What is your Zombie plan?

Andrew Sullivan is concerned about the ethics of killing Zombies…but aren’t they already the undead…or is it the living dead?

Kyle Munkittrick runs through the various ethical scenarios:

For those who are infected and in transition to the point of having lost lucidity, the moral action is immediate death. Whether you are considering the later possible harms of the zombie, the current harms of pain to the individual, or the dignity of the person being robbed by the transition, the lack of reasonable thought means that person’s protests and pleading are to be ignored. All thought is now the result of infection madness, through a haze of blinding pain, or the manifestation of the zombie micro-organism’s self-preservation function and are not to be considered in the way the pleading of a lucid person would be.

I’m all confused…I reckon we don’t take chances and ethics matter not and so we kill them all, so what is your Zombie plan?

I know one thing, my Zombie plan will include this ammunition:


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  • Got the rights to re-issue this video publicly – FBI might be watching – just saying….lol

    • Fuck you can be a dick sometimes…the video is on Youtube incase you hadn’t noticed, and published by Hornady with sharing enabled…they want it shared.

      •  Gotcha – sorry – too much coffee this mornin’!!!

      • Kosh103

        Little bit of an over reaction to a simple question dont ya think.

  • SalaciousTCrumb

    I think a .45 ACP Black Talon would do the trick for up close. Otherwise the default to belt fed 50 cal. would clear an infestation.

  • Pakiford

    It seems the man in the video was more keen on killing then on surviveing i know its a promo but realistic ly he should of used the m16 looking gun to take sum out switched to his pistol and came and got me so i could go all New Zealander apocalyps on them