Where is the daily poll?

I binned it because the embed software was causing comments to black hole.

Normal service has resumed.

UPDATE: I have re-posted the poll but with the older software.


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  • why don’t you do a poll…asking if everyone is tckety-boo about us..at 5%..having the fourth lowest oil  royalty rates of any country in the world..?

    (you could use the 87% royalties negotiated/demanded by ecuador as a reference-point/benchmark of how much better it could be..


    ..that could be enlightening..eh..?

    [email protected]

    • Anonymous

      If you want to know, why don’t you run that poll on your site? Then you will know for sure what your mum thinks about it.

  • Gazzaw

    Haven’t you gone to work yet Phil?

    • i posted my first story  at 5.30 am..

      (i slept in..i usually start @ 5.00 am..eh..?..)

      ..and i found a fascinating piece on recovering ultra-conservatives..

      ..fukuyama being just one of them.. 

      (remember..?..he used to be in yr crew..?..

      ..remember that howling potboiler ‘the end of history’..?

      ..where he declared america was going to be ‘it’..forever..?

      ..he recanted..eh..?)

      [email protected]

      • Phil…no one reads your “blog”…

        …excessive ellipsis use does that…eh?

  • Chaffnz

    An ellipsis has three dots like yours dude, he is just illiterate.

    • poorman

      ……. think

  • starboard

    I read your blog Phil…very stimula…  zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • WO; could you please put Phil out of his misery, and make your blog a more legible place?

    Phillip Ure; living, breathing proof of the need for National Standards…

    • Argon

      Agreed. When I read his posts I find myself less intelligent by the end. I shudder to think what would happen if I tried his blog.

      • I shudder to think what would happen if I tried his blog.

        In a word; don’t!

      • but was there that much to start with there..?..

        ..starting from a low baseline..?

        [email protected]

  • it’s not actually a ‘blog’ there whale..

    .i do do comment pieces..but in the main..

    ..it is a news-aggregation site…

    …each day i usually find about 30 (ellipsis-free) new stories/links..

    ..that i think readers will find interesting/illuminating/entertaining/w.h.y..

    ..and i re-format them a bit…and offer them  up..

    ..(over 50,000 stories/links in the searchengine now..!


    ..you should see my (ellipsis-free) comics/music-cache…!..


    [email protected]

  • Anonymous

    Hits per day?

  • and given i do a blow-by-blow commentary on each questiontime in parliament..

    ..i am really looking forward to this new parliament opening..for two reasons..

    ..one being..it will be far more interesting/entertaining to watch/report on..

    ..(the last term i described as zombie-democracy..labour weren’t trying/were horizontal..

    ..the greens had the tape from the m.o.u. with nact firmly over their lips…

    ..and no matter what nact were asked about..

    ..their rote answer was to blame the labour govt of the previous term..

    ..i think that excuse/answer is pretty much flogged out now…

    ..(sometimes questiontime was fair galloped thru…all done in under an hour..

    ..to me that was not democracy in action..it was kinda puke-inducing actually..

    ..and/but somehow i don’t think that will be the norm this term..do you..?..)

    and yes..whale..you are correct that ‘nobody reads’…

    ..the right don’t like me…(for obvious reasons..)

    ..the left don’t like me…”cos i rip into them/labour as vigorously..

    ..the greens don’t like me..(for a raft of reasons…not least my promotion of being a vegan/animal-rights/railing at them for having achieved s.f.a. in/after all these years….on and on it goes…)

    (i am the ron paul of the local blogworld..heh..!..studiously ignored by all..)

    ..and as proof of those trans-ideological sensitivities ..

    ..a few days ago brian edwards banned me/censored my comments…

    ..’cos i was calling him on some bullshit he was pushing..(about occupy..as it turns out..)

    ..(but it all started to go pear-shaped there when he tried to trot out/confirm that hoary old myth that is the province of the self-justifying/snivelling addict..

