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Trevor Mallard reckons he isn’t a scalper:

Labour MP Trevor Mallard is denying he is a scalper or a hypocrite, despite a trading record showing he has sold plenty of tickets online.

The Dominion Post revealed yesterday that the Hutt South MP made a $276 profit by selling four tickets to Saturday’s sold-out Homegrown music festival in Wellington.

Although there was nothing illegal about the sale, Mr Mallard came under fire in part because it was he who initiated anti-scalping legislation in 2007 to cover events such as the Rugby World Cup.

He said at the time that “scalping is a ripoff”. His Trade Me account shows he has been a member of the online auction site since 2005, and has sold plenty of tickets in the past.

Yes Trevor you are a scalper…and a hypocrite…why can’t you just say sorry…and shut up.

Labour’s leadership surely has told Trevor Mallard to say sorry, shut up, and stop talking to the media. The fact that he hasn’t done so just shows that he is unfit to remain in parliament. He thinks this is all about him.

If this was an ACT MP or even a National MP with a record of opposing Mallard’s legislation or a belief in the free market setting prices based upon supply and demand then there wouldn’t be a problem.

But this case is nothing like that. Trevor Mallard believes and indeed passed a law that scalping was wrong…in some instances…his public statements at the time prove this. It is the hypocrisy of the situation…plus the so far unstated assumption that the Labour party is the defender of the arts. To have one of their own ripping off kids and breaching Ticketek rules just spits in the face of that legacy.

To hijack the headlines when Labour had National on the ropes over the Crafar farms and the inept handling of NZ on Air by Craig Foss is actually politically unforgivable.

Trevor Mallard however is intent on continuing this little battle. Far be it from me to stop him. I’m enjoying this.


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  • Alex

    I too have been laughing at Trevor. He’s been a very silly boy.

    • Pete George

      Alex, is there something up with you blog? I posted a comment yesterday, it appeared, then later disappeared.

  • rouppe

    He seems to be trying to say that because the events weren’t covered by the Major Events Management Act the tickets he sold cannot be defined as scalped.

    However the Act was designed to crack down on scalping, not define it. I’m annoyed at the DomPost as well saying he did nothing illegal when in fact the TicketTek rules say that tickets cannot be onsold for more than face value. That in itself is breaking the contract he signed with TickeTek when he obtained (bought?) the tickets.

    By selling the tickets to a sold-out event at a proft, it is scalping. Pure and simple

    • Callum

      While I think he isan idiot and a hypocrite, the Dom Post is right. There is nothing illegal, the terms with Tickitek are a civil matter only.
      I will be very interested to see what Tickitek do, if they choose not to enforce their terms and cancel the tickets in such as high profile case they could set a precedent that invalidates that remedy by their own public conduct.

      • rouppe

         I understand the point you are trying to make, but just because the matter is civil, not criminal, doesn’t make it any less illegal. Law is still law.

      • Hakim of phut

        Its not a matter of legality. You could not take this to court. EVER.
        The only remedy is cancel the tickets , as they state.

  • Sarrs

    I don’t know whether I’m impressed or horrified by his audacity. It certainly takes a big ego to laugh like he did in parliament yesterday…if I had cocked up on this scale I would be hiding in the corner crying. 

  • allanspear

    Oh, but the scalping was accidental!

    • Richard B. (formally poorman)

      He sounds like my kids.

      “Yes, I broke it, but it was an accident”

  • Greg M

    He may not have broken the law, but surely the person who initiated the legislation should “act in the spirit of the law”.Clusterfuck of the highest order, even Jezza Brownlee gave him a good sledge.

  • ConwayCaptain

    He should be scalped himself and whatever hair and scalp he has hung on a pole outside Parliament.

    The man is a disgrace and an embarrassment

  • Parrien

    While Trevor is certainly open to being called a Hypocrite, I wish everyone would stop saying he ripped off these poor students.
    A) No one forced them to buy the tickets – they volunteered to spend that amount by bidding on the auction
    B) Can’t be that poor if they can afford to spend this much to go to a concert.


    • Sarrs

      The students aren’t saying they’ve been ripped off, they are just calling Trev out on being a hypocrite…which he is 

      • Parrien

        Correct Sarrs, the students haven’t claimed it – but the claim is still being thrown out there by many commenters, and it is wrong

      • Sarrs

        I think the issue has been a bit hijacked by people revelling in Red Trev’s hypocrisy – just pushing the implications and innuendo out further and further until they no longer resemble the original issue. The original issue being that Mr Mallard is a hypocrite and in facing that has assumed a level of arrogance that is stunning to onlookers. I don’t know why people would want to make more out of this than it is – based on pure facts he’s made a total arse of himself and has his credibility questioned on an hourly basis by media outlets and the general public alike. That level of scrutiny could open a huge can of worms. 

