When is this coming here?

I have to see this show…Why won’t TVNZ show it…FFS they announced they had acquired it in 2010!

And studios wonder why piracy occurs. Time to let Google give me some answers.

Sherlock: Season One is available at Amazon for $24.95…It’ll be here in just a few days…I’ll have watched it before I get a response from TVNZ, I’ll bet.


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  • Peter Metcalfe

    Sherlock Holmes Season 1 screened on TV (Sunday Nights) last year.

  • Disraeli

    Yep, Sherlock screened last year. But yeah, just buy the DVDs. It’s a fantastic, fantastic show. Series 2 was even better than the first series. 


    Season 2 is on DVD from amazon UK for 15 pounds (showed on the BBC the first few weeks of Jan 2012)

  • Evan

    Yup, season one has already been and gone (twice) I’m waiting for Season 2 to arrive now – excellent TV viewing.


    It screened on TV One quite late at night and didn’t really get promoted too well… it will be another six months at least before we get the second season so just “acquire” it from the internet 

  • TV One have already played season 1 twice. Once just over the summer period, and once mid-late last year, both in prime time slots.

  • You, re, re, re, re, tard

    • So you only moderate people that insult you? If you ask me the comments on your posts need a lot more moderating.

      • Killjoy

        I’m sure he will ask you if he wants to.

  • Yeah really well promoted that show…oh well…off to Amazon I go.

  • Murraywhite

    Already seen it really good , the Yanks are trying to steal the idea, can you imagine it set in NY

  • Best TV of the past 12 months or so for me.  Slightly edges out Homeland.

  • Sweetd

    The first time it played, from memory was on the Sunday theatre slot, the second was later on at night

  • Trekkie626

    I saw Sherlock Season 1 at JB Hi-Fi about 6 months ago.

  • Geoff

    I’ve seen all six episodes and can highly recommend them. If you want to see them guess where you can get a copy!

  • Gomango64

    to see current tv from the uk (and usa):  myexpatnetwork.com

    GBP5 per month for uk telly, and usd6.50 for us.  works perfectly.

  • Kosh103

    Just watch it online for free. Who waits for an good new show to be aired on telly anymore?

  • Sara

    cheaper to buy series one and two as a set from amazon UK.  I got both for about $35 nz not long ago. Got to watch some great TV for a change.