    ..or..as in edwards’ case..the self-regarding/chest-beating/fist-pumping of the recovered-addict..

    ..namely..that ;nicotine is more addictive than heroin’…(heh..!..)

    ..and it was all down hill from there…

    ..i eschewed the ideological-blinkers some time back..eh..?

    ..and i do find there are ‘clowns to the left of me..jokers to the right..’


    [email protected]

    • What about that prediction that John Key would be a one-term PM Phil? And the double-dip recession we were supposed to have last year?

      • it came very close…to key not getting back in..

        ..(and i blame goff..for his eschewing of harawira/mana…

        ..that engineered his own defeat..)

        yr majority again..?

        what is it..?..one..?..heh..!

        ..but i will make one prediction:..

        ..i don’t think this govt will get thru a full-term…

        ..at some stage..we will have an early election..

        ..and it may be sooner than you think..

        ..and inv..seriously..!

        ‘the recession is over!’..eh..?


        [email protected]

      • You need to re-read WO’s Rules of Politics Phil; especially this one:

        Whaleoil’s Rules of Politics

        1. If you are explaining, you are losing

        And Phil; you’re explaining…

  • Anonymous

    How many unique visitors have you had to your site in the last month Phil?

    • you show me yours’ first ciaron…

      ..and you do know what george bernard shaw said about ‘people that say it can’t be done..

      ..shouldn’t interrupt those who are doing it’..?

      funny how you make me think of him/that saying..


      [email protected]

      • but enough that if i visualise them standing outside the window i work at..

        ..that confirms/motivates me to continue/get up early in the morning…

        ..(more than 5,000..less than 10,000..)

        ..i am also cheered by when i burrow down into stats..

        ..those who stay here for a long time..

        ..they have obviously got ‘lost’..

        ..or maybe the ellipsises got them..


        [email protected]

      • Anonymous

        I don’t have a “news-aggregation site”, I work for a real company, producing real deliverables. however on your more than 5k, less than 10k I think you’re missing a huge opportunity: have you considered Amway?

      • starboard

        get a job ya bum

  • Anonymous

    So does anyone know if RIP works on this site? Time for a tidy up… eh

  • thank you for that insight into yr way of thinking there..inv..

    ..just slogans will do ya..eh..?

    ..and keep ’em as simple as possible..?

    on that note..i found an hilarious piece of vid this morning..

    ..of al sharpton vs. a slogan-only gingrich-aide..

    ..the interviewer gave them their head on a split-screen..

    ..and i almost felt sorry for the sloganeering one…

    ..he tried calling obama a ‘food-stamp-president’…

    ..sharpton drily pointed out the fact that more people went on food stamps under bush..than obama..

    ..(and what did he have to say about that..?..)

    ..it was hilarious..he blushed..and there was a tumbleweed-rolling moment..

    ..and then he just splurted out his three slogan..

    ..’get the gummint out of peples’ lives..!

    ..free-enterprise/the market is best..

    ..(i forget the third…you’d all probably be able to shout it out..eh..?..)

    ..and that was all he had..

    ..there were some more tumbleweed-moments…where he was left gulpng/hanging..

    ..and then the interviewer said ‘right ho!’..and wrapped it..

    ..he just couldn’t ‘explain’..eh inv..?

    ..and funny how you made me think of/remember him..eh..?

    [email protected]

    • Bafacu

      Pity that I can’t sue you – damn the ACC – I have got RSI on my scroll finger trying to get dopwn past your inane ramblings.  Ever thought of writing properly so people may me able to read it (however deluded!)?

      • i thought about it once..years ago..

        ..dismissed it…


        ..thought i’d rely on the intelligence/perceptions of my audience..

        ..but you can’t always be right…(in the ‘correct’-sense)..


        [email protected]

  • Jam_Sammie

    Good god Philip FFS are you not able to compile your thoughts into sentences more than 8 words long? And ending each short burst with “eh?” makes you sound like even more of an affirmation seeking retard.