Why fund the bludging Argies?

The Argentinians have more cheek than a fat man’s bum:

Did you know that your taxes are supporting loans going to Argentina? As President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner continues to make waves over the sovereignty of the Falklands, the British Government continues to vote through billions of pounds in international aid to her country, primarily through the World Bank and the EU. According to a poll by ComRes, of those few British adults who are aware of such expenditure, barely 6 per cent support it.

Barack Obama?s administration certainly isn?t in favour of such action. It has started voting against loans to Argentina from international financial institutions, and is looking for allies in its tough stance. Britain should be first in line.

While I strongly support foreign assistance ? and Britain?s determination to meet the UN agreement on development aid is an example to the world ? such funds need to be focused on eliminating poverty and conflict, not fattening government wallets in a G20 country that refuses to meet its global obligations.

What a waste of money. Shows the way Argies think. They are almost as shameless as Winston Peters. They have the shit kicked out of them, then they stick their hands out and keep them stuck out, then they start going on about taking back the falklands when they are known to be about as good as the Italians in a scrap.