What is going on in Helensville?

The tipline has been running hot with people concerned about the petty party politics going on in John Key’s electorate.

Apparently Stephen McElrea, the electorate chair, is stepping down, and is attempting to pass the baton on to his and the buggers muddle’s choice without anyone else becoming involved.

Readers will remember that Stephen is the highly regarded media specialist who is on the board of New Zealand On Air, whose strong background in media hasn’t stopped him from being a hamfisted political operative in the past. This includes his most recent faux pas, where he ended up being called on to resign after he and senior member of the buggers muddle faction Alastair Bell (and sitting board member) complained about some left wing propaganda on TV just before the election.

I do not approve of skullduggery of any sort in the National Party, and especially not skullduggery that reflects badly on the party. If there is a contest for electorate chair in Helensville it should be open, transparent and honest. The party could do worse than appoint Tamaki Electorate Chair Andrew Hunt to oversee the process as he carried out the Tamaki selection last year without any hint of the dodgy dealings that went on in Rodney, Coromandel, North Shore and Epsom, where the buggers muddle tested ethical boundaries.


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  • Guest

    Who is lining up to replace Simon McElrea?

  • Peter Wilson

    McElrea is the guy that tried to influence documentaries shown by TVNZ, so you can probably assume he is set to take a vacation from public life to insulate National from the inpending scandal.