Words of the Day

via MacDoctor

mall·ar·dy [mal-ar-dee] noun, plural -dies.

1. a disorder in which the sufferer has a propensity to damage his/her own team by random acts of stupidity.
2. a pathological desire to ride a bicycle while trying to blog.
See quackers

Quack·ers [kwak-ers] informal

1. a packet of thin, crisp upper-class biscuits.
2. an extreme lack of social media etiquette often associated with mallardies
3. episodes of social self-harm; or lack of awareness of said episodes

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  • Wonderful – go to the head of the class – Love it…

  • kevin

    ‘Mallardy’  (melody) when a mallard has to sing, due to some (ticket buying) bird that been singing to the media.


    Breed -shoveller(shit)duck.Rare, only one left(male/Mallard.Known to be stupid when cornered.When confronted will shove bill up own arse.Likes gold/shiny things.Thinks its better then all other ducks.Never stops quacking,even in face of danger.Better eradicated for sake of humanity,as of no known benefit to anything.Open season declared.

  • Hakim of phut

    Careful you dont breach the copyright of  Ticketeks  brand and logo.

    http://www.iponz.govt.nz/app/Extra/IP/TM/Qbe.aspx?sid=634650855734979028 Its not a good look when you are throwing stones at someone else’s glasshouseCopyright breach is legally enforceable in courts unlike terms and conditions

    • Thorn

      Ticketek is getting excellent publicity out of this. Banning the hypocrite Mallard shows how serious they are about enforcing their terms and conditions – and good on them. I’ll continue to support Ticketek as a result of this publicity.

      • Hakim of phut

        Publicity doesnt matter , who else can you buy tickets from anyway
        It they allow  free use of their logo they can later loose  use of it when they  really want to  prevent somelse using it.

  • Chris

    Check out how many other times old “bub” has done it: