A difficult year?

A career criminal has had her lawyer make this excuse for her:

Te Runa’s lawyer, Annette Sykes, said she had known Te Runa for a long time and last year was a difficult year for her. She said all the items Te Runa had taken from New World were to support a child.

Ms Sykes said Te Runa’s mental position was not strong and pleaded with the judge to be merciful as a jail term would “push her over the edge”.

Annette Sykes is surely pulling our tits and having a jape at our expense. This is her client’s past behaviour:

Judge James Weir said given Te Runa’s 76 previous convictions for dishonesty, including 46 for shoplifting, the forgone conclusion would be a jail term but he had heard Ms Sykes’ submissions.

Judge Weir said all but one of the charges involved taking items to support a child in Te Runa’s care.

“That tips the scales as far as I’m concerned.”

And the items she was charged with stealing? …that her lawyer says was to support a child.

Betty Roha Te Runa, 42, who the court was told had 46 previous convictions for shoplifting, has appeared in the Rotorua District Court this week after previously pleading guilty to 18 charges of fraudulently using a ham and chicken luncheon barcode to gain a pecuniary advantage.

She also previously pleaded guilty to stealing a still kit from Brew Time. She has been sentenced to two months’ home detention and 250 hours’ community work.

According to the police summary of facts, Te Runa went to New World West End on 13 different days between September 10 and October 30 last year.

Riiiight a brew kit. Sounds like it has indeed been “a difficult year”…for the supermarkets of Rotorua where this feral has been stealing from them.


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  • Kimbo

    I say Annette Sykes deserves every penny legal aid she is presumably  going to be paid for this case. Anyone who can say what they did with a straight face, and sacrifice self-respect by playing the whore for the good of their client is entitled to some coin. 

    • Petal

      Exactly.  She’s not phoning it in.  I’d want her on my case with that sort of determination.

      Of course, I’d expect the judge to see right through it.

      But that’s where the real problem is.


      A judge once discharged a case of a man being found at my motorbike with parts lying on the ground.  When I confronted the man he ran away.  He was arrested (thank you Police) and charged.  He told the judge he had chased the actual thief away, and as he happened to own the exact same model bike himself, he knew what to do and was in the process of putting everything back on the bike when I scared him and he ran away as he was concerned that I might think he was the thief.

      Case dismissed.

      I know it wasn’t the crime of the century, but I suspect the object lesson this man got was to do it all over again as soon as he found another bike with the spare parts he so obviously needed for his own.

  • Hagar

    Yep. Brew kit = piss = koha = KFC = kid tucker.
    Case dismissed.

  • Michael

    I’m not sure why the Daily Post isn’t publishing the method – it’s pretty obvious.

  • What the fuck is she doing with a child in her care? Or a child within 2kms of her? 

  • Dion

    Can someone explain how one would use “a ham and chicken luncheon barcode to gain a pecuniary advantage”?

    • Hagues

      You buy $1 worth of luncheon, get home carefully remove the barcode,
      return to supermarket, ask for $10 worth of ham/beef/whatever, stick $1
      barcode over the top and hope checkout operator doesn’t noticed as they
      mindless scan your purchases.

      • A-random-reader

        It sounds to me like she might have been using a luncheon sausage barcode to fool a self scanning station.

  • Mickrodge

    If someone has 46 convictions for shoplifting can you even begin to imagine how many times they’ve gotten away with shoplifting?