A tale of Dog Doo

via the tipline

I have no way on knowing if this is true, the tipster failed to include an email for verification, but this came in via the tipline complete with the photo.

Tell me – Does the Leader of the Labour Party, David Shearer, have special dispensation from Len Brown, Auckland Mayor to let his dog run freely around the neighbourhood and crap everywhere especially on my back lawn?

David Shearer does have a dog. He was photographed walking it at the Big Gay Out.

Obviously this resident of Mt Albert is a little upset with the carry on of the DOLOP (Dog of Leader of Opposition)


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  • Agent BallSack

    Again with the pictures of Fenton. Desist Whale, we implore you!

  • remuera tractor

    hmmm – wonder if shearer also walks his dog along vicky ave? that looks suspiciously like the dog shit on our berm as well

    • St Hubbins

       You’re not John Banks are you? If I’m not mistaken, JB lives on Victoria Ave and on his radio show he used to use the phrase “Remuera Tractors” to describe Range Rovers driven by rich housewives.

  • Blokeintakapuna

    shearer’s & Labour’s idea dump perhaps?

  • Grandstream

    The only photo I saw of Shearer at big gay out was when he was leading Grant Robertson…..

  • Corner_shop_not

    You’re not in Rwanda now Mr Shearer !!  Hey, what’s with blaming the dog, it could be his own!

  • motorizer

    DOLOP. bah ha ha!!

  • will you have an interview with the dog later..?

    see if there is any romney let’s-just-tie-the-dog-to-the car-roof in shearer..?

    ..get the real woof! on shearer…as it were..

    [email protected]

    • Agent BallSack

      Letterman was not impressed with that stunt. I hear the dog puked and shat on the car so Romney hosed it off and kept driving, now the dog is AWOL.

      • it was quite a while ago…

        but for me..the prick both sucks and blows…

        ..doing that to a dog…

        ..it must have been terrified/freezing (hence the shit/vomit..)

        ..and he was driving up into canada…

        ..1200 k in total i believe…

        ..and then 1200 back..

        [email protected]

      • Agent BallSack

        Yeah, I’m not big on cruelty to animals. When we used to bow hunt I preferred to kill the animal quickly via a nice sharp knife across the throat within a minute of being struck. Any longer and the meat gets spoiled. Even that I viewed as *just* on the border of humaneness.

  • Dr Wang

    Definitely has NZ Labour Party written all over it.

  • Grandstream

    I have just read the duncan garner blog on TV 3 – they are heartbeats I will never get back !  This photo is obviously a picture of dog shit that passes for news at TV3 (Garner & Gower at least).

  • Richard McGrath

    A Tale of (at least) Two Shitties…

  • Agent BallSack

    This piece of dog shit has more comments than Duncan Garners blog.

    • Garner upstaged by shit. Shit that must be of far superior quaility than the shit over at Garners Place

      • Agent BallSack

        Shit’s moderated over there, this shit is real shit.

      • While The Standard is utter Shit and here at Whale Oil is The Shit.

        So after all this shit what shit will confront us tomorrow the answer being shit.

        In more relevant discussion…

      • Greg M

         Haha! good shit guys, Is that a big shit from the DOLOP or just the result of a big arse telephoto lens ?