emboldened citizens that yearn to be free.