A poem for Sunday

via the tipline, from a 13 year old girl.

I’m the girl that no one knows
but they know what I’ve done
I’m the girl who rises with sun.
I’m the different girl, I’m the camo Queen
The only thing I dream of is to be me.

Everybody says I’m weird, but they are wrong.
The only way to show them is to sing my song.

I am the lone wolf in the flock of sheep
Being different is the thing that I seek
It helps me to know that I am not weak
And that I am not one of the sheep


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  • Paranormal

    Brilliant.  What every father wants for their daughters.  Their mindset is what provides their safety, and this poem shows a very healthy outlook.  The strength and desire to be different, not follow the peer pressure crowd into whatever the latest fad is. 
    You must be very proud.

    I have two daughters knocking on the door of teenage years and I am a very concerned dad for one.  The other is very much her own person as well. 

  • Greg M