Why can’t our royal family do stuff like this

No not for skiing in off-piste avalanche areas but for this:

The crucial moment in his life as a member of the Dutch nobility came with his 2003 engagement to then-commoner Wisse Smit.

After the pair announced their intention to marry in 2003, Dutch media revealed that Wisse Smit’s previous friendships included contacts while she was in college with a well-known figure in the Dutch underworld, a drug dealer who was later slain.

The couple publicly acknowledged having been “naive and incomplete” during her vetting process before joining the royal family. Then-Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende signaled he could not recommend the marriage to parliament for approval.

They married anyway, a decision that meant Friso’s removal from the line of succession.

The couple are still part of Beatrix’s family and attend important royal functions. Mabel has been granted the title “Princess Mabel” and Friso has an array of noble titles, including “Prince of Oranje-Nassau” but not “Prince of the Netherlands.”

Apparently in Holland you need the permission of the government to marry a commoner if you are royalty and remain in the succession.


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  • titanuranus

    We don`t have a Royal family.  The poms do, and they can keep `em.

  • i think the idea of sending them all as a group for some snow action in avalanche-prone areas is a sound one…

    [email protected]

  • jay cee

    i’m telling thorn on you two.he/she is the royal families no 1 fan don’t you know. you can expect an ad hom reply as soon  as he has stopped praying to that deity that tells him its ok to be vitriolic toward  those of his fellow countrymen whom he doesn’t agree with.

  • Dr Wang

    Yeah yeah – bring on the Republic!!…with President Clark as dear Leader?