Winston Peters misleads parliament…again

I was watching parliament and saw Winston Peters apparently skewer Anne Tolley…I even tweeted about it…I was going to call this play of the day…that was until I obtained the letter that he tabled. Watch the video before you read the document.

He mentioned “font” and “colour” of signs. Then he goes on to say that Anne Tolley wrote a letter “complaining” and “excusing her predecessor’s waywardness”.

The letter that he tabled says nothing of the sort and it is not how he described the letter to the house. In fact Anne Tolley praises the previous Minister, Judith Collins.

In point of fact I believe that Anne Tolley has good grounds to take this case to the Privileges Committee for Winston peters misleading the house.

Winston Peters has actually lied to and misled Parliament. He is nothing short of an unmitigated liar….and corrupt.

Document tabled by Winston Peters in parliament


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  • Phar Lap

    Wonder how Lockwood will handle the too sweet to be wholesome Peters.Will Peters win again and again.Or will Lockwood live up to his name. Wiil Lockwoods career in parliament be remembered in the inept and inane way he let Peters run rings around him.

    • Liberty

      Phar Lap
      You are dreaming

      • Phar Lap

        Am I hmmmmm.

  • He hasn’t let Peters run rings around him so far Phar Lap. And don’t forget; WRP is no stranger to proceedings of the Privileges Committee, having been censured in 2008 for knowingliy misleading them. He has form.

  • peterwn

    Good! This gives Ministers a good reason not to take for granted ‘facts’ which are alleged during oral questions. IMO they should refuse to answer supplementaries where there was no reasonable chance of researching the matter.

  • iheartdethron

    Any chance of a transcript of the letter or a clearer scan?  I’m young and I still have found sections of it unreadable.

  • Dion

    Is he slurring his words, or is that my imagination?

  • Roland

    Winston Peters is a joke! he should not be taking up space in parliament and it only a matter of time before Lockwood Smith throws him out and so he should!