What you expect when you buy Italian Hunting Gear

Beretta make some of the best guns in the world, and have done for over 500 years. I should know I have a fine Beretta shotgun that dropped everything I pointed it at.

They are Italian though, and don’t really understand what matters to a hunter, especially an upland hunter who often has to bash through rough stuff chasing birds.

Teflon Fabric Protector® The most innovative generation of stain protection keeps outdoor fabros looking newer longer. Liquid spills bead up, roll off; ground-in stains release after cleaning.

Upland hunters do not care about whether their pants look new, or are stain resistant. They want pants that mean they don’t get scratched going through blackberry.

It could be worse, there is no pocket for a comb and a hand held mirror.


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  • Pukakidon

    Handy for Italians that they are Stain proof….  That will save any embarrassment when they shit themselves when there is any sign of danger such as seeing a bird.

  • Vlad

    Smart upselling, they are just luring you into buying the chaps as well.

  • Guest

    And…they will protect you from those vicious little kittens you are so fond of killing.

  • Johnboy

    Done most of my hunting in a pair of old olive green polyprop overalls. Keep the bastard grass from hooking on to your leg hair and dry out real quick.

    Bit of a bastard though when you feel the urge for a sudden shit!

  • Gazzmaniac

    European aristocracy still “hunt” in hunting suits.  Not exactly practical.

  • Kiwidon

    Before all this modern hunting stuff we had to shave our legs…………Khaki shorts & woolen singlets!

    • Johnboy

      I’ve met jokers like you in the scrub before Kiwidon. Stayed awake all night I did.

  • toby_toby

    Cordura ought to protect you just fine from prickles and cutty grass :P Although stain proofing is pointless, at least the water repellent finish will help keep the wet out.

  • jay cee

    got to like  italians they have style. all the women there when they go out at least dress up even if its only down to the shops. and the guy as witnessed by pic are the same.