        It’s hard to tell if his angle is ‘I’m just a normal person so treat me like one’ or whether it’s ‘I’m Trevor Mallard and I’ll do whatever I like’ – either way, his position is fundamentally flawed. 

    • Tony

      I agree – the Duck is a dick, however everything he said was right in my opinion. They were on sale – the students had the choice to buy or not – they are responsible.

      The Duck remains however a hypocrite

    • Pete George

      As Sarrs said the students haven’t been ripped off, they were willing parties to the transaction.

      But scalping rips off genuine buyers who miss out on getting tickets for sold out events.

      And it rips off the organisers/promoters who are the ones that take big risks to stage events.

      Mallard seems to have a habit of buying tickets on spec in case he might go (that’s the best way to look at what he does) knowing that he can probably sell them and make a bit on the deal if he doesn’t go.

      • Gazzmaniac

        While scalping might rip off genuine buyers, it certainly doesn’t rip off events organisers.  The promoters should like more tickets being sold.
        It is scalpers taking a risk that it might not sell out.

    • Bobo The Idiot

       The problem is, he ripped some young people off by buying tickets, like he continues to do every year for events for 18 – 25 year olds and racking up the price well over face value.

      He has a track record of not attending this event and then sells them off.   Wake up!!!.  He is a scum bag, and although there are many scum bags doing this.    He is a member of parliment which is unacceptable.

      His integrity has gone.

  • Agent BallSack

    From the Wiki:
    Often, scalpers will wait for a specific time to begin selling the tickets, to maximize the profits associated with supply and demand. When scalpers wait until the final days before an event to resell tickets, it is sometimes called a scalp seeding 

  • Agent BallSack

    If we are going to argue semantics we should define scalping first, Mallard is a scalper by all definitions of the word.

  • Tony

    I guess scalped mallard is always in season….

  • Travdog

    And now he’s offered to buy them back, guilty much?

    • Richard B. (formally poorman)

      I wonder if these ‘kids’ shoud say:
      “Yes, Trev, you can buy them back, the price is now $200 each.”
      Bet that would make him squirm a little.

  • John

    Is it me, or is everyone acting surprised that Mallard acted this way. He has been a slippery customer ever since he entered parliament!…Sneeking up behind someone to hit them, because he is too much of a coward to confront them, was only one sign. How about closing schools, so he could sell the land to developers and hide this not so psuedo asset sale!

    • Sarrs

      The only thing that surprises me is how he has remained in Parliament this whole time. From as far back as the Clark era I’ve been convinced he must know where some pretty heavy duty bodies are buried and what skeletons are in whose cupboards. I can’t understand why else they would keep him around!

      • You’re right – and I feel the same about John Banks….remember he was Police Minster an age ago – how much did he find he could use later during that time? Oh and yes I know this is a bit off topic but……

  • Gazzaw

    I’ve been laughing at the political naivety of David Shearer & whoever is advising him. For 24 hours (a long time in politics) now the public political eye has been off the Crafar football. The scalping affair is bound to carry on today and then we are into the weekend. No second prizes for what the weekend MSM will be focussed on. Trev’s always liked having a big profile so he’s hoist with his own petard.

    I’m guessing that Fran Mold won’t be having a big Friday lunch today. Unless that is she is massaging a Sunday paper or two.

  • Sarrs

    And the point at the end of WO’s post – Labour currently have a huge arsenal of potential weapons to make National look inept but Trevor Mallard is keeping the spotlight on himself and inadvertently deflecting any negative media attention away from National. He shouldn’t have gone to town on this – he should have backed down, apologised, donated the money to charity, shut down his trade me account and sat quietly until it all blew over. That would give Labour the media space to refocus on the Crafar Farms and TVNZ and give National a smacking. But no, Trev needs to make snipey remarks on twitter and deny any wrong doing – keeping our gossip hungry media’s attention on him rather than an issue that could gain Labour political traction. 

  • Cas

    He’s only grovelling ( on campbell Live etc) because he’s been caught out not because he is really contrite.

  • Rockyr

    SHEARER by his silence condones this behavior..

    • Pete George

      He hasn’t been silent. He blasted Mallard with one barrel:

      “Labour Party leader David Shearer says his MP Trevor Mallard was unwise to sell tickets”

      Must have been chardonnay.

      • AnonWgtn

        Shearer did not say that his “spokesperson” said it – eh tubby.

  • John

    Over the past 15 to 20 years politicians…especially labour politicians..seem to have forgotten the reason they SHOULD be held to higher account than civilians. It is because THEY make (or contribute to making) the laws that the rest of us HAVE to obey. Also the reason why politics is such aserious business..Labours role of shame is LONG here…Phillip Field, Chris Carter etc etc. now Mallard!!

