A free, independent media?

Clare Curran is trying to make a point about “free, independent media” and at the same time suggest that National is somehow stopping a “free, independent media.

Here is where it all gets a little confusing. Just recently she was bemoaning the fact that there wasn’t enough government control of media or enough public (government funded) broadcasters. During the election Labour proposed a new public broadcaster which would hardly be “free, independent media”.

It seems that Labour and Clare Curran think “free, independent media” is actually state funded and state controlled media. Whereas I and many others believe that “free, independent media is unfettered by by government control and regulation and is able through strong constitutional freedom of speech laws able to hold the powerful to account.

In ehr post though she is questioning whether or not we have a “free, independent media”…but she is asking questions about NZ on Air and TVNZ…neither of which are free or independent, both being owned and controlled by the state.

In her focus on the pursuit of a  “free, independent media” is she now proposing that Labour will, if elected, sell off Radio NZ and TVNZ?

I certainly hope she is. I certainly hope that is Labour’s new policy.

After all having media organisations controlled by the government would fly in the face of a “free and independent” media.



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  • Michael

    Given TV3 took a pro-Labour/Green editorial line last election, and that is the only media organisation not named by Curran, one can only assume that “independent” and “fair” have a different meaning to Labour than the rest of the world.

    My view is that our media organisations and reporters should be open about their prejudices and political alignments instead of claiming to be nuetral.

  • Oh yeah, of course, Red Alert, run by Curran and expressing such a nauseatingly false reverence for freedom of speech, is such an outstanding example of “Free independent media”.

    Curran is merely Red China’s Communist Army Generals, and the tyrants of the old Soviet Union, and the totalitarian dictator Fidel Castro on a small local scale.

    Anyone who knows the least history knows that the greater the influence of the left in government, the less freedom of political expression.

    The success of the socialist/progressive movement depends wholly on propaganda and the suppression of dissent, and the stifling of any voice that exposes that propaganda for the lies it always is.

    When are these revolting left wing totalitarians ever going to tire of their own sickening hypocisy?

    We’re not fools Clare. We know exactly what you are and the sinister forces you represent.

  • Lloyd

    Maybe Clare Curran wants a free, independent media like the free, independent government department, the Environment Ministry which was so ‘positively’ transformed by her appointment in mid-2006. Yep, I can see how that would work…

  • LesleyNZ

    Free independent media these days – anywhere –  is a myth. No media is free or independent. Just listen or read or watch the news for proof. I mean to say – why are there so many blogs these days challenging media reports?  Nothing to do with the National Government and everything to do with the journalists, reporters and those who run media organisations.

  • grumpy

    Clare Curran has been at the forefront of a push by the Left for their own leftwing MSM.  Perhaps she thinks she can legislate to get it.  Just continuing on from the Clark years really.