A good scorecard

??The Sydney Morning Herald

At 1.59pm sharp Bob Carr came bounding into the red room with his head held high and his chest puffed slightly out.

He had arrived for his first Senate question time with one minute to spare.

Carr hopped down the stairs, onto the floor of the chamber to take his place next to Finance Minister Penny Wong: front row, behind Government Senate Leader Chris Evans.

In terms of Senate real estate, we’re talking location, location, location.

Bob Carr was in the Senate…here is how it was scored:

The Scorecard:

Minutes until Bob Carr was asked a question:?23

Total questions Carr was asked:?2 (6 including supplementaries)

Number of questions the Opposition asked Carr:?0

Number of times Bob Carr and Kim Carr appeared confused about who was being asked the question:?1

Number of Senators kicked out:?0

Number of MPs kicked out in the House’s question time today:?6