A good policy

? The Telegraph

They could start by stripping foreign aid to India…but overall a sensible policy:

Millions of pounds should be stripped out of the foreign aid budget to help Britain defend the Falkland Islands, according the former First Sea Lord.

Lord West said the Armed Forces should be given a ?better crack of the whip? in a shake-up of Whitehall spending amid fears the islands could not be defended from a fresh Argentine attack.

He suggested that the aid budget ? set to rise to almost ?11bn by 2014 ? enabled countries such as India build their own aircraft carriers but the same investment was denied to the Royal Navy.

Speaking on the eve of the 30th anniversary of the conflict, he said it was ?bonkers? that the Navy had just 19 frigates and destroyers remaining following defence cuts.

Small reductions in the aid budget ? alongside cuts to the NHS and welfare spending ? would help Britain restore its naval strength, he said.

The comments come as tensions continue to mount ahead of the anniversary of the Argentine invasion on April 2.

Last week, Argentina threatened to sue oil companies operating around the Falklands amid condemnation of Britain’s “illegal” exploitation of South Atlantic resources.

The British Government hit back, accusing Argentina of ?intimidation? and pledging to ?stick up? for the islanders? rights.