When will this be said here?

The Labour party is falling apart in the UK and people are now talking openly about it:

Accusing Ed Miliband of failing to present a coherent vision, Mr Clarke warns the party: “We need to have a clear narrative of what we did right and what we did wrong. We’re not remotely near that.

“Also, we have to remember we are opposing as a potential future government. Simply to say what the Government is doing is a load of rubbish is absolutely not good enough. We have to say what we would do in these circumstances.”

Mr Clarke, home secretary from 2004 to 2006, lost his Norwich seat at the last election and is now a visiting professor of faith and politics at Lancaster University.

He accuses the current Labour leadership of failing to answer key questions on why the party was defeated at the last election; how it could win next time and what it should be saying in opposition.

“Until those questions are answered, it will be really difficult to put the challenge to the Conservatives,” he says.

How long will it be before people start saying the same thing here in New Zealand about our Labour party?


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  • Auto_immune

    It will never happen here, cause David Shearer provides a clear vision and narrative DAILY.  Remember the time Shearer said stuff? Mentioned things? and talked about whats-its? 

    Yeah, that right: Owning the message

  • Hakim of phut

    Dont go ” underestimating labour”  will you.
    Considering that National & its cronies in parliament only got 51% of the vote you could say they are entering hubris mode

  • he’s busy in the beer tent………. somewhere

  • AnonWgtn

    Don’t panic Shearer has taken Brian Gould on as an advisor.
    Good stuff – he was an abject failure for Labour in UK before retiring here under H Clark, et al, as VC Waikato Uni, where he was distinctly underperforming.

  • thor42

    There’s a great column here about the lefties – 

    Quote – “In retrospect, the Brown/Blair period
    may be seen as a prolonged experiment which taught the liberal Left that its ideas cannot work, do not work, and have no chance of ever working.

    It takes time to ruin a country. Four years, the average period between elections, was never going to be enough. But 13 years of Left-wing government has produced a mountain of evidence that the Conservative analysis is better and more truthful.”