A liar and a repeater

Today Andrea Vance has run a story about Louisa Wall and her partner Prue Kapua‘s nice little earner investment property.

Labour list MP Louisa Wall is using taxpayer money to rent her Manurewa electorate office – from her civil-union partner.

Yes I wonder where Andrea found that out from…not even the cowards way out of saying “on a blog site“.

But I thought Louisa Wall’s answers were interesting.

It was incorrect to say the property was bought before the election. But she added: “I don’t know when it was bought, but it was bought after the general election.

“Actually, that’s got nothing to do with me. I rent a space so I don’t own the building.

Actually Lousia Wall is lying. The building was bought on November 9 and the Land Information and Title details prove that. Not only that the photos of the new office were also posted to her Facebook page on 1 November….before the purchase.

So it looks like she was using it for her campaign headquarters and then they decided to buy it. But according to Louisa Wall she knew nothing of all this…it was a little surprise clearly from Prue Kapua.

The story was bad in that it lacked attribution and worse in that Andrea Vance didn’t call Louisa Wall on her bullshit.


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  • Peter Wilson

    I’d say good on her for taking advantage of the rules. Why shouldn’t she become one of the fat cats she pretends to depise? Of course, she’ll have to take a hit for her hypocrisy and double standards.

  • Global Conscience

    Another attempt by a bloated blow hard ANtional Party apologist to gain taction where none occurs. Parlaimentary services have okayed the arrangement. She was renting the property before the election and she still is. the change of ownership is no story.
    Common Sense 1102 Bloated Whale 0

    • Euan Rt

      seeing you know so much about this, can you please let us know how much the office is costing the taxpayer?

    • johnbronkhorst

      Maybe not..but the lying is!!!!!!… especially as you are now using the same arguement that all labour people used against bill english!!! I D I O T and hypocrit!…But lying and misrepresentation something we have come to expect from labour MP’s going back decades!!!

    • Guestosterone

      Death and Taction

    • Beenthere

      Global conscience?, not on this planet pal

    • Gazzaw

      You’re new here GC. Not Hakim of Phut under another name? Similar ‘style’ & about as intelligent.


      is that you Phil

    • Gold

      Global Conscience roughly translates (from lefty wanker to english) into “Tax the Rich Pricks so I My Benefit Doesn’t Get Cut Because I’m too Lazy to Work”…but that won’t fit in the username box.

  • AnonWgtn

    Looks like Louisa will make a good Labour MP – learn’t to lie early on.
    To be expected. Nothing new.

  • Sadu

    “It’s a completely separate business. I’m not a shareholder or a beneficiary of that business”

    Is she retarded or something? This arrangement sees more coin flowing into her household, of course she’s a beneficiary – only slightly less directly than if she owned it herself.

    If the rent has been independently assessed and the interest has been disclosed, then ok, but this is definitely a conflict of interest situation and if she doesn’t want to be questioned about it then she can fuck off and go rent from an independent landlord.

  • Grandstream

    Bring back George “the Gimp” Hawkins…….

  • Shaun Wallis

    Why is it that the quality of our political journalists is so shit? Talk about a bloody muppet show – surely it isn’t too hard to question the statements of MPs?! Why can’t they verify them? It would be nice if journos check and review statements instead of cut/pasting them like puppets.

  • Callum

    Being in a “civil union”, isn’t any after acquired property deemed to be marital property and therefore she does have a percuniary interest?

    • Mattflannagan

      Correct in fact that was one of the arguments many people in Labour made in favour of civil unions was that it enabled unmarried people to have the property arrangements married people did. 

  • Quintin Hogg

    Entitlement to share relationship property is governed by the length of a relationship.
    A relationship (be it defacto, marriage or civil union) of less than 3 years means there is no presumption of equal sharing of relationship property.  In esence you get what you put in.
    Once a relationship lasts beyond 3 years the presumption of equal sharing kicks in.
    Unless of course there is a section 21 agreement.

    • jay cee

      thats right, even a power or rates bill can be a defacto (pun intended) marriage licence if it can show both names on it to prove cohabitation at the same address

  • Vlad

    The shabby behaviour by Louisa Wall was well-canvassed yesterday when WO posted the original information.  This may look like a side-bar to the discussion, but I am actually ashamed as an ex-MSM lackey, that Ms Vance can put a by-line on a story that was crudely stolen without attribution from this site.  It is astonishing how often this is now happening (from both WO & Cactus among others), and it is a blot on the reputation of the MSM and the integrity of their repeaters and editors (if there are any editors awake). 

  • EpochNZ

    Off on another tangent, if this isnt the clearest indication of the medias treatment of MUNZ I dont know what is.  Despite finding a website full of evidence of union bullying and intimidation in well over 10 post (or so, not cared about counting), a journo latches onto a single post on an MP??????????

    Honestly, WTF????


  • captain Kidd

    Did she ever have any cred?,all gone now,just another nobody.