A lesson learned?

Trevor Mallard says he learns lessons:

Mr Mallard told the Herald last night he had learned a lesson from the incident “that when people start throwing stuff at your mates … you’ve got to be very careful about being involved in counter-punching.

When Trev was young and virile and covering a fair cross section of Wellington. Somehow it seems he hasn’t learned after all.


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  • Whafe

    Trevor Mallard = A Leopard never changes its spots

  • johnbronkhorst

    To “learn a lesson”, you first have to know that there was a lesson to b learned!! Considering mallard believes he is always right and justified in EVERYTHING he does, there will also be a belief that he has no lessons to learn……He is an arrogant ass. Along with his other less than likeable traits….Coward, liar, Criminal (assalt)….etc etc

    • Dave

      John…..   With your comments, he is sounding a lot like Mr Parsloe and co.