A Good Rule

The Australian

In Queensland the Labor party does not now automatically get recognised as a political party:

Labor was reduced to only 11 seats in 1974, and on latest counting tonight appeared set to retain only nine seats. Some analysts put the figure even lower, at seven.

This would mean Labor falling short of official party status and relying on the incoming LNP government to grant it party offices, staff and resources.

We should introduce a similar rule. If you don’t have 10 MPs you don’t have a leadership budget. It is a joke to think Peter Dunne is a party, rather than just an independent MP.


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  • Grizz30

    In NZ the MMP threshold, currently 5%, should be a magic number for a party to achieve. Otherwise you do not get list MPs (a lone electorate seat will not save you) and a parliamentary budget for parties and leaders.

    • AngryTory

      First abolish MMP
      Then institute Taxpayer Franchise.
      Finally if we must have proportionality, make it geographic proportionality  — all electorates the same size!

      And then get unions & the political wings out of politics

  • Better still, do away with the Central Govt altogether as any kind of policy making center, and re-establish the provinces.

    Call the provinces states, and allocate about 10 politicians to each state. Make the states compete with each other.

    That would reduce out taxes to about one tenth of what they are now and provide a far more effective government.

    This boondoggle in Wellington with Dunne and Hone and the rest of them is just a big exercise in futility. Extremely expensive futility, especially when the wishy washy stand for nothing Dunne couldn’t lead a horse to water.

    • Richard McGrath

      Damn good idea! Perhaps have a federal government of sorts (about 10 people altogether) as well as the provincial ones, but I do like your idea of competition. If one province taxes you too much, move to another that taxes you less! And constitutionally outlaw federal taxes. 

      • Thanks Richard. I have been advocating for the return of the provinces for some time, and transfer of power from Wellington to the provincial governments.

        Centralized government (with no competition) and centralized bureaucracy is at the root of many of this country’s problems.

      • AngryTory

        Right. Now look at NZ’s current local governments, the fucking “capital” (what a joke) is run by the fucking GREENS and explain why giving them any more power whatsoever is a good idea.

        I’d abolish all local & regional govt, fire everyone in wellington, build a single office block out at Mangere near the airport, and run everything from there. The CE can be appointed every 10 years for one term with a pro-rate vote of say everyone with more than 10M export revenue or 10M cash. 

        what else does NZ need?

  • JK

    And did you notice that the Greens got 0 (yes, ZERO) seats as it stands now?
    What a wonderful luxury that is! Now the Green lot out of our parliament buildings and we can breath a sigh of relieve….

    • Kosh103

      Actually as it stands in NZ at this moment the Greens have many seats. We run under an MMP system in case you didnt notice.

      And the Greens these days are far more reasonable than the Greens of the past, as opposed to the right wing who are still dragging up failed ideas from the past or other coutnries.

      • AngryTory

        Of course we do – because Labour got 25%, National got 49% were NZ a democracy NZ Labour party would also have been deregistered

        QLD Premier Newman has announced no quarter: no funding to Labor whatsoever; full employment freedom; eliminating unions! 

        And of course Labor can’t win federally without a QLD labor party:

        So this could be a great day: the END OF LABOUR FOREVER

        We could be looking to 20-30 years of LNP rule, with the rump Katter party on once side, and the Greens on the other!

  • Kosh103

    Anywho, ignoring the ramblings of the tinfoil hat member, I 10 seats is a bit high for NZ, however 7 or 8 seats in the house in order to qualify as a party and get all the party funding would not be a bad idea. It is silly to think of the likes of Dunn, Hone, Banks Anderton (when he was there) as anything but Indpt MPs.

    Would save us a fair few dollars as well.

  • Bawaugh

    Might be a bit of a problem, there are three parties with less than 5% supporting the Government. They might moan. Better keep them happy, we do not want an early election.

    Anyway 5% is better than your 10 seat rule which is more than the threshold.