Wonders will never cease

I was gobsmacked this morning to see one of the arch-opponents of the Super City imploring Tony Ryall to merge the 3 Auckland based DHBs:

Health Minister Tony Ryall says he has no plans to amalgamate Auckland and Waitemata district health boards, but “would not stand in the way” if such a marriage took place.

As a member of a Government dedicated to making bureaucracies more streamlined and cost-efficient, why is he dragging the anchor? Indeed, why isn’t he adding the Counties-Manukau district health board to the merger?

Mr Ryall was reacting to reported speculation following the resignation of Auckland DHB chief executive Garry Smith and two of his senior staff in recent months, that the exodus was a precursor to such amalgamation.

The denial is disappointing. The establishment of 21 DHBs in 2001 to administer health services across the country was always a flawed system as far as the Auckland region was concerned.

It isn’t often that I agree with Brian Rudman, but when I do it surely must be a good thing being suggested.


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  • Hakim of phut

    We could  ask as well why we went from one DHB  up to the nineties to having three today
    I wonder which government decided to create  an expensive bureaucratic jungle( with  TWO health funding agencies on top ) in the nineties  and to what end.

  • Michael Duke

    Having working sort of inside the monster that is Auckland healthcare I can assure you that all you would get from amalgamating the Auckland DHB’s would be 10 years of squabbling and “NIH Syndrome”  about who has the best systems and processes.

    Also from a practical standpoint most non-frontline services are already served from the healthAlliance shared services organisation for the three Auckland DHB’s and Northland.

    This organisation also provides (or did anyway) ERP and purchasing services to Taranaki DHB.

  • AnonWgtn

    It was about time that Labour’s Garry Smith and cohorts went .

    • Hakim of phut

      Based on the last year , any new person is given a 50% pay rise.
      Police Commissioner – check
      CEO Education Dept – check

      National should be instituting a glass ceiling, instead we  get an express elevator