Yeah, that’ll win votes

David Shearer’s big idea to kick off the year after “hooking up” with the people around bbqs and pubs of rural NZ is…A Waitangi Honours system…kid you not, that’s it.

Labour leader David Shearer has proposed changing the honours system so that Waitangi Honours are handed out instead of Queens’ Birthday or New Year’s honours.

Mr Shearer made the suggestion after the dawn service in Wellington today. He has previously called for a more celebratory Waitangi Day, after protests de-railed Prime Minister John Key’s welcome onto Te Tii Marae.

“I think it should be a national day we actually celebrate. I’d like to see, for example, our honours list come out on Waitangi Day rather than Queen’s Birthday or New Year. I’d like to see us talk about the great things New Zealanders have done. It’s too often focussed on the negative and not the positive.”

Yeah, that’s gonna win lots of votes for Labour.


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  • Anonymous

    Shearer on fire already…… Yeah ha….

    That little ditty alone will win a vast amount of well ummmmm no votes..

  • 1.the labour think tanks been sitting on that one for a while i bet… scary thing is that people will go for it…

    2.honours system? i thought Helen Hated those things? they stand for everything that socialism is against!

    they are very conflicted arent they.

  • Pete George

    In a way this isn’t such a bad idea, if we are going to continue with an honours system.

    The queen side of it seems like an historical oddity. Queen’s Birthday isn’t really her birthday, and she isn’t really our queen (both are in name only).

    And the main focus of New Year is partying and holidaying so more people than usual won’t even notice the bestowing of titles at this time of year.

    But Waitangi Day isn’t the right time to do it either, unless we are going to have ‘Prime Protester’ ‘Best Bitcher’ awards, but they are hardly honours.

    Waitangi and Waitangi Day have been entrenched in protest.

    More reason to have a new special day to celebreate New Zealand and New Zealanders.

    • Tony

      Judith Collins for Queen!

      • Pete George

        If we are going to go for some sort of royalty thing, rather than crony crowny crap we should have a king and queen chosen each year by the people.

    • Hakimofphut

      She most definitely is Queen of New Zealand.
      Where did you get the idea she wasnt.

      Great idea from Shearer,  move the New Years ones forward a month

  • night hoodies

    Yep, you can just see all of those fulla’s that rushed to change Helen’s  ‘ONZ’  titles to a to ‘Sir’ when Johnno made the offer, in favor of becoming a ‘Pa’.

    Eh boy……

  • Can’t see there is actually anything wrong
    with this idea – regardless of which pollie came up with it. One day each year
    instead of two, and will encourage some unity on Waitangi Day instead of reoccurring conflict we face each year now.

  • Phar Lap

    With comments like Shearers ,he should hand back the medal he got from the Queen for helping to stuff up Mogadishu,when he was in the inept inane waste of space United Nations.That crowd are a laughing stock,just ask China and Russia.Seems the United Nations with Shearer aboard in another life has allowed him to use the same blueprint for the Labour Party,total absurdity.

  • Anonymous

    Shearer’s a republican asshole. “Waitangi Honors” is almost an oxymoron.