    • Not “now Mallard” – he has a long history of being this way! A new thing seems to crop up just as soon as the populace has forgotten the last one!

  • Peter Wilson

    I’ll defend Mallard here. The only thing he’s guilty of is being an idiot. It’s more about perception than reality.
    Scalping? I don’t care about wiki, to me scalping is only wrong it you buy up bulk tickets and then onsell them. Otherwise it’s simple business, supply and demand. Tickets to a concert are limited, so you are creating a monopoly type situation with bulk buying and the event can be ruined with hundreds of empty seats.

    Face it, what would be your reaction if JK did the same thing with Justin Bieber tickets? Another storm in a teacup I suspect.

    • John

      Well peter, given their respective past actions…Mallard sold his tickets (maybe give free to him), for a profit. JK (given Justin Bieber tickets) by his past actions, would have sold them for charity to the highest bidder and made it quite clear that this is what he was doing! Compairing the character of JK and Mallard, on past actions HA HA HA!!!Chalk and cheese!! or possibly a good example to use when teaching your kids about the difference between integrety and dishonesty!

    • timboh

      It is not really defensible if you take in the big picture. He has made an umber of trades in tickets over the recent past. Wellington Sevens (premium), International Hockey (USA vs Canada), and the Homegrown Concert ( 8 tickets over two years). Broke the ticketec rules. Broke his own ‘rule’ when he said that selling tickets at greater than the face value was scalping (when he was promoting a law against it. My opinion… indefensible

    • Richard B. (formally poorman)

      John Key has some Justin Bieber tickets to sell!!
      Does any body have a link to his trademe page? I hear Darren Huges is a huge fan.

      • Bobo the Idiot

         Darren doesnt like Justin Bieber he likes Just in Pooper

  • Gazzaw

    As our good friends at labour kept reminding us ad nauseum……………it’s all about perception.

  • The Robberdog

    Good to see a Lefty being caught in the same situation as Rodders the Perk Buster. At least Rodders had his penis as a scapegoat… Lame Duck has only his desire to fill his wallet to blame!!
    I can hear Rodders now… “Neh, neh, neh, neh-neh!!”


    just more proof of what a pack of c**ts the labour party really are – yeah it might not be illegal but come on – these fuck heads have no brains – the only bit I was wondering was if any of these were a gift to parliament ? IE selling gifts for profits – now that would be good


    Cant stop a duck quacking.

  • Hakim of phut

    Labour – one scalper
    National- cabinet minister getting the taxpayer  to pay him rent in his own house            -cabinet minister who was a sari chaser and getting the taxpayer to fund the hot sheets         hotel stays            -cabinet minister who had the taxpayer fund his holiday travel costs            – cabinet minister who had the taxpayer fund business trips to china and flights to Christchurch to mow the lawnsYou certainly have the high moral ground  on labour

    • John

      Definately no National Cabinet minister sent to prison for corruption though eh. Would you like the whole list going back to Lange running over a homeless manand covering it up to avoid his wife finding out that he was having an affair??

      • Dr Wang

        Shit John, I knew Lange was a total waste of (a very large) space – but I hadn’t heard about that one!

        Totally plausible though, he was a total sleazeball and was hitting on anything in a dress for most of the time he was down in Wellington, and he could lie through his teeth at least as well as Winston does.

    • Vij

      Moron, stick to the topic, or go away

    • wannano

      YesHoP please answer this..

      Now how many ducks could a duck plucker pluck, if’n the duck plucker
      plucked until dark? And more importantly, how many plucks would it take
      on a duck, ’til the plucker got duck plucker’s arm? And furthermore, if
      the duck plucker died whilst pluckin’ the duck, would you call it the
      fault of the duck? Or think now, would you say that the plucker had run
      out of ducks? And they called it “duck plucker’s luck”?

    • Bunswalla

      Clicking on ‘Like” for your own post highlghts both your vanity and desperate need to find a comrade in arms against the evil forces of capitalism.

  • Mallard you’re an idiot – the rest is vitriol….

  • Kimbo

    “Labour MP Trevor Mallard is denying he is a scalper or a hypocrite,
    despite a trading record showing he has sold plenty of tickets online”.

    When you are in a hole, and you want to get out, the first thing to do is stop digging.

  • Boss Hogg

    Thought there might have been a few texts from New York by now…………..DAVID !!! WTF

  • Steve (North Shore)

    Let’s dig a little deeper. bub242 has sold a few tickets but I think a few of the feedbacks have been deleted. It there another TradeMe user name?

    I have still not found out if these tickets were purchased or complimentary. Maybe Mallard is doing all of this as a fundraiser for the Labour Party instead of slalping for his own benifit.

    Let’s face it, the Labour Party is desperately short of money