A good union

The Telegraph

Arguing for nuclear power.

Gary Smith, of the GMB union, said the “devastating blow” now left the government’s energy strategy “in tatters”.

“It is really bad news in terms of construction jobs and the potential employment that would have been created in the UK manufacturing supply chain,” he said.

“New nuclear is an essential component in keeping the lights on in the UK. We can’t keep extending the lifespan of existing nuclear stations and renewables cannot fill the gap on their own.


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  • Gazzaw

    ‘renewables can’t fill the gap on their own’.

    Hydro aside, renewables are a crock. Anyone seen the pics of the hundreds of decommissioned wind turbines rusting away in Europe?

  • thor42

    I agree – nuclear definitely has a big place in the energy picture.
    Have a look at this great article about small, modular reactors – there are lots of types of them.
    A number of them can even use so-called “nuclear waste” as fuel!  Some of them can use thorium (which is apparently much more abundant than uranium).  

  • Not a good idea when you also have to do a suck up to the current nuclear family to get permission to go ahead, unless of course you’re Israel…!!