When will Silent T start talking about reassurance Labour?

Like Labour here Labour in the UK is in disarray. Not only is there leadership squabbles,there is also fratricide:

In what is likely to be read as a thinly coded assault on the leadership of his brother, Mr Miliband said Labour should reform, rather than simply defend, the “central state”, saying it is “likely to become bureaucratic and out of touch”.

He accused the party of failing to defend its record in government and calls on the leadership to regain economic credibility, writing: “We have a lot to be concerned about.”

He said that Labour must admit “loud and clear” where it got things wrong in power, but – in what may be seen as a defence of New Labour against his brother’s criticisms – he insisted that the party must assert that the gains made between 1997 and 2010 “far outstripped the mistakes”.

Mr Miliband was careful to praise his younger brother’s leadership, but his decision to set out his own thoughts on Labour’s future direction will inevitably spark speculation that he has not ruled out a return to the party’s top ranks.

Writing for the New Statesman, Mr Miliband criticised a recent article by Roy Hattersley, a former Labour deputy leader and a vocal supporter of Ed Miliband, which accused Labour of abandoning its values. Mr Miliband said Mr Hattersley was advocating “Reassurance Labour”.

Pretty much everything Labour has ever done here in the last 20 years has been pinched from the UK so I wait with baited breath for David Cunliffe ot start talking about “Reassurance Labour”.


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  • i just thought of a new nickname for key…

    how about..’silent-unt’..?

    ..it works for me…

    [email protected]

    • Guest

      I just thought of a new nickname for Phil Ure.

      But because I don’t want to get banned, I’ll use asterixes in strategic places.

      “Ston*d Cunt”

      • mmm!!!…u cd have used more imagination there..

        why not drop midge an email..and ask him what he was called at school..?

        ..that could set you on the right track..

        [email protected]

    • kevin

      How about  ‘phucking c*nt’ ?

    • Anonymous

      make the most of your ability to comment here phillip, your days are numbered.

      Soon it will be ‘silent P’

    • Angry Croc

      Phillistine Phuckwit You’re an idiot.

    • Thorn

      Its the c*nts that make failed pricks like you stand out. 

      • Angry Croc

        Doubt that, Thorn. Phillistine would not have had an erection in years.

  • Steve (North Shore)

    You are pushing the envelope Phool.
    Once Whaleoil gets pissed off with you, it is forever.
    I thought the subject was ‘Silent T’ not John Key.

    Hijacking troll

  • Steve (North Shore)

    So what is Cunliffe doing to keep Labour voters from desrting even more?
    Mr Shearer, what is he doing?

    Answers Phool, not hijacking

  • C4D

    the idiots servant or cock roaches, in Labour, NZ branch, UK or New York, will all soon enough come crawling out of the woodwork in joyous celebration. They’ll all be screaming n shouting, should the EUSSR/UN Head office branch sort fiscal & political union to destroy democracy in Europe and impose mass austerity….It’ll be a watershed prescedant should this madness occurr…..its what they are waiting for. 

    If/when it does – you’ll hear much noise then…. as well as red flags with big yellow cythes drapped all over the place in celebration down in NZ. Indeed, with Cameron loosening his draws on his once-anti-communism stance – it’s a frightening thought that this horror is not far away. And, it’s on it’s way here…

    Likewise, in the midsts of traditional liarbour troughing n celebration – you’ll now doubt see (and hear) a few queer boys running naked down a street in Wellington (in fear) where, in hot pursuit, Annette “Jabba de Hut” King (well perhaps not hot nor in any way capable of a pursuit of any description), Hughes and Chris “Chase Me” Carter, will be keen to keep the back open whilst they await messages from Klark on how to reassure themselves that the failed concepts of socialism have a place to satisfy their deluded whacked out minds. This being, because no one else is listening. 

    • have you ever thought of writing letters for penthouse mag..?

      ..you have a certain urgent/fraught/tense-tone to your wordsmithing..

