A Brighter Future?

David Shearer delivered a competent speech this morning in front of the teleprompter. Delivered in a swanky upmarket club in Labour’s Wellington stronghold he could only muster one member of his caucus to witness his “vision”.

However it was the stand ups afterwards that have caused him problems again.

When Labour fan-boi John Hartevelt calls it for Key for the head to head speech battle then you know you are in deep trouble. Even Tracy Watkins is underwhelmed.

But perhaps the most egregious part of the whole exercise for David Shearer was his use of National’s slogan.

It was at the stand ups afterwards that have caused him problems again.

In his media conference after the speech he uses the phrase Brighter Future, not once, but twice – and that was after the media had called him on it. To be fair to Duncan Garner who seems a little touchy today, it was him who called out Shearer for the use of National’s slogan.


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  • Doug

    Were are the huge Public Service Job losses that Duncan Garner has been pushing on
    TV3 for the past week, will he “apologize” I bet we won’t what a

  • StacyMcNaught

    I take it your not on his Christmas card list Whale lol. “Small Blog”??? Has he seen the stats?

    • I wouldn’t be surprised really if more people read WhaleOil than watch TV3 News…

  • Grizz30

    Garner aside, Shearer is clearly now fresh meat for media wanting to get their leg over a politician. Just to go back to the Mt Albert By-election, you have to wonder how bad Melissa Lee really was.

  • duncan garner


    Watch this space brother.

     Heaps of job losses to come. Key even says so today, he told Pedro Gower. Watch tonight.

    And stop being so aggressive – calling me a bullshitter. Facts mate. Facts.

    305 jobs at MFAT, an unspecified amount of jobs from the merger, hundreds from defence, 50 from TPK – given up yet Dougie?

    $1b of cuts over the next 3 years = job cuts Dougie. Remember, departments have to also now pay all their own Kiwisaver contributions too. That = job losses Dougie.

    And Key said “No job cuts” to the PSA in 2008.

    Dougie – you there?

    Hello Dougie?


    • MrV

      OK Duncan you have identified 355 out of a total ~36 000 jobs so far.

      Look at any business that employs that number of people and tell me they don’t have to restructure or set new priorities every now and then.
      Hell even Mediaworks has had to set some priorities I would assume, given that it couldn’t meet all the costs of licensing last year, and had to take a govt. loan.

    • politically unstable


      the numbers are very small in the over all scheme of things. Plenty of jobs can be reduced by not replacing the ones who leave by choice – natural attrition..

    • Euan Rt

      Well done Duncan for fronting. Will watch Pedro.

    • Mully

      That’s a bit patronising, isn’t it, Duncie?

    • Doug

      Duncan would you have known this was going to happen in 2008?

      The Government has thrown a $43 Mill lifeline to ailing private media company
      MediaWorks, which owns TV3, Four, and about half New Zealand’s
      commercial radio stations.

    • Orange

       So you’re saying there were job cuts to the PSA in 2008?
      Also, I doubt this is really Garner. The social media naivety it shows for a well known person in the entertainment industry seems to not add up.

    • Bunswalla

      Key said “No job cuts in the first term” to the PSA in 2008. I believe he’s now in his second term.

      Your point is?

  • MrV

    Does anyone wonder why all we get is slogans, when the media generally only gives time for slogans.

    Not that I’m a fan of politicians, but when every minor utterance is jumped on, or the politician waving the biggest flag (ie Winston) is foccussed on, it’s not exactly an ideal environment to get the pros and cons of issues across to the public..

    Will be looking forward to Pedros highly cynical report.

  • Doug

    Duncan Garner

    A report from a real reporter Not a repeater.

    But as Key said this afternoon, a Government should not be cowered
    away from doing something it believes will make a real difference.Just because it’s hard, that doesn’t mean it’s not worth doing.

    If nothing else, Key will win credit for that – moreso because he has Shearer hopelessly out-matched on it.

  • Harold

    Duncan, you know damn well there is also fat that can be trimmed from the public service.  Why is it a bad thing to expect the public service to work leaner and in a more focused way.  Having recently dealt with Ministry of Education, MED and MSD officials I can see a number of areas were there are ‘too many cooks in the kitchen”

    • Mully

       I’d bet $20 I could shave a billion dollars of fat out of the public service in one year. Three years is exceedingly generous of the Nats, I would have thought.

    • Steve (North Shore)

      The kitchen is far too big, and that is the problem

  • Boss Hogg

    New zealanders around the world read Whale Oil.  TV3, Garner, Gower – Who, what ???

  • Bunswalla

    WO in the photo accompanying Garner’s slightly waspish op-ed, the union member is holding up a placard wailing that workers make profits for their businesses but why do they always have to fight for their share.

    Parsloe and Kelly have said many times on Q & A, radio, and TV that “it’s NOT about the money; it’s NEVER been about the money.”

    I guess this means they’ve been caught out lying.


    Photo is attached (I struggle with the type of Captcha you use – there are much better free ones)