Winston’s Wisdom

Winston’s Wisdom will be a series of videos and clips from Winston’s very, very long past, highlighting some of his pearls of wisdom, like his recent outrage over the Shanghai Penguin buying some crayfish farms.

In this first instalment, I’ve seized on a clip from him at a small public meeting, where he says New Zealand First’s policy for public assets is to get private managers in to manage them for a commission…which is pretty much what Shanghai Pengxin is proposing to do for the Westpac Farms formerly owned by the Crafar family.

This is very relevant today, given the $150,000 fine that Mount Eden remand prison managers Serco received for an escape.

This is Winston’s Commission Management in action – executed by the current Government – and something that he presumably supports despite Labour’s opposition.

Winston also lays out his view on the truth, which is enlightening… according to Winston the truth is ‘never black and white’. it is right up there with his “No means Yes” truism.


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  • Super_Guest

    Most of his supporters are grey, too. As is the moral area he lives in.

  • parorchestia

    Could we go back to the beginning of his stellar career with Russian submarines, bottom ripping ferries etc etc.  I particularly like the demand he made for a change of seating to show his best side when TV was first introduced to the house.
    Baubles anyone?