Winston’s Wisdom, Ctd

Earlier this week I promised a new series of clips from Winston’s long, long political career.

After his naked opportunism over the tea-pot tapes (which turned out to be a complete fizzer) I thought it might be worthwhile to remind Kiwis that Winston Peters is the king of sideshows.

I dug this out from my ’08 archives.  It seems the media are only the enemy, when it’s Winston being asked the questions.

Muldoon once said Peters had an ‘acute political mind’.  But one thing that Winston has never learned to say is sorry – because it’s never, ever his fault.


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  • Troy

    I guess that’s the problem “i’ve been around a long time” as he rants at the reporter.  Too long in my view, but, NZFirst voters put him there and if they put him there because of his grandstanding ability, then we will need to suffer him.  I have a feeling lots of dirt will come his way soon.

  • Euan Rt

    Having him around is certainly no threat. You can never be sure how he will vote on any given issue so sometimes he may be an ally. But the best is the entertainment value he provides. Sad to pay such big bucks for a clown, but at least you there is some return. 

  • He knows how to stroke the old folks…pure & simple.  His time will come and he will be gone.  I rue the day.

  • peterwn

    Winston’s character defect is difficult to fathom in a way. If he had been a bit more level headed and patient, he could probably have been leader of a *real* political party and PM. This was a view of various commentators before Winston went off the rails. He finally left Jim Bolger with no option but to dump him.

    • Euan Rt

      But can you imagine him if he did become PM and then showed his true colours? He would have made Muldoon look like Mr Whippy.

  • Allan

    Roll on the dirt, the clown is a waste of space and taxpayers money. His contribution to NZ Politics amounts to zero. He needs to be consigned to the dustbin of history ASAP.

  • Phar Lap

    Easy peasy on Winston.Just think a running mate for the Nats in 2014.Surely beats the hell out of the Commie Greens and the UN reject clown Shearer and  his Liebour Party.

  • toby_toby

    Winston telling Jessica Mutch to run along… haha, what a dick!

  • Johnboy

    When you are a God you never have to say sorry!

  • jay cee

    my guess is he just wanted to get back in so he could “retire” and save face.

  • AnonWgtn

    I really do not think he seriously expected to be back in Parliament. Only the tea party helped him.
    He will try and upset any balance that might be there, but he is getting and looking tired and crotchetty. Shearer has never been in parliament with him, so he does not know what bullshit Winston will pass to him. Actually Winston cannot really stand Labour or the Gweens. He only like himself.
    Outside Parliament he could continue to drink and smoke, but not so easy inside, so we may not see much of him. His sycophants have been told to stay stumm, or else. 
    Pathetic old sod.