      ..that could well work there..

      [email protected]


  • shearer/labour are either going to go more progressive..

    ..or they will continue down the even more like national path..

    ..so of course i am hoping for some ‘reassurance-politics’ from labour..

    ..and i am also picking that is where they will go…

    ..those progressive/green-elements in the party have been silenced all thru the clark years…

    ..and you can almost see them slavering in their cages…

    ..they have been locked up for too long…

    ..and if they aren’t let loose..the party may well explode…

    ..(labour is not the autocracy/top-down national is..

    ..and unlike national..the leader is not a dictator…

    ..the problem for them/labour is they have got a hell of a job to sell that message..as yet..

    ..and some half-arsed/piece-meal nothing won’t do it..

    ,,labour have to present/sell a vision..

    ..and how to pay for that vision..

    ..and of course that will be by a capital gains tax..restoration of a progressive-taxation regime..

    ..the ending of the trust-scams..

    ..a financial transaction tax..

    ..pollution taxes on dirty industries..

    ..tax breaks for clean ones..

    …these would all be ‘reassuring’…

    but the thorny one to sell/reform is welfare…

    ..and i am leaning to the cut-the-gordian-knot-solution..

    ..namely can the whole welfare-thing/massive beaurocracy..

    ..and institute a minimum/living wage for all…

    ..the debate being/then moving to ‘how much..?’

    [email protected]

    • Steve (North Shore)

      Good boy Phool, but can you keep to one subject instead of having multiple orgasms about many visions you have.
      Nice joint was it?

    • C4D

      have you seen a shrink? delusional deficit disorder? a string tinge of dependency disorder coming thru….a flavour of schizo…slight sociopathic….look, get meds mate. i.e. you can’t process transformative societies (good or bad) into a prescription of addled delusion. Sort yourself out fella…well, u probably do eh…(a lot)

      •  “.. Sort yourself out fella…”

        did you used to be my headmaster…?


  • and of course..in my ideal-world..

    .serious sin-taxes on alcohol/tobacco..

    ..and the legalising/taxing of pot…

    (the money saved from not policing..and the revenue from taxing..

    ..will help fund those ‘reassurance-policies’)

    [email protected]

    • C4D

      do u say this dribble to just get a reaction? or, are you a total blithering, gibbering wreck? A penny Bright stooge?…an occupy smell-a-lot-f*ck-pig??… ORRRRR are you a comedian? I reckon the latter. You must be….surely – Surely, in this age where some people can think for themselves (as not expressed in your mantra)….you are not sitting there beating yourself off to a script of idiom, typing this crap, and singing Kum-By-Ya….the classic tax em high…bleed em dry…..take it all….. liarbour gay “bum em all” bus tour party theme song.. …all whilst celebrating on de bong of Tricky Trev’s supressed love??? come on now fella/women

      look, in fairness, i’ve actually enjoyed your comments for a couple of mircomoments…not much…but, a little…sure, they are pure twaddle. And, it’s obvious you have some wires shorting out and or unconnected….no worries….And, few would argue with that…however, they are great for the maddened deranged wankerism – but, surely…surely, you are not serious….or, are you reading agenda21 n getting yourself off? come on now……

      Ps: Do you have a sperm guard to protect your computer key board? or is that part of the capital gain’s tax requirement????

  • Angry Croc



    For fucksake guys stop .This could explain why there is a poll to kick your arse off here.I enjoy coming on here and having a rant,discussion or a laugh.But why the fuck do I have to weed around in here to find any points that relate to the subject listed above(and other topics).If you wish to sway the topic,fuck off.If you wish to join in,and keep to subject,cheers,and look forward to a weed free blog.

    • Paddles83

      Sort out this continual rubbish from Philip ure otherwise I will have to depart this excellent blog and head off to Kiwiblog  :(

  • kehua

    Phils last few posts have been reasonable, it is the “potty mouths“ that are denigrating themselves and the Blog in general.